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Is Black Desert Online Worth Playing In 2019?

Is Black Desert Online Worth Playing In 2019?

So back in November last year I did a video titled “Is Black Desert Online Worth Playing In 2017?” Since 2018 is finishing up and we’re beginning 2019, I wanted to take the time to run through the game again and see how it’s doing going into 2019.
Now I would like to preface this video by saying that this video is sponsored, however, that won’t stop me from giving my honest opinions on the game. I’ve never been one to bite my tongue and sometimes that leads to a large influx of dislikes.
What can you do.
If you want to download Black Desert Online, I have a link in the description that will give you a 7-day free trial of the game. So hit that up if you’re interested.
Anyway, I’ve played Black Desert on and off since it launched. I was one of the first people to purchase the game for my sister, Wiggy and I because we’d been playing TERA for a long while and needed a change of pace.
BDO looked like it would offer us the change of pace we needed, providing better action combat, flashier graphics and a large, new world for us to explore.
And while we’ve had our ups and downs with the game, we’ve found ourselves coming back to it every few months to see what’s new. What’s changed.
So naturally when Pearl Abyss announced the new Drieghan expansion, I couldn’t help but have my interest piqued once again. I figured I’d jump back in and see what the new expansion and new continent was all about.
Then I learned that they were also releasing a new Archer class, so opted to wait and try both at the same time. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.
The new Archer class was actually released just last week and I have to say, it’s probably the most fun class outside of the Striker for me.
It’s very fast, very mobile and probably allows for some of the most effeminate male character creation in-game currently. And I know how much women are into that – that’s why Korean dramas and K-pop is so popular.
Knowing this, I went for one of the prettiest not-at-all-Legolas-inspired male archers I could.
Black Desert, with the addition of Archer has 17 unique classes: Archer, Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Lahn, Berserker, Tamer, Striker, Musa, Maehwa, Mystic, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Wizard and Witch.
Some of the classes, like Kunoichi and Ninja or Musa and Maehwa share similarities but each class is still different enough to warrant a separate class.
The game, to date, is still probably the most visually stunning MMO on the market.
They released a Remastered version of the game recently that made it look even better and even went so far as fixing some of the optimization issues that plagued the game but hands down.. there isn’t a better looking 3D MMO out there.
The combat, as I mentioned earlier is real-time action combat. Unlike most MMOs that allow the player to turn on and utilize multiple action bars, BDO actually gives you a few slots to toggle specific skills to or line with potions and buffs.
Therefore you’re required to actually learn your rotation and skill combinations otherwise.. well, you’ll end up sucking. Which I do because I’m old and my memory is terrible.
I mean don’t get me wrong – it isn’t bad. It just sets the skill-bar a little higher and requires you not only focus a little harder but also take the time to commit the combos to memory.
Thankfully each class plays very differently, making for a lot of replayability. Although I cannot fathom someone having and simultaneously playing 16 different characters to a competitive level.
Memorizing 16 different playstyles and sets of combos would.. oh, man, I don’t even want to think about it, actually. Nevermind.
The amazing combat and breathtaking graphics aren’t all that the game has to offer though. Honestly, neither are the selling point of the game nor are they the most discussed.
The most important aspect of BDO is actually.. you guessed it.. the story! – I’m kidding. The most important aspect of BDO is actually its character creator.
Never have I had such control over my appearance in an MMO.
You have the ability to individually change lengths of your characters hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, change the entire body and facial structure by dragging their face and body around.
I know a lot of players that just spend hours in there attempting the perfect character. They never succeed, obviously, but that’s what multiple character slots are for.
Then.. comes Life Skills. Professions consisting of Gathering, Processing, Cooking, Training, Fishing, Hunting, Trading, Farming, Sailing and Alchemy.
Life Skills can be developed through the accumulation of experience points, just like leveling your character. By earning experience in each individual Life Skill they will slowly advance through various ranks.
One of the aspects that most interest me in BDO is that you can play in two very different ways.
You can play it like a traditional MMO – grinding out monsters for XP, leveling, powering up your skills and earning gear.
Alternatively, you can play the life of a crafter or gatherer – you can play in a way that all but avoids combat and grinding monsters for XP. Something I believe was only doable in one other MMO: Mabinogi.
It’s.. interesting. Fascinating, even.
The only thing that I think Black Desert Online lacks is dedicated instances, like dungeons and raids.
But, a lack of instanced-off content like that is also what makes Black Desert so different.
You don’t have to worry about being late for raids, taking time off, making time in your schedule, and you can play it completely casually without worrying about not obtaining raid gear.
I’m personally a fan of running dungeons and raids, but I can see the appeal of not having to worry about remaining up-to-date and falling behind.
Honestly, I feel like Black Desert Online is a very fun, highly entertaining MMO.
Every game has their good, their bad. No game, no developer, no publisher is infallible.
People will always find fault with different parts of different games, and no game will ever please everyone.
I find the graphics to be stunning, but I know some people disagree and hate the way the graphics just “pop-in”.
Some people find the game to be pay-to-win, when others argue that it isn’t at all.
At the end of the day, I have fun playing it. If you’re having fun, then that’s all that matters. What other people believe, whether correct or incorrect is irrelevant.
The game, to me, is beautiful. The combat, although difficult, is very satisfying the more you take the time to learn it. The amount of classes and therefore the replayability to me is high enough to warrant multiple alts.
The new Archer class? Definitely one of my three favorite classes in Black Desert, and that’s saying something as I have immense amounts of fun on at least 5 others.
So, is Black Desert Online worth playing going into 2019? I definitely believe so.
Would I recommend someone who has yet to play the game play it? I would. I’d forewarn them of the difficulty but let them know that mastering it provides quite a bit of satisfaction.
Once again, though, Pearl Abyss has been kind enough to provide players that are interested in the game a 7-day free trial for anyone that signs up using our link in the description.
This link does not benefit us – we don’t earn anything from it. It is 100% safe and will merely take you directly to a free trial of the game, allowing you to play completely, 100% free for an entire week.
You can, I guess, consider that a thank you for watching the video.
Anyway guys, that’s about it for me. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next time, peace!

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Upcoming Action Anime MMORPG Kurtzpel Beginning Closed Beta In North America

Upcoming Action Anime MMORPG Kurtzpel Beginning Closed Beta In North America

Today we finally have some news pertaining to Kurtzpel and their release in North America. KOG Games, the company behind Elsword, Herowarz and Grand Chase announced on October 26th that they would begin opening closed beta registrations for the upcoming action Anime inspired MMO, Kurtzpel.

What is Kurtzpel?

Kurtzpel is a 3D Anime inspired action MMORPG that utilizes real time combat as seen in other games like Soul Worker (best comparison) or Black Desert Online, with a large focus on PvP. While playing more like Soul Worker or Dragon Nest, Kurtzpel will still offer a large variety of story related PvE content and PvP content for bloodthirsty players hell-bent on destroying one another. Kurtzpel offers the best character customization in an Anime MMO to date, has highly detailed graphics and supposedly has “balanced PvP”.

In KurtzPel, classic action game dynamics are eminent when players outfit their characters with 2, separate trade/jobs, noted in the form of weapon paths (called Karma) that can be swapped out and utilized interchangeably during battle.
Players can enjoy various, comprehensive 2v2 PvP Modes; queued up by a smart, automated match-making system. Or, players can embark upon a larger-than-life, raid style, quest-driven battle system against big, bad, boss monsters.

Kurtzpel NA Release Date

KOG Games have given no official ETA on when the game will launch or even be playable, but we were promised “additional information in the coming months”, especially with the confirmed Steam-release.

“We are excited to reveal that we will be bringing KurtzPel to Steam and we want players to communicate directly with us during the closed beta,” said KOG Games CEO, Frank Kim. “We want the game to be exactly what gamers want, so we encourage players to give us as much feedback as possible to help us shape this game into one of the top action games on Steam.”

Kurtzpel NA Closed Beta Registration

For players that are looking to get into the closed beta, Kurtzpel’s Facebook page posted a form you can fill out for the opportunity to get in through Google.

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MMORPG News: Black Desert RU Shut Down, ArcheAge Shut Down? New MMO “Fractured”

Black Desert RU Shut Down, ArcheAge Shut Down? New MMO “Fractured”

Another week, another round of news. This week comes with several shockers as you can no doubt tell from the title, so go grab a beer and nachos ready because this video’s either going to give you reason to party or cry in a corner!

Black Desert Online

Let’s kickstart this week’s news off with some positive information regarding Black Desert Online.
In our last news video we went ahead and reported on Pearl Abyss losing all of the data to keep the Russian servers alive. Their deal with GameNet fell through and they subsequently lost all player data along with localization files in the process.
Now, as of October 17th, in a turn of events nobody saw coming, Pearl Abyss made a follow-up statement claiming that both Pearl Abyss and the parent company behind GameNet, Verbanaul Holdings Ltd had actually developed a legal solution that would ensure any and all player data including the localization files would have a successful transfer back over to Pearl Abyss.
What this means is that once the transfer process is over, Russian players will be able to log back in and continue playing.
While quite the debacle, it is reassuring to Russian players to know that their characters and money invested into the game did not go down the drain.
Additionally, Black Desert has released the new Archer class trailer ahead of Twitchcon 2018, whetting player appetites with the new male crossbow wielding class.
I gotta say.. it looks pretty fucking cool. Although you can expect another large investment into gearing the character to make them viable. Pearl Abyss, you know how to bleed money outta players, huh?


Dynamight Studios, the devlopers behind the upcoming MMOARPG Fractured revealed last week that they had expanded their crowdfunding efforts in an attempt to accrue larger financial backing for the game.
Dynamight had originally held the Kickstarter earlier this year and raised almost $130,000 USD – exceeding the funding required to begin the creative process.
Dynamight have since chosen to open up a dedicated store on the official website that will allow current, and future supporters to not only contribute, but help fund and shape the future of the game as it continues development.
Support comes in the form of various Pledge Packs, ranging from €20 Euro to €300 Euro. This equates to roughly $23 USD for the smallest pack, and approximately $440 USD for the largest.

Revelation Online

If you thought Revelation Online was all but a memory by this point you were pretty much spot on.
In an effort to bring in new players and increase activity, have announced the introduction of a new game-mode to Revelation Online, following the release of their latest update, New Sulan.
The new game mode in question is called Legends of Nuanor which is being described as a MOBA-themed mini-game that will be the primary focus of the update. If you can’t guess which MOBA it’s based off of.. then shame on you.
According to, it will be “an innovative new PvP mode inspired by the ever-popular MOBA genre that’s going to feel right at home as part of Revelation Online.”
In Legends of Nuanor players will select from a pre-determined roster of NPC heroes with their own unique skills with support offered from waves of minions. The objective? Destroy the enemy team’s Crystal.
Players will work their way across a symmetrical map split between three lanes with the ability to hunt monsters, enemy players, and farm gold and XP.
Don’t ask me why they’re attempting to turn Revelation Online into League of Legends. Just don’t.


For those of you playing on Gameforge’s European servers in an attempt to experience what the new updates for Aion bring with it your wait is finally over.
NCSoft announced on the 24th that the latest major update for the North American version of Aion is receiving the overhaul at last – titled Awakened Legacy.
The update really is far too large to go into accurate detail in one video but let me summarise it real quick:
Awakened Legacy adds a new zome, Lakrum, increases the level cap to level 80, reduces the XP required to level along with vastly overhauling not only the zones in-game but also the quests along the leveling process providing an overhauled leveling experience that really changes the game, simplified character stats, the new dungeons Primerth’s Forge, Qubrinerk’s Cubic Lab, and Infernal Drakenspire Depths have been added along with various changes being made to current dungeons, and.. just so, so much more.
You’re going to have to get in-game to really test this out. Quick note, my wife MrsStix and I did a video on this update earlier this month – you should go check that out if you’re interested!

Black Desert Online Console

I felt like this needed a completely separate segment to discuss, but for those of you that have an Xbox One, Black Desert Online has been slated to release for a while now and they have finally confirmed, via email to players, exactly when that is.
Players on Reddit are reporting that they’ve received notices about the open beta announcement via email stating that the game will launch into beta testing on November 8th.
The open beta will feature the Berzerker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard during the beta and there is no NDA in place.
So mark the date on your calendar! Black Desert is finally hitting consoles!

DC Universe Online

For those of you that still play the superhero themed MMORPG, this news is going to be of interest to you.
In DC Universe Online’s latest Atlantis episode, launching November 8th, players will get to take a trip to the underwater city of Atlantis where you’ll have the opportunity to face off against Ocean Master.. the villian of the upcoming Aquaman film.
Coincidence? I think not.

Trion Shutdown, ArcheAge, Rift, Trove, Defiance: 2050, Atlas Reactor

In sad, or happy, depending which side of the spectrum you’re on, news, Trion announced that due to bankruptcy they would be selling off assets to Gamigo, who will now hold publishing rights to any of the games Trion currently publishes.
That includes ArcheAge, Rift, Trove, Defiance: 2050 and Atlas Reactor.
This is concerning news as Gamigo stated specifically that they had acquired the “major assets of Trion Worlds Inc.”, not that they “purchased Trion Worlds Inc.”
This gives Gamigo control over what they want, and that ultimately means that anything they don’t – whether that be a game that is no longer profitable for them such as ArcheAge, Rift of Defiance, they don’t have to keep up.
While I doubt they have plans to shut those games down yet, Gamigo is known to be the “graveyard” for MMOs – a final resting place to hang the game up before milking it to death.
After looking around, it seems as though there is no large Rift private server around, but for fans of ArcheAge, I’d recommend you try out the ArcheRage private server.
It’s nothing like Trion made ArcheAge in terms of pay to win, has a larger population and is where everyone is flocking to right now.
The official ArcheAge server has gone down repeatedly for “maintenance” since the announcement was made and many players are upset. The new large update for the game has also been postponed – another bad sign.
I’ll include a link to ArcheRage in the description and pinned comment for fans that want to jump ship while you still can.

Bless Online

After heavy criticism, Neowiz, the team behind the huge bomb of an MMORPG Bless Online have finally released the game fully and completely.. free to play.
After having made enough money initially launching as a buy to play title, Neowiz thought it was in the players’ best interests to give a middle finger to supporters that purchased the game initially with their official launch – which Neowiz had promised to release the Mystic with, and like always, failed to deliver.
Instead of providing the Mystic class as proimsed, Neowiz instead opted to offer additional “DLC” packs for players that want to waste their money on the game, providing things like skins.. and yeah. Nothing really worth noting.
Just more of the same cash-grab attempts at making as much money as they can.
I don’t really have much to say about Bless Online other than they launched buy to play, were riddled with bugs, duplication issues, class imbalance and an overall lack of content.
Things should’ve been fixed since these issues were prevalent in every other launch of the game around the globe, but were still somehow overlooked.
They have now launched free to play, and have failed to deliver on promises made pertaining to the Mystic class, FPS issues and a general lack of.. substance.
That explains why on a Thursday they had a peak of almost 5,000 players, and on a Saturday, the game has barely peaked above 4,000. More than 20% of the playerbase that tried Bless’ free to play version out have already bailed.

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Black Desert Online RU No Longer Shutting Down

Black Desert Online RU No Longer Shutting Down

In a turn of events nobody saw coming, Pearl Abyss released a statement on the 17th regarding Black Desert Online’s Russian version and their failed negotiations with the Russian publisher, GameNet.

Before proceeding, allow me to quickly get you up to date if you weren’t already on the topic: Pearl Abyss had given GameNet local publishing rights for Black Desert Online in Russia up until recently, with Pearl Abyss choosing to opt out of renewing their license with GameNet. The two companies had made promises to players that they would work alongside one another to make sure the transfer of all data went over successfully.
However, negotiations fell through and Pearl Abyss released a statement letting players know that they had “failed to acquire their game data from GameNet” and further that they had lost all Russian localization. They blamed GameNet and GameNet rebutted, claiming that they were fully ready to transfer over all player data and localization files but Pearl Abyss were not going through the correct legal channels to get that information under Russian law.
Pearl Abyss stated that there was no ETA on when the Russian version of the game would come back as they had to translate everything from scratch – until the 17th, where another statement was made pertaining to the transfer: Pearl Abyss and the company behind GameNet, Vebanaul Holdings Ltd had developed a legal solution to ensure all player data along with localization files would successfully be transferred over to Pearl Abyss, meaning once the process if complete, players should be able to log back in as usual.
While quite the debacle, it is reassuring to Russian players to know that their characters and money invested into the game did not go down the drain.

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Black Desert Online News

Black Desert Online Offering Free Upgrade For 7-Day Trial Players

Black Desert Online Offering Free Upgrade For 7-Day Trial Players

Pearl Abyss are offering players the chance to win a free upgrade of their 7-day trial. Players who complete the new “7-day Trial Challenge” by October 17th will have their 7-day trial upgraded to a “Starter’s Package” that is worth $9.99 in value. The upgrade process requires players only reach level 56 and complete their characters’ awakening questline. The challenge in question, according to various veterans, is capable of being completed in less than a day if you no-life through it. So, if you’re interested in trying out the upcoming Drieghan content expansion, now is the time to jump in and get grinding! The challenge ends in 2 days!

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MMORPG News: Black Desert RU Shut Down, MapleStory 2 Launch, New World MMO, Blade&Soul Mobile

Black Desert RU Shut Down, MapleStory 2 Launch, New World MMO, Blade&Soul Mobile

Quite a bit of news has circulated its way around the internet this week and I plan on covering as much of it as I can in this video. So sit back, grab a slice of pizza from the fridge and let’s jump into this weeks’ Weekly Byte of MMORPG news.

MapleStory 2

Let’s start this off with some news that I’m sure Nexon is happy about: MapleStory 2, the highly anticipated sequel to one of Nexon’s most successful games, Maplestory, finally launched a couple days ago as a free to play MMORPG both on Steam and through the Nexon Launcher.
The game had originally launched its Headstart for Founder’s on October 1st but this marked the first time free players could join in.
According to Steam, the first day of its launch MapleStory reached a concurrent player number of 22,000, followed by 30,000 on its second and a monstrous 33,000 on its third.
While not groundbreaking numbers alone, a large majority of players play Nexon’s games through their official launcher, so showing 30,000 players through Steam alone is quite impressive.
While no concrete number is given for the cumulative concurrent player number for both Nexon’s Launcher and Steam, we can expect it’s at at least 50,000, if not more.
This marks well over a hundred thousand players actively playing – maybe even a few hundred thousand, something Nexon is no doubt gleefully reveling in.

Black Desert Online

GameNet has been the local publisher for Black Desert Online in Russia until recently – Pearl Abyss chose not to renew their license with GameNet, however both companies vowed to work alongside one another to transfer over all player data.
GameNet closed down the servers this week as planned however left an ominous note stating that “all responsibility for the future” was on Pearl Abyss.
Pearl Abyss went on to state that they were “making every possible effort to solve the problems” they were experiencing.. without elaborating on what those “problems” actually were.
Shortly after, Pearl Abyss sent out an email to players stating that they had “failed to acquire their game data from GameNet”.
This means that negotiations to acquire player data fell through and all data would be lost to the void.
Pearl Abyss have since blamed GameNet for the loss of data, with GameNet rebutting that with claims that they were ready to transfer all player data, and Pearl Abyss themselves were at fault.
According to GameNet, Pearl Abyss wasn’t going through the correct legal route to manage personal information in Russia, resulting in the failed transfer of data.
Pearl Abyss have stated that they won’t have their Russian servers up immediately as they lost access to GameNet’s localization, requiring they localize the game fully from scratch.
There is no ETA on when the Russian version of the game will be back up, Pearl Abyss merely providing a vague “we’ll work on it” for all Russian players.
Quality work as always, Pearl Abyss.

Bless Online

In lieu of Bless’ upcoming free to play scam-I mean, launch, Neowiz released a “Road to Bless Online” press release on Steam.
They went on to state that the reason they’re going free to play is for the community, not themselves. They want to make sure the game can provide an amazing experience for all players, but also that it can reach as many audiences as possible.
Neowiz stated that the “player response to Bless coming to Steam was initially very positive”, further claiming that “there was a mismatch of expectations between the development team and players”.
“Despite this, the team saw Early Access as a success, collecting important data and feedback from players” – and doing absolutely nothing with that data and feedback. That last part wasn’t a quote, just a general statement.
Finally, Neowiz noted that they are aware of what players want, but what players will get remains to be seen. “The Bless team isn’t ready to talk about all of the details”, they said in a finishing statement.
So.. mark your calendars. Bless is almost here.. again.

Legends of Aria

Citadel Studios are proud to announce that their flagship title, the upcoming “living, breathing” classic sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria is finally launching into Early Access through Steam on December 4th, 2018.
They went on to detail Founder’s Packs – which cost $29.99, $49.99 and $89.99 respectively.
All players that pre-order the game between now and December 3rd will have the opportunity to participate in a 7-day Head-Start while obtaining each Founder’s Pack bonus associated with the pack purchased, including the chance to lay claim to your very own plot of land and have the ability to build your home before any other player.
Legends of Aria is being touted as the “spiritual successor to classic MMORPGs”, having a “massive, player-run world in a modern and beautifully realized setting”.
Citadel Studios are promising a “return to a setting where giving the player choice and freedom is paramount” and having a game-world where “hand-holding and gear scores have no place”.

Blade and Soul: Revolution

Netmarble held its media conference for Blade and Soul: Revolution on October 11th, and had quite a bit of information to divulge regarding the upcoming free to play MMORPG. Blade and Soul: Revolution, powered by Unreal Engine 4 is based on the popular IP from NCSoft, “Blade and Soul“, released on PCs with a console port in the works, was revealed to have finally been given an official launch date for South Korea: December 6, with pre-registration beginning yesterday.
Blade and Soul: Revolution, following in the footsteps of NCSoft’s other mobile adaptation, Lineage 2: Revolution, will follow the original game’s story, including the conflict with Jinsoyun and the search for Twilight’s Edge while aiming to stay as true to the original PC game as possible.
Key features from the PC iteration of Blade and Soul are making its way into Revolution, including the glide and sprint mechanics which are said to be a requirement to explore the 5 massive zones that comprise Blade and Soul: Revolution. Additional features include large-scale real-time 500 vs 500 clan battles that make use of watchtowers and cannons to provide strategic elements to the game, and over 150 high-quality cinematic cutscenes that are completely voice-acted.
There are 4 total races announced to be making their way into the game, the Jin, Gon, Yun and Lyn.
There are 4 classes associated with each of those races, having the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master (JIN), Destroyer (GON), Blade Master and Kung Fu Master (YUN), Machinist/Force Master (LYN).
The Machinist for the Lyn is actually supposedly a new class but is reminiscent of the Force Master as it makes use of elemental spells.
This is actually a downgrade in terms of what is available on PC, as the PC version has access to Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Summoner, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger, Warden.
Although these classes are all that is available right now, this does not mean NCSoft has no plans of introducing those classes as the game continues to receive updates.
While there has been no confirmed English release for Blade and Soul: Revolution as of yet, Lineage 2: Revolution had a rather fast Western release so we can expect Blade and Soul: Revolution to hit Western shores sometime in the near future!


ArcheAge 5.0, which is still somehow alive, has a new major content expansion on its way. Trion have announced that the 5.0 update, titled “Relics of Hiram” will be arriving on October 24th.
Relics of Hiram will add the Malediction skill set, meaning players will gain the ability to play with a total of 45 new class combinations.
Trion are merging servers together prior to Relics of Hiram’s arrival to attempt to combat the lack of a semblance of a playerbase.

EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 is launching yet another expansion: Chaos Descending. The expansion is available right now for pre-order and will launch officially on November 13th.
Players that pre-order the expansion can begin playing the beta for it as soon as their payment clears.
There are three different versions of the expansion on sale – the Base game going for $34.99, the Collector’s Edition going for $89.99 and the Premium which goes for a whopping $139.99.
Chaos Descending brings with it expanded lore, a new mount equipment feature, and additional dungeons, zones, adventure quests, raids and more. While the game itself is free, expansions are required to be purchased to play.

New World

After what seems like an eternity of waiting for news on Amazon’s upcoming full-loot open-ended sandbox PvP MMO New World, a video was released on October 11 showcasing some beautiful Alpha footage of an area we’ve already seen enough of – Windsward, a region “composed mostly of grasslands and forests that are packed with harvestable resources”.
We can clearly see abandoned crates, farms, windmills, cottages, wagons and more along the side of the road, with lit torches and railings.
However that is pretty much all we see.

Happy Halloween!

Finally.. I’d like to take a quick moment to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!
Every MMO ranging from WoW to Final Fantasy XIV to Guild Wars 2 to Elder Scrolls Online are launching their very own Halloween events in-game, so make sure you log in to your favorite game to participate!

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