MMORPG News: Dragon Nest Shut Down, New MMOs “Oath”, “Fractured”, “Bless Unleashed”

Dragon Nest Shut Down, New MMOs “Oath”, “Fractured”, “Bless Unleashed”


For us North American players or even European players that don’t keep up to date with Aion news, Gameforge has recently pushed out Update 6.5: Relic of Destruction that brings a plethora of fun goodies with it.
Not only have several servers been merged together to increase player participation- which I know, is actually a sign of decreased player population, but there has been new instanced content in the form of a raid and dungeon, PvP map and more added.
If you’re interested in specifics, then look no further than Aion’s official website as trust me, you’ll find more info there than you’ll find here from me.
Do note though that I, along with my wife MrsStix, my kid sister Wiggy, Wiggy’s boyfriend Ev and our local Aion specialist Kaprii will be playing through Aion over the next week to do an updated video on the game.
So if you’re wondering how it is in 2019 – look no further!


Fractured, the indie developed sandbox MMO that we’ve covered several times in the past is actually moving into phase one of its Alpha testing this month.
According to their website, Alpha 1 – Test 1 will be beginning this coming Wednesday on April 10. The alpha test will last an entire week.
I’ll admit, it’s exciting seeing a game that has only been in development for a little over half a year already in its first alpha stage but do note that as such, there is likely to be a significant amount of bugs plaguing the game.
Unfortunately, to participate in the upcoming alpha test you’ll need to have purchased the Knight pack which went for around $170.
So.. yeah. I won’t get in ’cause honestly I can’t trust developers to go through with their promises to release the game they tell us they will but I’ll be watching and reading what others say!

Albion Online

In preparation of Albion Online’s transition to a free-to-play MMORPG, the developers have been pushing out repeated updates changing core parts of the game and making balance adjustments.
If you’re interested in all of the changes you can expect over the following weeks then you can head on over to the official Albion Online website where they go over everything they’re doing in detail.
For new players, I hope you’re ready to jump into the world for the very first time! For everyone else, I hope you’re ready for an influx of new players! Be nice and get along, now, children!


It’s been a little while since I talked about TERA, and while I don’t have an update necessarily pertaining to the PC version, I would like to point out that consoles have recently gotten the Reoladed update.
TERA: Reloaded overhauls a ton of systems, adds things like Guardian Legion scenarios, adds the Elin Gunner for.. well let’s admit it, pretty much everyone since 90% of the population plays Elin for some weird reason.
And more! Again, you can jump on over to the official website to read more!

Ashes of Creation

After what seemed like an eternity, and let’s be honest here.. not being able to bring your forums back up after several months of it being offline is never a good sign.
But I digress, the team behind Ashes of Creation recently revealed what had happened to their forums and why it had taken them so long to get back online.
Apparently their old registration and account system was tied to WordPress, a content management system often used to power websites and blogs.
The forums were also linked to WordPress, but Intrepid Studios want to be able to scale this in the future with other services they plan on providing, so wanted to link everything together.. better. In a more stable and optimized way.
However, instead of addressing this they instead opted to not only keep the forums down for what, 4? 5? months but also chose to go without providing a single word to the public about it.
Iunno. It’s weird, but whatever.
Now, we finally have some news pertaining to the actual MMO itself as opposed to the Apocalypse Battle Royale!
No, no news regarding the games progress, but rather the fact that they’re releasing some new cosmetic items for pre-ordering the game!
Yup, for the low low price of $375 you can get yourself a boat, little hut, outfit and mount! Pretty sick, right? That’s only, what? 2 years worth of subscription to Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft.

Blade & Soul

Have you ever wanted to fight a Ninja Turtle? Unfortunately for you.. yeah, that ain’t gonna happen, but, in Blade & Soul’s newest Legends Reborn event you’ll be able to fight a giant turtle!
The event will take you into two dungeons to fight the Sacred Longgui and Lord of the Inferno. Completing the instances will, naturally, earn you redeemable goodies so if you wanted a reason to jump back in.. quick!


Dinosaur themed MMORPGs are far and few between. Sure, MMOs have dinosaur monsters in-game but aren’t dinosaur themed.
Durango – and yes, Durango is a mobile MMO is opening pre-registration applications for players interested in trying the game out.
You get goodies for registering now, but I understand if people are instantly turned off at the sight of another “Mobile MMO”.
For those of you interested, head on over to our MMOByte Mobile channel as we’ll have footage of it up in the future!
Durango features farming, dinosaur taming, gathering. So think.. I guess, ARK? But on mobile.


I honestly.. I.. sigh, like. Really. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.
Do you enjoy running dailies over and over and over and over and over and- yeah. Nobody enjoys repetitiously running dailies in games.
But that’s not what Gamigo, the team behind RIFT seem to believe. Why do I say that? Because they’re introducing a Battle Pass for the game that’s going to cost you $10 per month.
What will it offer? Dailies. So you’re in essence, paying Gamigo to allow you to do daily quests. Yup – that’s where we’re at in the MMO industry right now.
We’re paying developers and publishers to do some of the most loathed, boring content imaginable. Fuck Gamigo.


I’m not a fan of Kickstarter backed games. I’m not. They often don’t end up delivering what they promise and people constantly and repeatedly complain about them yet continue to fund them.
But Oath doesn’t look bad.
It’s a new free-to-play action MMORPG developed by a studio with 5 members. There are 7 classes, a large emphasis on both PvE and PvP and.. y’know, the usual MMO-y stuff.
They claim the game will have no pay-to-win whatsoever but at the same time go on to mention a cash-shop. Cash shops in free-to-play MMOs.. yeahhh.
While it doesn’t look bad and definitely has potential… Iunno. I’ll wait and see.

Black Desert Online

Okay, so I’m not going to dwell on this one for too long but apparently.. Kakao has been making headlines recently with hundreds, if not thousands of players being randomly banned.
Players that did nothing wrong.
They’re slowly unbanning players in small batches but to date, players are still continuing to get banned.
I feel bad for BDO players but at the same time.. it’s Kakao quality. What more should we honestly even expect?

Final Fantasy XIV

For fans of cute costumes or players wanting to just.. go egg hunting, Final Fantasy XIV has their Hatching-tide event making a return from April 9th through April 22nd.
Also making news is the fact that two new races are coming to the game: The female-only Viera, and male-only Ronso, er, Hrothgar.
This has caused a lot of.. outrage from players, and rightly so, as this will mark the first gender-locked race or class introduced into the game.
I’m personally fine with female only Viera but I know a lotta people upset with it, even though the race will be predominantly female only in terms of usage either way.

Uncharted Waters Online

Yup, the 2004 sandbox MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online is still sailing along, with their most recent update, Lost Memories bringing with it some cool new stuff.
Differing stories depending on what your Home Nation is, a new island to explore, and new treasures to hunt down.
I’ve never tried the game out personally but considering it was released back in 2004 and is still somehow online.. it very well might be worth taking a look at.

Bless Unleashed

I don’t really know what to say about Bless Unleashed.
I cautiously opted to purchase a Founder’s Pack for Bless so I could get a head start on everyone else and like the vast majority of players, was severely let down.
I was kind of disgusted by how bad the game ended up being. So seeing a new incarnation of Bless is still unnerving for me.
I am well aware that Bless Unleashed is being done by Bandai Namco as opposed to Neowiz but the stench of Neowiz is still very prevalent.
According to Bandai Namco, the game is being “built from the ground up” and is completely different to Bless Online. However, it shares the same classes, mechanics, world and more.
So it’s more like a spin-off than anything.
I’ve heard some people saying it looks “really good” and I’ll be honest here, from a non-bias perspective, the game definitely looks pretty good.
But Neowiz made Bless look good as well and we all got burned real hard.
Thankfully, Bless Unleashed is free to play so I highly doubt any of us are capable of being scammed a second time. Taken advantage of, sure, but not scammed of our money.
Like.. some people forked over so much for those founder’s packs, holy shit.

Dragon Nest

May we have a moment of silence for Dragon Nest’s EU incarnation.
Okay. We good? We good. Unfortunately for EU players, Dragon Nest will be shutting down its EU servers effective May 15th due to an end to their contract with the developers.
While it’s always sad to see the sun setting on a game- a game you love, no doubt.. the North American version is still online and will likely remain as such for a while to come.
So if you want to.. you can always migrate over.

Burning Soul Worker

For fans of Burning Soul Worker – the private server for Soul Worker Online you’ll be happy to know that the game has taken another step ahead of Gameforge’s version.
Catching up to the official Korean version, Burning Soul Worker has increased the level cap to 65, added in a new level 60-65 leveling zone, a new raid the Skyclock Palace, some new dungeons, new quests, outfits and most importantly.. a new character.
Chii Aruel is fully playable and she’s super adorable. Like all Soul Worker characters are.
If you wanna join the game and play as the new Chii character then head on over to the Burning Soul Worker website and download the game!

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