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I Got to Try Perfect World Mobile’s Pre-Launch

Man, where do I begin with this one?
Back when I was younger I played Perfect World for 2 years. Two. Whole. Years I invested into that MMO. To claim it was an addiction is an understatement.
So when I learned that a sequel to the game, Perfect World Mobile was being made, I was ecstatic. Yes, it was on a mobile device but honestly, the gameplay I saw for it was truly astounding in comparison.
And you can see that first hand here. Look at the sheer difference in graphical quality – it’s almost like it’s a completely different game.
Fast forward to last week when I was contacted about taking a pre-launch sponsored look at the game before anyone else – a Perfect World fan’s dream right there.
How could I turn that down, right? I would’ve been crazy to.


Perfect World Mobile is kind of a.. retelling? A game set in the same world but with an alternate story to its PC counterpart.
It has many of the same base classes as Perfect World, has the same towns, cities and various monsters, and is possibly the closest mobile port of a PC MMO I’ve seen to date.
The features, such as cultivation levels, flight, aerial combat, underwater exploration, large dungeons, equipment, and even skills are also taken right from Perfect World.
Legit, I’m not making this up: It’s as if the devs behind the game took Perfect World, and threw it on mobile devices, giving the game what I can only explain as a necessary graphical makeover.
But, you can tell that at the same time it’s made for mobile devices as the game makes use of various mobile features such as character power – something every mobile gamer knows of.
Since it’s set in a different time – or set in a different reality, moreso, the entire premise of the game is different. Yes, the format remains much the same: It’s an MMORPG.
You level your character, you make progress through the game’s story and ultimately you end up hitting endgame, grinding dungeons and group content.


Honestly, I’m a PC MMO-gamer, first and foremost. Yes I play a lot of games on the PS4 but my MMOs are played on the PC.
This is one of those rare times where I can see actual enhancements made on the mobile version of the game that I wish were made in the PC version.
Combat is just so much faster, so much better looking and so much more fun in Perfect World Mobile. And I don’t say that lightly.
Perfect World is a very dated game. A very fun game still to this day, but you know it looks and feels dated.
Perfect World Mobile made the necessary adjustments to combat to really take the game to the next level on mobile devices.
I typically play Mobile games for my mobile channel on emulators like Nox but I can safely say that I played through hours of this game on my iPhone.. while on the toilet.
Hey, don’t look at me like that. That’s my alone time – time when I get to have a solid 30 minutes to myself watching cute cat videos or fail clips on Youtube without judgement.
The special effects for spells were beautiful, though, and I can honestly say that I wish the PC version of the game had spell effects like that.
I played Wizard as I always wanted to in Perfect World ’cause I liked the flashy spells they used and I was not disappointed. While yes the combat in both games is tab-target, you barely feel it in Perfect World Mobile.
While fighting you can cycle through enemies or, heck, the game even cycles automatically to the next enemy all on its own and you don’t even feel it – it’s just completely seamless.


Yes, the graphics. Man. When I went into character creation I hoped that it would offer the same kind of customization that Perfect World did.
When Perfect World was new, even pushing into the late 2000s, it had some of the most innovative character creation in an MMO to date. Even going into the 2010s that game had amazing character creation.
Over time other games have caught up – naturally, that’s what happens as technology moves along. However, Perfect World Mobile offered me similar character customization to what I recall from my childhood.
The ability to heavily construct my Wizard’s face in the form I wanted, change the structure of my characters body, and.. well, have the general freedom, ultimately, to create the character I knew I could do in old Perfect World.
I came up with something pretty damn good, too. As is evident in the video.


Currently there are 5 classes in total: The Elves have Cleric and Archer, the Human’s have Blademaster and Wizard, and the Untamed have the Barbarian.
Missing was the Venomancer from the Untamed’s class list but I’m sure that’ll be added in time. I remember how overpowered Venomancer’s were back in Perfect World with their Hercules and Phoenix pets, my god.
Each class is gender locked – with Males being Archers, Blademasters, and.. well Barbarian’s have always been males, so. Females get the Wizard and the Cleric.
The Wizard was a ton of fun to play, honestly. It made me reminisce a little on what it would’ve been like to play a Wizard back in Perfect World.
I feel like I missed out, but at the very least I get to experience it here – with these graphics.


I cannot stress how much of an influence Perfect World had on my childhood. It was responsible for making me skip school, forget I had homework, and teaching me to PK someone if they took my grinding spot.
But at the same time it taught me how to work together with other people to overcome obstacles, it taught me how to make new friends, regardless of what they looked like or where they were from.
It was my first “big MMO.” Without it, I never would’ve made this channel and I never would’ve gotten into MMOs. So it’s partly responsible for why I’m here right now, and why you’re watching me.
Perfect World Mobile is a worthy successor to the Perfect World name. Yes, it’s on mobile. But the sheer size and scale of the game, along with the reoccuring features and – well, the soul of the game captured in the way it is.
I can honestly say that it’s definitely worth checking out.

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