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Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a Blend of the MMORPG and Battle Royale Genres

I’m an avid MMORPG fan as I’m sure most of you watching are. I mean you’re watching me, and I do mostly MMO videos, so.. yeah. Glad we got that outta the way.
I’ve never really been into the whole “Battle Royale” craze. I played a little PubG back in the day, tried Fortnite but never really got into it and by that point, I was already exhausted so I skipped Apex Legends.
Then MMOs like Black Desert and Ashes of Creation announced their intention of making Battle Royale modes, and.. well that seems to be the craze these days.
Although Battle Royale’s aren’t a bad genre nor are most of them bad games – I will admit that I was taken a little aback when I heard about Hunters Arena: Legends – a melding of both the MMORPG and Battle Royale genres.
They approached me and offered to sponsor a video of the game, offering me tons of information and footage not available to the public with which I could make my community more aware.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends, which I’m gonna go ahead and just call Hunter’s Arena henceforth is a brand new Battle Royale being developed by the South Korean company Mantisco.
The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and looks astonishingly stunning. I’ve watched several trailers and looked over a lot of the footage and I’m genuinely impressed with how good this game looks.
Traditionally, Battle Royale’s are about surviving while eliminating the other players participating in the match. In Hunter’s Arena, the game has a lot of aspects included such as a leveling system, trading system, and PvE content.
See, not only do you fight other players for supremacy, but there are thousands of monsters spawned around the map that you can fight, level off of and there are boss monsters to kill that give pretty sick rewards.
The team mentioned that while bosses could definitely be soloed if you were a high enough level, it would be significantly easier for a team of 3 – which I probably should’ve mentioned this game uses.
Just like Apex Legends, Hunter’s Arena features teams of up to 3 people. Meaning teamwork is crucial to come out on top. This is why the term “RPG Royale” was coined for this specific genre of game.


Interestingly, Hunter’s Arena is a fantasy themed melee-oriented game. From what I was told, there are no guns here – players instead have access to a variety of close-range weapons and magic spells.
As an example, one of the characters, Tara specifically, is a Mage that utilizes Water, Fire and Ice elemental magics. Speaking of, there are 3 other characters total with over 20 more characters currently in development.
Taigi is a sexy scythe wielding goddess of death, Mir is a hulking AoEing giant, and Aiden is a tank. Or as tanky as I guess you could be in this kind of situation.
There are special items available in-game that provide additional effects like smoke bombs or flash bombs that you can use to mess with enemy vision, making it easier for your team to get the jump on them.
There are several game modes you can play through:
Survival Mode, labeled “Trio Mode” is the classic Battle Royale mode that most people are familiar with. It has 3-man teams fighting against one another in a large 60-player battle to see who emerges victorious.
That’s the only game mode I knew existed for the Battle Royale mode, honestly. I had no idea there were more – so this was definitely news to me.
“Solo Mode” is the other mode that is present in-game that I currently don’t have much information on.
They mentioned they have no intention of introducing a “Duo Mode” into the game so from that statement, I believe it may be possible to solo-queue for Solo Mode.
The map is 2 square kilometers in size meaning that there’s a lot of room for exploration. Mantisco have stated that there will be quite varied environmental landscapes to experience: Lava fields, snowy areas, forests and deserts.
Since the field is so large, naturally there would need to be a mode of transportation outside of running on foot, and that is where horses and gliders come into play.
Imagine descending onto an enemy from above by glider and reigning fire onto them as little Tara. Man, that’d be insane.
The game also makes use of a day and night cycle, meaning that over the course of your game the day will turn to night and vice versa.
Now, anyone that plays PvP games knows that being able to see your enemy is the key to victory, meaning that hiding during the night and launching surprise attacks is likely to be prevalent.
Which, honestly, is part of the fun of PvP to me – pouncing on your enemies before they’re even aware you’re there.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends looks like a pretty sick Battle Royale – or, RPG Royale, rather.
It blends both the leveling system, exploration, team work and PvE modes of an MMORPG and the PvP and survival aspects of the Battle Royale genre to make for.. well, this.
A beautiful RPG Royale with a dedicated team of developers attempting to make a PC game that can appeal to fans of both genres.
I’ve always believed that South Korea makes some of the best looking MMOs but the Battle Royale genre is a growing market for them – they’re still trying to find their footing. And I think Hunter’s Arena might help with that.
I plan on playing the game at launch purely to cover it ’cause honestly.. the idea behind the game is a pretty damn cool one.
Being able to level, upgrade your skills and work together to slay monsters, bosses, and world bosses while attempting to survive and eliminate enemy players.. is bound to be thrilling.
I’ve always been a fan of PvP and this looks right up my alley. It might actually get me into the Battle Royale genre, who knows.
Regardless, I’m excited and I look forward to not only learning more, but also seeing more about the game over the course of the year.
In a recent interview, the team mentioned that they were over 80% through completion of the game. So with that in mind, we should be seeing the game in some form very soon!

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