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MMORPG News: New Dragon Ball MMORPG, Zenith, Neon Exile, Guild Wars 2 Mobile

MMORPG News: New Dragon Ball MMORPG, Zenith, Neon Exile, Guild Wars 2 Mobile

August marks the 3-year anniversary of my channel. It’s really been 3 years since I began my journey. That journey has come with its fair share of accomplishments and mistakes, but I’ve learned every step of the way.
I’ve been doing “MMORPG News” videos for the last year and have since become one of the largest MMO news channels on Youtube.. which is.. kind of amazing.
So here’s a shout out to all of you guys that’ve made this possible! Let’s hit 200k by the end of this year and keep the MMO hype alive for another 3 years!
But enough of that. If you still have your cucumbers from the last news video – the cucumbers that were used to assist in relaxing you.. then throw them out, grab some new ones, maybe eat one or two, place the rest atop your eyes..
And get ready for yet another Byte of MMORPG News!


Alright, so for those of you unaware, VR MMORPG’s are now a thing. Or they’re kind of a thing.
Zenith is the latest VR MMORPG to have been announced – with their Kickstarter going live earlier this week.. and raising all the funding they needed in literally the exact same day they opened funding.
Which is kinda crazy, but apparently people are that interested in it. Zenith’s aim is to provide players with a completely new VR online experience built with SpatialOS and Unity.
It features a meshing of Japanese-inspired cyberpunk, since that seems to be a popular theme right now. Cyberpunk, not Japanese-inspired games.
Supposedly, the game is inspired by both Anime and JRPG classics – none of which were specified, but, Zenith does take place in a completely dynamic living world that is intended to offer cross-play between VR platforms and PCs.
Players will be able to fight – yes, there’s actual, fully functional combat, craft, explore, create guilds, form parties and… pretty much everything you can do normally in an MMO. It’s an MMO built for VR, guys.
While there’s a lot of hype for the game and a lot of excitement overall, I would like to note that SpatialOS MMOs are.. well, not really doing too hot right now.
I’m not saying it’ll be a waste of money, but, I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert has been available on PC and Xbox One for a while now. PS4 players though? Nope. We just got the game a couple days ago. Or, we got the game in Open Beta, at least.
The beta in question ran through the 9th until the 13th allowing players to jump in-game and test it out.
There isn’t really much to discuss – the game will have 6 classes at launch, have a max level cap of level 50 and.. well, it’ll be the bare-version of the game for the most part.
BDO’s PS4 launch is scheduled for the end of this month – so if you’re interested in playing the game.. mark your calendar.

DC Universe Online

For superhero, or, DC fans at the very least that own a Switch, you’ll be happy to learn that the superhero themed MMORPG DC Universe Online has finally launched on to the Switch.
DC Universe Online joins the PC, PS4, and Xbox One – finally launching on every major platform. The game was confirmed to be completely free-to-play on the Switch, with cross-play not being possible between platforms.
This means that Switch players cannot and will not ever be able to play with PS4 players or PC players, unfortunately.
Honestly, I feel the game would’ve seen a much more active population had we been able to party with one another cross-platform but I know the complications that can arise from that.

Neon Exile

If Zenith earlier wasn’t enough to satiate your appetite for VR MMOs then I got another one for you: Neon Exile.
I’ve covered this in the past but back then there was little to no information on the game available to the public.
However, Neon Exile rolled out onto Steam in Early Access recently giving players a first-hand look at gameplay mechanics and features.
While it is still in Early Access, and therefore missing a lot of features that will likely make it into the end result of the game, you can go ahead and take it for a test run and see what you think.
While characters and progress will be wiped when the game officially launches, players that took part in the Early Access will receive a starting bonus when the game releases.
Currently, Neon Exile is available on Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets only.

Lineage 2

Yes, Lineage 2 is still actively updated it seems, as NCSoft released a brand new class for the game earlier this week – for the Korean version of the game, sure, but the English version of the game isn’t all that far behind in terms of content.
The new class, the Death Knight, is a tank – although not much else was shown at the time of writing this up. Nor were any trailers released.
Additionally, the patch introduces the ability to auto-farm monsters – yup, just like in a mobile game. Auto-play.
What’s more, you can use a mobile app to actually fully monitor your character and their progress auto-playing.. I think this is ridiculous, but hey, they want to make Lineage 2 more mobile-esque, so.. more power to them?

ARK Survival Evolved

Honestly, I was under the impression that after ARK’s Extinction expansion it would no longer be receiving active updates, but I was proved wrong. ARK is getting a brand new DLC called “Genesis” that.. is a weird twist on the game.
According to Studio Wildcard, players will be able to unlock a whole new chapter in the saga via the Genesis Season Pass.
This will add 2 new expansion packs that furthers the ARK storyline with the addition of a brand new mission-based game mechanic. There’ll be brand new creatures, tons of new craftable items, structures, and.. so much more to do.
So if you’re a fan of ARK, dinosaurs, crafting, taming, or… playing survival games with friends, then take a look.


2 weeks ago I did a section on Gameforge’s EU version of Aion getting a new class and content in their latest 7.0 update.
Now, NCSoft is rolling the very same update out for North American players under the title “Mark of the Vandal.”
The update introduces the brand new Vandal class – a class that is based off of the popular K-Pop Splatoon – or so everyone keeps telling me.
I have no idea what that is but that’s because I know next to nothing about anything related to K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Anything. Additionally, the new Demaha zone will be included along with new gear.
So if you play on the North American servers as opposed to the European servers.. then you’ll be happy to know the update goes live on August 21st!

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria finally released onto Steam last week. People have long since been anticipating the official release, as the game has been teasing an official launch for a while now.
But, as of the 6th, the game rolled out of testing and into Early Access.
While I can’t confirm exactly how well the game is doing as it has yet to even be out for a full 2 weeks yet, I will be jumping in and taking a look this month.
I’m also going to have a giveaway going on for the game for those of you that are interested in trying the game out completely free.. since Legends of Aria is buy-to-play.

Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space

Yes, you read that correctly! There’s a brand new Dragon Ball MMO in the works. Not Dragon Ball Global, no. An actual Dragon Ball MMO that looks.. pretty impressive. Yes, it’s still in beta testing, but holy crap!
The game was revealed at the ChinaJoy expo this year and, somehow, the MMO has flown completely under the radar. How did we not know about this? Especially considering it’s based on the massive worldwide hit Dragon Ball Z?
MMOCulture, an MMO news website were present and found out more about the game. That’s actually where this footage came from – I didn’t capture it, so credit where credit is due and all that.
The game, specifically, is titled “Legend of Time and Space,” it’s an MMORPG for PC that has been having closed beta tests periodically since January this year.
There are currently four races that players can play as, Saiyan, naturally, Earthling, if you wanna be like Yamcha, Namekian and Majin. Which is, I believe.. the same classes that Dragon Ball Global had.
The game has no official release date currently, and people commented on the combat being kinda.. poor quality tab-target.
Since it’s only in beta testing, that may improve in the future, but at the very least.. it looks like a cool project.

Guild Wars 2 Mobile

So this isn’t confirmed.. but, back in 2010 ArenaNet revealed their interest in developing a mobile app that would allow players to remain connected to the MMO while out and about. Nothing came of it, obviously.
Come 2017, NCSoft mentioned that there was a possibility of a mobile title for Guild Wars 2 in the works. But that ended up canceled.
Then, after NCSoft’s 2nd quarter financial report for 2019, it was revealed that they were working on several new projects, one of which included the mention of Guild Wars 2 Mobile.
With Guild Wars 2’s downward earnings trend all year, it’s clear that they’re trying to revitalize the game, or at least milk as much from the IP as they can.
Take from this what you will. But what are your thoughts on a Guild Wars 2 Mobile MMO like Lineage 2: Revolution or Black Desert Mobile?

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