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Tales of Erin is a Cute Mobile JRPG

Well this one has an interesting name. “Tales of Erin?” Alright. That’s what I thought when it was recommended in the comments of my last 2 videos, at least.
“Is it a tale about a dude named Erin?” – “Maybe someone named Erin needs saving or something?” And thus began my journey into the game..


Surprisingly, Erin is the name of the world we occupy. The races that comprise the world all live on Erin – a world that was blessed and follows the guidance of the Gods.. well, at least until they up and abandon us like dicks.
The game though is a Japanese mobile RPG – that has a focus on action, drama and tactics.
The game offers, in their words: “Stunning and intense battle graphics,” allowing for players to experience the “next evolution of mobile graphics, battles and storytelling.”
And don’t get me wrong, the game looks great but that’s a little bit of a stretch of the imagination.
The game is fully voice acted, which all mobile JRPGs seem to be and the voice acting, although completely in Japanese is very well done.
Translations were very iffy though as there were times they made little sense – which is a bi-product of not having a large publisher localizing the game for you.


You don’t have any physical control over your character, rather, you form a party of up to 4 characters and do battle on a screen where the characters auto-attack the monsters while you wait to initialize one of their abilities.
Which seems to be the case for a lot of mobile JRPGs from what I’ve gathered.
There are over 80 different heroes you can collect, but over the course of my playthrough earlier I realized that other than the initial few characters obtained through the story.. I had yet to actually obtain anyone further.
Then I did a little research and learned that a lot of characters are difficult to unlock and require some pretty intense grinding sessions – something I’m not up for because my time is limited running two separate Youtube channels.
The special effects and even the character models in-game are all beautiful though. I wish I had some control over my character but seeing the skills each of my harem perform was pretty sick.
The game boasts “strategic combat” as a key focus since it utilizes an elemental gameplay mechanic and I’m sure it’ll have a much greater purpose somewhere down the line but the first couple hours don’t really matter, considering you just wreck everything by spamming your skills.


As I’ve stated in the past, Tales of Erin is a story-focused JRPG. You take on the role of an actual established character that has their own unique personality, voice actor and appearance.
This means that there is no ability to customize your characters appearance nor have I found there to be any form of customization to alter the general appearance of him.
There might be for other characters – so if that is the case a small correction from someone that has played more of the game in the comments would be greatly appreciated.
But from what I saw that was not the case.
Graphically though, this is about what you’d expect out of Japan. Stunning environments, gorgeous animations and cutscenes, and.. the women in this game, jesus.
I can see why this game is as popular as it is.


Tales of Erin was a pretty interesting game.
It wasn’t as fun as some of the JRPGs I’d played in the past but that’s because the game was all about moving from one instance to the next.
I’m a fan of exploration, and thus I appreciate being given the ability to explore the environments I’m forced to be in.
I’m also not really that large a fan of having my characters auto-attack either but I used to be a fan of turn-based JRPGs so this really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.
I guess since we only have access to a couple skills total as opposed to a large selection of skills is my issue.
The game is beautiful though – truly beautiful and the voice acting is top tier, so if you aren’t gripped by story.. this might not be something you’ll be into.
Now translations on the other hand.. whew, they can be questionable. But they weren’t too bad for the most part!
At the end of the day, I could see myself playing this on the side for short intervals but it isn’t something I’d play long-term.

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