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Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet!

Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet!

I know that a lot of you guys have been highly anticipating Blue Protocol. I have been ever since I saw the announcement made earlier in July.
“A Bandai Namco made Anime MMORPG like Tales of Arise? Holy crap, that’s too good to be true. A AAA developer making an MMO in this day and age? Pinch me ’cause I think I might be dreaming.”
The game went into Alpha testing a few days ago and ever since, there’s been a surplus of information surfacing around the internet from people who got in and managed to play it.
This article is about something equally, if not even more important than the features – although I would like to preface this by stating that Blue Protocol seems to be a full-MMORPG with large groups of players on-screen and out and about at a given time, no instanced hub-based dungeon grinding.
This video pertains to the release of the game outside of Japan. See, it was recently revealed that Bandai Namco have no plans for releasing the game outside of Japan, so North America or Europe, as of right now.
Presently. In this very moment. Right now, they’re hard at work developing the game and getting it into a format that they can successfully release for a Japanese audience – as is the case with most Japanese games.
And that stands to reason. Why would a game, that is scheduled for a Japanese release ahead of every other country, even be concerned with a Western release in any capacity?
It’s doubtful that they would. Right now they should be focusing on getting the game ready for Beta testing followed by an actual launch before even beginning to think of ideas as grand as a worldwide release.
We’re a long ways off from receiving a fully functional, playable product in Japan, let alone the rest of the world. The game just released their very first Alpha.
Now don’t dismay – this isn’t all somber news. No.
They went on to further state that even though at this very moment they don’t have plans for a Western release, that doesn’t mean they won’t release the game in English in the future.
Their exact words were that “this is subject to change” – meaning that they are more than open to potentially releasing Blue Protocol internationally in the future. Is that a confirmation? A definitive announcement, a promise?
No, far from it. But people who are complaining, creating drama making accusations that the game won’t ever release on our shores are speculating – taking their quote or the announcement made by gaming companies far too literally.
Yes, proclaiming the game will be available in the West with absolute certainty pure is speculation as well.
I’m not claiming it will be, I’m merely stating that we should all be very open to the fact that Bandai Namco are aware of how excited we all are and that they’re making every effort to make certain that we know this.
But they have their priorities straight right now. They’re focusing on getting the game off the ground and getting it into a playable state.
They’re not concerned with anything other than that which is why they have yet to reveal a release date – they have no idea.
In my Project BBQ video I made a wild guess that the games will be available in their respective countries come 2020, with a possible release date in the West sometime in 2021 or beyond, and if Blue Protocol doesn’t release in Japan until next year then we’re looking at at the very earliest, a 2021 release.
Again, I could be completely wrong with this though as there’s nothing we can do but speculate.
They could have absolutely no intention of ever releasing the game outside of Japan, or they could already be in talks for an English release alongside or shortly after the official Japanese release.
So it is with that little revelation that I want to leave you all with a question: Do you think Bandai Namco are waiting, gauging Western interest in the game before making an announcement?
Do you think they already have plans for a potential Western release, or are you of the impression that we’ll never see the game launch outside of Japan?
Do note that Phantasy Star Online 2, which has been a Japanese exclusive for nigh on a decade has recently had a Western release confirmed, so that may have been the first of several steps in introducing their MMOs to a Western market.

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Is Blue Protocol the Next Big MMORPG?

Is Blue Protocol the Next Big MMORPG?

I know that’s a common question whenever we see new MMOs get announced. Could this be the next big thing, or will it fail like those before it?
Regardless, I covered Blue Protocol when it was first announced a couple weeks ago but since then a lot of information and even gameplay trailers have been released revealing additional features and a deeper look at the game.
But before we get into that, let me quickly inform those of you who are unaware of what Blue Protocol is what we’re looking at.


It’s a AAA funded Anime MMORPG created by none other than one of our favorite JRPG developers – Bandai Namco.
They’re the people behind Code Vein, the Tales of games including the upcoming Tales of Arise, God Eater 3, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, and they’re just the recent games.
So they’ve been in this industry for a while. With Blue Protocol, however, they’re kind of treading in new waters as they don’t traditionally do MMOs. But it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.
Blue Protocol is what a lot of us were thinking Genshin Impact would be – a vibrant, open full-fledged MMORPG as confirmed by Bandai Namco themselves.
The goal of the game? Recreate something right out of an Anime movie and redefine the MMORPG genre with a high quality AAA title, something we haven’t had in years.
As Bandai Namco is behind the game, if you weren’t aware, that means the game is coming out of Japan. Rarely do we get MMORPGs out of Japan anymore.
The last large one, the last highly anticipated one was way back with Final Fantasy XIV. And boy is it good.
Since then we’ve gotten Korean grinder after Korean grinder with new Korean grinders on the horizon for people to be excited for.
Currently, not too much is known about the game. It’s set in a scifi fantasy world – exactly how much scifi and how much fantasy remains to be seen as it’s difficult to determine from the trailer.
Regardless, the two are melded together to create what looks to be a familiar setting for fantasy-RPG fans.


Combat in Blue Protocol is action-based. From what we’ve seen, it’s complete action just like you’d find in KurtzPel or Soul Worker. And boy does it look flashy.
I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d wager a guess they shared some of the team behind Tales of Arise. It can’t be a coincidence that this looks as similar as it does, which isn’t a bad thing at all, mind you.
Quite the opposite, actually. If some of the team from the Tales studio is working on this as well then combat is something we definitely won’t have to worry about.
Despite their stories sometimes lacking, combat has always been handled exceptionally well in the Tales of games.


4 classes have been confirmed thus far:
The Aegis Fighter which seems to be a sword and shield wielding tank
The Blast Archer which really should be self explanatory, but if not, then.. it’s an Archer that shoots arrows with a bow
The Spell Caster which uses a staff and since the Aegis Fighter is likely a tank, the Spell Caster is likely the healer but might be a hybrid between DPS Mage and healer, who knows, and finally
The Twin Striker – a dual Axe wielding dude that may be able to wield dual swords and other weapons as well. Dunno yet.


Why yes, yes there most definitely is.
While I can’t say with certainty that there will be a large variety of outfits with which to customize your character with in-game, Bandai Namco did recently reveal a character creation trailer to whet our appetites.
In it we get to see the large variety of sliders and the amount of customization we have over the characters’ bodies.
You can choose from a sizeable selection of facial options and quite a few facial sliders, hairstyles, colors and more.
Then you can customize your body – pretty much every facet of your body, actually. You can be a tall, voluptuous, heavy-chested woman or even a more loli-esque girl if that’s your thing.
It’s not mine, but I know there are a lotta you out there into lolis so.
It’d be nice to get a confirmation from Bandai Namco on exactly how much in the way of customization will be in-game but with the Alpha Test coming up I’m sure we’ll get to see soon enough.


Oh wait, I should’ve mentioned that earlier I guess, right?
Yes, currently, Bandai Namco are sending out Alpha keys to 500 select players who will be allowed in-game for a Closed Alpha test.
Exactly how much of the game is complete right now is unknown, and how much of the game players will be able to experience is also unknown, but, the Alpha lasts from July 26th until July 28th.
While I’m not capable of getting in myself, I hope people capture enough of the game for us to get a clear look at exactly what it’s going to be.
If the game gets a confirmed localization in North America and Europe, you’ll be certain that I’ll have beta keys to give out to everyone that is subscribed and following my wife MrsStix and myself on Twitter.


Yeah, no Western release is confirmed yet as the game was literally just announced for a Japanese release. But it’s unlikely Bandai Namco will keep it as a Japanese exclusive.
They’d be cutting out a very large market if they opted to go that route.
As for when we’ll get a confirmation? Unlikely to be this year as we won’t even have a confirmed Japanese release this year but next year could very well be likely.


Man this game looks so good. It could be the MMORPG to bring the Anime genre back from the graveyard. Currently, outside of Burning Soul Worker and Eden Eternal Vendetta, we have absolutely no Anime MMOs worth playing.
We only have Peria Chronicles to look forward to sometime in the future. And with Genshin Impact a solo game, Blue Protocol is the only other Anime MMO on the horizon.
It looks amazing, feels amazing and I’m hoping it plays as amazingly as it does in the trailer because if so, you’re gonna find me lost in there for days at a time.

But that’s just my opinion – my first impression of the game. What do you guys think? Are you excited? Are you looking forward to eventually trying it out or do you even want to?

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