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Torchlight Frontiers Alpha Impressions
Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019

Torchlight Frontiers Alpha Impressions Hey guys, this is Mrs Stix logging in to Torchlight Frontiers, a game currently in alpha testing and an up and coming online ARPG. This is the third installment in the Torchlight series but comes with a new twist, it’s in MMO format so now you can play with friends and […]

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Tales of Erin is a Cute Mobile JRPG
Posted on Monday September 02, 2019

Well this one has an interesting name. “Tales of Erin?” Alright. That’s what I thought when it was recommended in the comments of my last 2 videos, at least. “Is it a tale about a dude named Erin?” – “Maybe someone named Erin needs saving or something?” And thus began my journey into the game.. […]

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Get The Best Hunting Land By Doing Your Homework
Posted on Saturday October 20, 2018

Trail Cam Buck Whitetail DeerUSA – -( Those 150- to 200-acre tracts of land you’ve always dreamed of having, your own little piece of heaven, may be finally within your reach. You’ll want to plant a garden, have a pond, have a dove field and attempt to take a deer or a turkey off this

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