Is Genshin Impact An MMORPG? The Upcoming Anime RPG Explained

Two weeks ago I included a small segment for Genshin Impact in our Weekly Byte of MMORPG News.
I mentioned that it could be an MMO because at the time of writing, MiHoYo had yet to officially reveal information on it.
Literally a day or two later not only did they release a full gameplay trailer, but they also released a ton of information on it as well.
So that’s what I’m here to talk about today. Genshin Impact, the fact that I’m actually pretty excited for it and whether or not it’s an MMO.


Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG coming to both PC and mobile devices in Spring 2020. MiHoYo, the team behind Genshin Impact revealed that it will feature full cross-play functionality between the two platforms.
The story revolves around your character-or party of characters and their goal of fighting to keep balance in the world of Tevyat- a world ruled by elemental gods called “The Seven” and stopping the corruption plaguing it.
Along with the upcoming release of the game, MiHoYo also has an ongoing comic series for the game under the same name.
If you’re interested in knowing more about the story, the characters, or where the game might go being a potential adaptation of the comic itself, you can go ahead and read it.
I’ve taken a little time to and it’s actually pretty good.
A beta test is scheduled for the end of this month so if you’re interested in what you see and hear go ahead and follow this link right here to sign up for the beta.
The trailer that MiHoYo released showcases several distinct playable characters along with some beautiful, if a little Breath of the Wild-ish themed envorinments. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Breath of the Wild.
I know some people had issues with gear breaking all the time, needing to farm excessively, instances being too easy and the dungeons being too few but I enjoyed everything about the game.
This is coming from a person who’s favorite games in the genre were Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Windwaker. So I’m personally more than happy if they’ve taken inspiration from Zelda’s latest game – all the more for me to enjoy.
Once the beta officially rolls out at the end of this month we’ll have a much clearer image of whether the game takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild or follows it blindly.


I know this is what most of you are waiting for – and the answer is a simple.. No. It is not. Unfortunately. But don’t feel dismayed just yet.
MiHoYo is most notably known for their mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd which, if I’m being completely honest here is probably one of the most fun, high quality titles I’ve seen on mobile devices.
And I’ve played through a solid.. 20? 30 by now for my mobile channel.
However Honkai Impact 3rd does feature multiplayer features so while Genshin Impact may not be an MMO perse, it very well may include extensive multiplayer functionality.
One thing worth noting is that single-player games don’t require beta test periods. Games with online functionality in some capacity do.
This leads me further to believe that some form of multiplayer is going to be included in the game as I doubt they’d plan an entire beta for.. testing their cash shop.


Genshin Impact is said to provide players with a huge explorable fantasy world, an epic story and fast-paced action condensed into a currently-at-least, single player experience.
I mostly stick to MMOs these days because I can play them with my wife. So single player games are generally out of the picture for me, but this seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.
When Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was announced I instantly knew I was playing it at launch. I feel somewhat similarly for Genshin Impact as well, lest the closed beta prove to be otherwise.. less than stellar.
One thing I would like to note about Genshin Impact though is that I’m still uncertain of the kind of game it’ll be, and if the game design will be taken directly from the Honkai Impact games – games filled with gacha content and plagued with microtransactions.
As an example, when filling out the survey to participate in the upcoming closed beta one of the questions was “how do you feel about microtransactions?” Another asked “how do you feel about purchasing items in-game?”
This is something very, very concerning to me because I’m heavily against games with a large emphasis on cash shops and microtransactions. So this, coupled with the potentially randomized rewards has me a little disconcerted.
I’m not any less excited for the game because if handled correctly, the cash shop might be nothing short of a huge cosmetic-dump in terms of things you can buy.
But on the other hand, it could also offer the kinds of items prevalent in pretty much every mobile game. I don’t need to tell you what they are and what effect they generally have on the games.
A lot of information regarding the game is left to the imagination right now with a lot to be revealed at a later date, but you can’t argue that the game looks anything other than gorgeous and potentially a lotta fun.
First impressions are everything – and so far I’m impressed. Just cautious. Which I urge you all to be as well.
A business model for the game has yet to be revealed but since it’s planned to release on both PC and mobile devices, it’s likely that the game will be completely free to play on both.
Naturally, if I get into the closed beta I’ll do a video on my impressions of the game but until I get in, all I can tell you all is that it’s okay to get excited – but don’t be too optimistic until we get more.. sound information.

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