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Dragon Blaze Doesn’t Even Require You Play The Game

I’ve only played a couple Mobile RPGs on the channel so far – yet I’m a very large fan of the RPG genre as a whole.
I grew up on RPGs so you’d think I would’ve covered more by now.. but unfortunately, you guys just don’t recommend all that many to me so I don’t get many done!
Dragon Blaze, though.. I saw mentioned a few times but after getting in-game.. well, let me tell you.


Dragon Blaze is a South Korean RPG – yes, South Korean, so you can probably guess the kind of game it is already.
It’s a very story-heavy game.. It offers the option of turning on rapid-advancement for all conversations because honestly.. without it I feel like you’d probably never make any progress towards the actual game.
There’s no exploration to be had in-game as when you’re not in the hub itself sorting through your heroes, you’re claiming rewards, or.. planning the next stage to advance to.
Yes, the game utilizes “stages,” or “chapters.” Whichever you feel like referring to it as – but they function as levels you need to progress through to continue the story.
One thing I’m not really all that thrilled with though is the auto-play feature.. but I’ll get into that later.


I mean, if I could actively participate in the combat – making choices, selecting skills or moving in any capacity then I might have a better opinion of the gameplay.. but alas, the combat is auto-play.
Like, complete auto-play. Your characters all line up nicely on the left – like you’d expect of most traditional turn-based RPGs. But then.. your characters all just start.. fighting on their own.
It’s completely hands-off meaning that you actually have zero participation – and have absolutely no control over the outcome of the battle whatsoever.
I’ve never been fond of auto-play games. Ever. I feel like auto-play ruins games and I feel as though making a game with the sole purpose of.. letting it run in the background is pointless.
Granted, yes, I didn’t play the game for all that long but that’s because there’s really only so long I can watch my game play itself for me.
Skills, the effects themselves, everything about the combat looked so beautiful. The game is gorgeous, I just wish I had some control over the actual game.
The combat has a lotta potential to be very engaging – and the combinations that you can make use of depending on which heroes you bring into battle with you provides a lot of opportunity for customization.


The team behind Dragon Blaze state that the game has extraordinary graphics.. and I’ll be real with you guys here, the graphics are pretty damn nice.
The character models, holy crap. There are so many good looking characters to recruit in-game.
I spent the first 10 or so minutes just sliding through the characters, totally not staring at boobs. The characters and their outfits – whoever designed this.. I would buy you a beer if I could.
Unfortunately though there’s no character creation.
You’re given a selection of several different classes, you get to name your character and then you just.. appear in-game, no customization options. I was slightly disappointed by that and the gender-locked classes.
But I feel like that’s become a staple of South Korean games these days.


I wasn’t really very impressed with the game.
Dragon Blaze is beautiful, it truly is. It utilizes a graphical style I don’t really see all that often these days.
The combat has fantastical effects – honestly one of the better mobile RPG combat systems I’ve been able to play through.
The lack of any form of exploration is a negative for me. Exploration is part of what I enjoy about video games. Being able to just.. go off the beaten path and explore where and what I want.
“Oh, see that unusual display of rocks over in the distance? Wonder if that has some meaning to it.” So I go and investigate.
It’s not a necessity to have in-game but it definitely provides additional entertainment and enjoyment for me.
The auto-play though, holy crap. Not talking about how expensive it is to play the game with all the microtransactions that are present in-game, but the auto-play.. that really killed any enjoyment I could’ve derived from it.
I turned on auto-advancing text, the combat was auto.. all I needed to do was click “go to next area” and let the game play through everything else for me.
I couldn’t recommend this to anyone that enjoys playing their games. I know there’s a market for auto-games and that’s cool, but it’s not my thing.

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