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Peria Chronicles is a Brand New Anime MMORPG – and it Looks Amazing!

Peria Chronicles is a Brand New Anime MMORPG – and it Looks Amazing!

Ah, Peria Chronicles. Where do I even begin with this one? We’ve been anticipating this MMO for so long I don’t even fully recall when it was first announced. November 2012? I think. Man, it’s been almost 7 years.
Can you believe it? 7 whole years of waiting for Nexon to announce some form of release. Year after year we had delay after delay that the entire Peria Chronicles community expected we’d never get it.
But Nexon proved us wrong by providing detailed trailers in 2018 and then a final trailer and beta announcement this year.


For those of you that’ve been living under a rock for the last 7 years then Peria Chronicles is an upcoming 3D Anime MMORPG with beautiful cell-shaded graphics.
It is said to be the spiritual successor to the still running Mabinogi MMO by Nexon.
It is also quite possibly the most anticipated Anime MMO outside of Phantasy Star Online 2’s North American release in Spring next year.
The game, supposedly, has a very strong emphasis on player-created content with the game world itself being largely populated by individual player creations.
You can make maps for other players to explore, you can create towns filled with NPCs, stores and merchants, you can create quests that take you into the aforementioned areas, generate dungeons, even script your own NPCs.
You have complete control over terraforming the entire world – mountains, waterfalls, grass, monsters, tunnels, buildings. The complexity of the tools at your disposal allow for almost endless creation.
It was also revealed that like its predecessor, Mabinogi, Peria Chronicles takes a lot of inspiration from the social aspects of the MMO.
The amount of freedom to alter the game and mold your own little part of it into something truly original is said to be unrivaled.


It’s insane. Actually insane.
There’s footage of the character creation online right now from people that got into the recent beta test and I’d rather not use their content here without their permission, so if you wanna go ahead and check that out just go directly onto Youtube and type in “Peria Chronicles character creation,” but suffice it to say.. man.
I thought KurtzPel had good character customization for an Anime MMO. Well, it turns out KurtzPel ended up not being an MMO but that’s another topic for another video.
I thought KurtzPel had fantastic character customization for an online Anime game, but Peria Chronicles blows it outta the water.
More hairstyle choices for multiple parts of your hair, significantly improved facial customization with the sliders you’d find in a game like Aion or Blade & Soul, a full body editor allowing you the freedom to edit your body size to your pleasing – thicc and voluptuous or even loli-esque.
If you’re a fan of the Sims 4 then you’ll know exactly how amazing this feature is: You have the ability to customize how you run.
You’re given 8 different styles, ranging from things like an elegant lady, gruff, masculine guy, girly and… well you get it.
This is disregarding the sheer amount of outfits you can get in-game.
So suffice it to say that the character customization in-game is.. probably unparalleled in an Anime MMO outside of, once again, Phantasy Star Online 2. But I believe there’s more customization in Peria Chronicles.


I mean.. define weird. Originally, the game utilized a very different card system that had some people confused. Myself included. But that’s because we weren’t shown much in the way of footage.
In their latest trailers, the combat is noticeably different with decks currently acting like skills, and therefore skills having cooldowns. This made combat much more traditional.
It’s still a little confusing at first glance but I’ve seen enough gameplay to be able to safely say that the combat is mostly as follows:
There are monsters called Kirana in-game. Kirana are monsters that you can obtain via drop – you kill an enemy and they drop the Kirana card.
Once you have the card you grind the materials necessary to craft a contract with the Kirana and then you can summon it in battle.
Kirana act as an ability, a unique ability specific to that Kirana, so in that way, they act as a skill. A traditional skill.
They have cooldowns before you can summon them again and have varied effects like buffs, damaging skills, transformations and the like.
So in the grand scheme of things… The combat system is like every other MMO out there. You use skills, the skills have cooldowns, rinse and repeat.
The difference in Peria Chronicles though is the fact that instead of learning them by leveling up, you learn them through an RNG drop from a monster meaning you could be grinding it for hours, if not days.
This combat system works for me because originally the game seemed to have an alarming focus on Kirana and how they correlated with your abilities. Now they act as them instead.
I prefer traditional since I know how it works.


Good question.
Peria Chronicles is a beautiful looking game. Absolutely stunning. I’m excited for a lot of games next year but Peria Chronicles, if they target a 2020 release will definitely be at the top of my list.
The ability to play with my wife and build up a settlement, script NPCs to say and do what I want and give out quests to friends to complete, all the while participating in other players’ custom content?
Hell yes. So much yes. My main concern though is that there won’t be enough actual canon content from the developers themselves, making it seem kinda.. hollow.
Relying too much on the community to provide content to your players is a bad idea and I don’t see it ending well. But hey, at the same time I don’t know how much content they have planned for the game.
I’m glad they made changes to the combat to make it more traditional. I’m a fan of traditional tab-target and traditional action combat. Taking it beyond that is just too confusing for me but then I’m in my late 20s so I’m old.
It’s more difficult for me to acclimate to new things.
So yeah. I’m excited. I think with a little more progress, some optimization and maybe some more betas with a certain devilishly charming MMOTuber to give feedback, (wink wink, nudge nudge) we could honestly have something to look forward to.
Until I see more and get to get my hands on it.. I’ll sit here and remain cautious. But optimistic that it could turn out well.
What do you guys think? Are you excited for Peria Chronicles? Or is there a different Anime MMO that interests you?

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