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MMORPG News: PSO2 New Class, A:IR Announcement, Peria Chronicles, ArcheAge Unchained & More!

MMORPG News: PSO2 New Class, A:IR Announcement, Peria Chronicles, ArcheAge Unchained & More!

It’s a brand new month and honestly, more stuff has been announced in the last couple weeks than pretty much any other week since I’ve been doing these videos.
So, let’s not take up too much time with the intro, yeah?
We got a lot of news this week: Peria Chronicles, ArcheAge: Unchained, Zenith, Astellia, Caravan Stories, A:IR, PSO2, BDO Mobile and more.
So lean back, relax, and let’s jump into September 2019’s first Weekly Byte of MMORPG News.

Peria Chronicles

I covered this last week but I figured it is worth including in an MMORPG News video as well purely due to the fact that so many people were highly anticipating the game and now.. well, now thanks to Nexon’s internal issues, it’s something that will never see the light of day.
Yes, Peria Chronicles, the Anime MMORPG we were all excited for is officially cancelled. But not only Peria Chronicles, several other currently unnamed games Nexon was developing along with various Nexon subsidiaries.
These include 2 North American companies as well – leaving hundreds of people without jobs.
So yes the cancellation of Peria Chronicles is definitely somber news, the worst news this month is that there are now hundreds of people unable to feed their families because Nexon couldn’t get their shit together.

A Tale in the Desert

I did a video on A Tale in the Desert earlier this week where I went on to discuss how unique of an MMO it was.
Surprisingly a lot of you hadn’t heard of it, let alone played it so I was right in assuming it was a good time to feature it.
Especially given that Tale 9, the most recent update for the game just went live last week, bringing with it a complete wipe of the entire game and all progress with it.
Leaving people to begin anew – something A Tale in the Desert does every 18 months to keep the game evolving, changing and never growing stagnant.
Honestly, it was one of the most unique experiences I’d had in a long while and recommend trying it out now while everything is highly active if you haven’t already.

ArcheAge: Unchained

Before I get into the ArcheAge Unchained news.. I want to inform you all that I’m holding a giveaway for the game.
If you don’t want to support the game in case it ends up failing again, being pay to win or.. worse, then make sure to participate to win a free copy of the game and test it out without wasting a cent!
Now, for everyone interested.. and I know there are quite a few of you that are, ArcheAge Unchained is officially launching on September 30th as a buy-to-play MMORPG.
Unchained is not a new game – it’s an alternate version of the current game without pay to win features. Or, at the very least that’s what we’ve been told.
While I’m not going to question the validity of what Gamigo are stating will or will not be in-game, I’m going to remain skeptical until proven true. Founder’s Packs went live last week in anticipation of this announcement.

Pagan Online

So I did a video on Pagan Online months ago discussing what I thought the game was going to be like after playing it for a little bit.
The last 2 weeks though I got to delve a lot further into the game than I thought I would’ve been able to as I was given access to a more updated version of the game than what the public had access to.
I got to play new characters, test out new features and.. well I had fun.
I know the game may not be of interest to some people but since it just launched last week I felt it was crucial I let you all know it’s fully playable and fully accessible now.


I spoke about Zenith last month – how they managed to raise the $25,000 funding to fully fund their game in a mere 4 hours.. but as of earlier this week, the game has crossed well over $200,000 in total funds raised.
Which is ridiculous.
Various stretch goals have been met thus far with more looking to easily be met over the continued length of the campaign and for those of you that are concerned it’ll be for VR only, Zenith is planned to release onto desktops as well.


It’s no surprise that Atlas has received mostly negative reviews since becoming available last year. It, just like its predecessor, ARK, is a buggy mess.
And the team behind the game – again, like with ARK, thought it was a good idea to release it in its current state. This has proved to be a.. less than stellar idea as the game has yet to really take off.
The new lead designer for the game whos name I shall not even attempt to pronounce has assured us that there are changes set in motion to change the games course before it’s too late.
They offered a new development roadmap that lists a large selection of changes that they have planned to make to appease the community that – to this day – are still somehow playing.

Astellia Online

Before I get into the official release date, like with ArcheAge I do want to let you all know that I’m holding a giveaway for Astellia – completely on my own, not sponsored in any capacity.
The team behind Astellia have confirmed that the game will be officially launching on September 27, 2019.
Anyone that has pre-ordered Astellia will be able to log in as early as September 20th as part of the headstart event. Do note that the game is buy-to-play, not free-to-play, so you are required to purchase the game to play it.
A single purchase – not a recurring fee.

Caravan Stories

Caravan Stories, after a regrettable delay have confirmed that they will now officially be releasing onto PS4 on September 10th.
The game will be completely free-to-play, offer full Japanese audio with English subtitles – something I’m sure a lot of you are going to be more than happy with.
I know you guys have been waiting for this one as Anime MMOs – especially on consoles are in very short supply.

Black Desert Mobile

You may hate mobile games but you can’t deny that Black Desert Mobile looks pretty damn good for a mobile title.
Now for those of you excitedly anticipating the game – and even those of you that are merely interested in trying the game out, you’ll be happy to know that global pre-registration has begun, allowing players to register in preparation for its launch.. which looks to be inching ever closer.
While no official set-in-stone date has been given currently, they are continuing to reiterate their statements made earlier this year that the game will be available on both iOS and Android devices simultaneously in 2019.

Bless Unleashed

I keep getting contacted by the team behind the upcoming Bless Unleashed to take a sponsored look at the game, and every time I’ve told them the same thing: That I had a bad experience with Bless Online and can’t in good faith take a sponsored opportunity from them because I haven’t tried the game out and it could end up.. messy.
In light of this, they have announced that there is a new open beta planned for November 7th that will be running through November 21st for those of you interested in trying out the game before.. well, their next beta test or the launch, whichever comes first.
Updates have been made since their first closed beta back in April – including performance improvements, combat overhaul and.. some small rebalancing to the early-game progression.

Riders of Icarus

I spoke in the past about how Nexon was losing publishing rights to Riders of Icarus because of issues they were having – issues that have affected Peria Chronicles’ release and issues that have left hundreds of people jobless.
Now, after transferring the game over to Valofe Global – with absolutely no data loss by the way, the new publisher is promising to keep the game more actively updated and remain more actively engaged in the community itself.
Bold promises to make, but I hope for the sake of Riders of Icarus players that they hold true.

Population Zero

I haven’t heard much in the way of Population Zero in a little while so when it was announced that they would be opening up Founder’s Packs on their website, in anticipation of their upcoming Closed Beta this month.. I was a little skeptical.
Regardless, with an expected Closed Beta release date of September 18th, it looks like more of us will have the opportunity to fully test out what the game has to offer us as players.
Population Zero has been in Alpha testing since early this year in March.
The game is officially slated for launch in 2020 sometime as a completely free-to-play title, so if opting into the Closed Beta this month isn’t enough to get you to purchase a Founder’s Pack – not a big deal, you’ll be able to play it sometime next year either way.

Ascent: Infinite Realm

After an informational-drought over the last couple months, the team behind Ascent: Infinite Realm have finally offered up a little in the way of information.. however it isn’t pertaining to a Western launch.
Instead, they’ve shown off some of the cute little pets you’ll be able to obtain in-game along with some new locations. But that’s pretty much it.
They’re still remaining silent on when the game will launch over here – not a peep outta them in a long while.

Mad World

Netmarble, South Korea’s largest mobile-gaming company – responsible for games like Lineage 2: Revolution have announced that they have acquired worldwide publishing rights for the upcoming Mad World MMORPG.
I can’t really speak to how pay-to-win the game will be as I’ve never, honestly, played a Netmarble game but it’s promising information to learn that the game now has a confirmed worldwide release scheduled.
Exactly when is still unconfirmed though information will be made available eventually. I mean, hey! At least we have confirmation we’re getting it!

Phantasy Star Online 2

So if you weren’t aware that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to North America next year.. then here you go, this is now news you’re aware of! But that’s not it!
The Japanese developers announced that a brand new class was coming in October called the “Etoile” – my French is terrible so I’m not gonna elaborate on pronunciation any further than that.
Kinda reminds me of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga. There isn’t much in the way of information release on it right now but it does utilize beam-sabers, so… yeah.
Considering it was revealed that the North American version of the game would be up-to-date with the Japanese version.. it looks promising that we’ll have access to the new class when it’s inevitably released here next year.

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KurtzPel – Testing Out The New Kardia Island Shore Battle Royale

Testing out the new Kardia Island Shore Battle Royale in KurtzPel

So it’s been a little while since I played KurtzPel.
There have been quite a few updates made since last I checked in on it – a brand new game mode, the Kardia Island Shore specifically.
When I got reached out to to do a sponsored look at the content, I figured this would be a great opportunity to do one – test out new content considering I’ve been meaning to do a follow-up look.
So, I jumped right in, excited to see how the new PvP mode functioned. But, as I mentioned, it’s definitely been a while and I was a little rusty.
Naturally, the first thing I did was stare at my character for a moment as I’d forgotten I left her.. in the state she was in.
Then while queuing up for a 2v2 match – ’cause let’s be real here, I don’t know what I’m doing at this point and need a little practice before jumping into the new game mode, someone recognized me.
I told them I’d include them in the video, so.. hey Melovil!
Admittedly, choosing to first participate in a warm-up match was definitely a good idea. Because.. well, there’s a joke to be made here about how much I suck but this is a PG-13 video and I’m above that.
Although after a couple minutes my long-lost skill had returned and – yes, we still lost the match, but by the time it was over, I like to believe that I’d carried us to almost-victory.
Now, completely warmed up, I queued for Kardia Island, ready to do battle and assert my dominance over all the other Chasers participating.
The queue took a little but I was queuing on a weekday after noon, so.. yeah that was probably my fault.
But I did meet a few people in-game that knew who I was and were more than happy offering their assistance in getting me footage by queuing simultaneously.
They ended up circling me in preparation for what can only be described as some unusual sacrificial ritual but that was okay.. I could’ve taken all of them.
Then the queue finally popped and.. I was thrown into the Kardia Island Shore.
Thankfully, one of the first people I saw was Wolphite, one of the people that queued up to assist me in obtaining footage.
Throughout this encounter, he would remain a steadfast ally right to the very end..
Honestly, I felt a little as though I was in the Hunger Games, trying to avoid enemy players because this was my first time in here.
I did find one guy that wanted some of this though – Tiffles. He thought he could take me 1v1, and.. he was right. That probably would’ve ended my journey right then and there had I not been saved.
In the end he ended up running off and I was left once again to scour the battlefield for enemies..
Then I made it to what I believe was the center of the map, since there was a giant beam of light emanating into the heavens, attracting all manner of players.
This is actually where the bulk of the battles seemed to take place – and me being the little mastermind I am.. decided to wait until the opportune moment to strike and claim my kills.
In all seriousness, though, I had a lotta fun on Kardia Island.
The isle itself functions like a Battle Royale map, with the island slowly shrinking in size and you needing to eliminate your opponents while attempting to avoid the force field of death that is closing in on you.
There are rewards to be had the longer you survive – I managed to survive until the bitter end where ‘ol Wolph decided to sacrifice himself for me since he knew it was for the greater good.
One thing I found interesting was that whenever I landed a killing blow on an enemy I recovered HP. At first I had no idea what healed me – but after the second killing blow things.. clicked. C’mon, I’m not that oblivious.
I haven’t really done many Battle Royale’s. I never got into PubG, Fortnite or Apex Legends, but I did enjoy the Black Desert Battle Royale and this was a lotta fun.
Especially since you could see enemy names. This meant you could single out friends or even work together with them to try and secure a chance at victory.
I forgot how fun this game was and how entertaining it could be. And the community was a lot of fun planning this with.
KOG are planning on expanding the game mode over time but right now it’s a lighthearted way of murdering friends and making new enemies.
I’d recommend trying it out if you haven’t already or if you haven’t tried KurtzPel yet then at least giving the game a go – especially this game mode. It’s an absolute blast.
Unless you get ganked.. in which case.. yeah.
Again, if you want to try the game out or test out the game mode then go ahead and click the link in the description or pinned comment! Maybe I’ll see you there at one point.

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World of Kings is a new World of Warcraft Inspired Mobile MMORPG

A week doesn’t go by where I don’t receive requests to cover World of Kings – I’ve honestly been meaning to get to it but I just haven’t had the time as I’ve been backlogged with games to record.
So when the team behind the game reached out to sponsor a look at it I figured to myself why not? It’d be the perfect opportunity to actually get it done, finally.
The game just launched their new 2.0 update so this is essentially killing two Orcs with one arrow.


A self-proclaimed “MMORPG masterpiece with fantastic graphics” – and let me be the first to tell you – its graphics rival many PC MMOs currently active.
World of Kings has a massive seamless open world for you to explore without loading screens, tons of dungeons for you to participate in, raids for you to conquer, and PvP for you to.. well, dominate.
The story follows the hero, which in this case was yours truly, on a journey to save the world of Tanglamia from a.. dragon. ’cause we all know how big and bad dragons can be, not to mention how much they just love eating people.
The MMO is also voice acted, adding a little bit of personality to the game that would otherwise leave it void of such.


There are 5 races and 27 different class combinations in total.
We have the recently released Nightborne – which I opted to play as because.. well, naturally. The High Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and finally.. the generic Human. Which I almost ended up being.
But I didn’t, ’cause I wanted to look good for a change.
I won’t go over exactly what classes are available because at almost 30.. yeah, no thanks. However! I will state that the holy trinity of Tank:Healer:DPS is utilized.
We have various types of melee classes, mage classes and healers, so. Yeah, let’s leave that there.
Combat itself though – at least from the perspective of a mage was tab-target. I was required to lock – or, tap a target in this case and my skills would automatically project themselves at the enemy I had selected.
Which makes sense, as I have yet to see an MMO on mobile perfect action combat. Normal mobile games sure, but not a mobile MMORPG yet.
I had tons of skills to choose between, level up and upgrade – with a handy little tooltip letting me know what the majority of players level in case I have no idea what I’m doing – which honestly.. I don’t.


Since this is an MMO there is always going to be character creation! The creation tools in World of Kings offered a few different faces and facial options – although I really only checked the Nightborne, ’cause.. I was lazy.
But it allowed me to change the most important part of them, and that was their horns. I couldn’t imagine being stuck with one basic kind of horn.. even if I went with the default type.
I’m guessing the customication options are comparable regardless of which race you go – as in, each having a select amount of customizable options.
Graphically though, World of Kings is by far the best looking mobile MMO I’ve seen – to date. And that’s saying something as I’ve played through some pretty damn good ones over my time.
I’ve played so many South Korean MMOs that I’d forgotten that China was capable of producing some damn good looking titles.
I mean, seriously. If you haven’t already, just take a few moments to marvel at how good this game really looks. It could rival popular PC MMOs that are still currently active and played – in 2019!
Which is incredible. I didn’t think it’d look this good going in, but.. here I am.


PvP plays a large part in World of Kings.
There are a large variety of game modes you can participate in, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and 15v15.
I participated in 5v5 and 15v15 content and honestly, it was a blast.
Unfortunately I only recorded the 15v15 content as I wasn’t aware the 5v5 queue had popped and wasn’t recording at the time but 15v15 content is where I think the game really shines.
I love group content: I love having to work together with other people to accomplish a common goal.
Yes, going off solo and trying to do things on your own is all well and good but in the grand scheme of things, working towards a win with 14 other people makes you feel like part of a community.
Especially when everyone has their mics turned on and you have people of all ages and nationalities screaming.
Admittedly I’m still quite new at the character and didn’t have too much idea of what I was doing.. so I kinda fumbled around and tried to help out where I could, but I feel like I did alright.
I mean I only died like.. once? That was significantly less than some other people.


World of Kings is a very interesting MMORPG.
I’ve been so sick of playing South Korean copy-paste MMOs over the last few months that this was a refreshing change of pace.
It felt like a real MMO. A real, connected MMO with thought actually put into the game. This made the game feel more alive and feel much more like a PC game as opposed to what I’m used to.
Which was a very refreshing change of pace. If more Mobile MMOs were like World of Kings I don’t think people would be as eager to dismiss them as they are.

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Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a Blend of the MMORPG and Battle Royale Genres

I’m an avid MMORPG fan as I’m sure most of you watching are. I mean you’re watching me, and I do mostly MMO videos, so.. yeah. Glad we got that outta the way.
I’ve never really been into the whole “Battle Royale” craze. I played a little PubG back in the day, tried Fortnite but never really got into it and by that point, I was already exhausted so I skipped Apex Legends.
Then MMOs like Black Desert and Ashes of Creation announced their intention of making Battle Royale modes, and.. well that seems to be the craze these days.
Although Battle Royale’s aren’t a bad genre nor are most of them bad games – I will admit that I was taken a little aback when I heard about Hunters Arena: Legends – a melding of both the MMORPG and Battle Royale genres.
They approached me and offered to sponsor a video of the game, offering me tons of information and footage not available to the public with which I could make my community more aware.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends, which I’m gonna go ahead and just call Hunter’s Arena henceforth is a brand new Battle Royale being developed by the South Korean company Mantisco.
The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and looks astonishingly stunning. I’ve watched several trailers and looked over a lot of the footage and I’m genuinely impressed with how good this game looks.
Traditionally, Battle Royale’s are about surviving while eliminating the other players participating in the match. In Hunter’s Arena, the game has a lot of aspects included such as a leveling system, trading system, and PvE content.
See, not only do you fight other players for supremacy, but there are thousands of monsters spawned around the map that you can fight, level off of and there are boss monsters to kill that give pretty sick rewards.
The team mentioned that while bosses could definitely be soloed if you were a high enough level, it would be significantly easier for a team of 3 – which I probably should’ve mentioned this game uses.
Just like Apex Legends, Hunter’s Arena features teams of up to 3 people. Meaning teamwork is crucial to come out on top. This is why the term “RPG Royale” was coined for this specific genre of game.


Interestingly, Hunter’s Arena is a fantasy themed melee-oriented game. From what I was told, there are no guns here – players instead have access to a variety of close-range weapons and magic spells.
As an example, one of the characters, Tara specifically, is a Mage that utilizes Water, Fire and Ice elemental magics. Speaking of, there are 3 other characters total with over 20 more characters currently in development.
Taigi is a sexy scythe wielding goddess of death, Mir is a hulking AoEing giant, and Aiden is a tank. Or as tanky as I guess you could be in this kind of situation.
There are special items available in-game that provide additional effects like smoke bombs or flash bombs that you can use to mess with enemy vision, making it easier for your team to get the jump on them.
There are several game modes you can play through:
Survival Mode, labeled “Trio Mode” is the classic Battle Royale mode that most people are familiar with. It has 3-man teams fighting against one another in a large 60-player battle to see who emerges victorious.
That’s the only game mode I knew existed for the Battle Royale mode, honestly. I had no idea there were more – so this was definitely news to me.
“Solo Mode” is the other mode that is present in-game that I currently don’t have much information on.
They mentioned they have no intention of introducing a “Duo Mode” into the game so from that statement, I believe it may be possible to solo-queue for Solo Mode.
The map is 2 square kilometers in size meaning that there’s a lot of room for exploration. Mantisco have stated that there will be quite varied environmental landscapes to experience: Lava fields, snowy areas, forests and deserts.
Since the field is so large, naturally there would need to be a mode of transportation outside of running on foot, and that is where horses and gliders come into play.
Imagine descending onto an enemy from above by glider and reigning fire onto them as little Tara. Man, that’d be insane.
The game also makes use of a day and night cycle, meaning that over the course of your game the day will turn to night and vice versa.
Now, anyone that plays PvP games knows that being able to see your enemy is the key to victory, meaning that hiding during the night and launching surprise attacks is likely to be prevalent.
Which, honestly, is part of the fun of PvP to me – pouncing on your enemies before they’re even aware you’re there.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends looks like a pretty sick Battle Royale – or, RPG Royale, rather.
It blends both the leveling system, exploration, team work and PvE modes of an MMORPG and the PvP and survival aspects of the Battle Royale genre to make for.. well, this.
A beautiful RPG Royale with a dedicated team of developers attempting to make a PC game that can appeal to fans of both genres.
I’ve always believed that South Korea makes some of the best looking MMOs but the Battle Royale genre is a growing market for them – they’re still trying to find their footing. And I think Hunter’s Arena might help with that.
I plan on playing the game at launch purely to cover it ’cause honestly.. the idea behind the game is a pretty damn cool one.
Being able to level, upgrade your skills and work together to slay monsters, bosses, and world bosses while attempting to survive and eliminate enemy players.. is bound to be thrilling.
I’ve always been a fan of PvP and this looks right up my alley. It might actually get me into the Battle Royale genre, who knows.
Regardless, I’m excited and I look forward to not only learning more, but also seeing more about the game over the course of the year.
In a recent interview, the team mentioned that they were over 80% through completion of the game. So with that in mind, we should be seeing the game in some form very soon!

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ArcheAge: Unchained Giveaway – Claim a Free Copy of the Game!

Win a Free Copy of ArcheAge: Unchained

Gamigo recently announced that they were going to be releasing a buy-to-play version of ArcheAge, which I covered in my video below. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be pay to win (at least in the short-term,) but for those of you that remain skeptical, as you should, honestly, here is a giveaway – I’ll be providing a few copies of the game COMPLETELY FREE to winners that participate below.

ArcheAge: Unchained

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Torchlight Frontiers Alpha Impressions

Torchlight Frontiers Alpha Impressions

Hey guys, this is Mrs Stix logging in to Torchlight Frontiers, a game currently in alpha testing and an up and coming online ARPG. This is the third installment in the Torchlight series but comes with a new twist, it’s in MMO format so now you can play with friends and stumble across others in the world. The developers behind the game, which spawn from games like Diablo and Fate to name just a couple, are called Echtra Games have been taking slow and steady steps towards this game. Torchlight started out as a single player, then in Torchlight II they introduced partying with up to six different people, and now the game they’ve all been heading for has been put out there and is filled with story, fun, and friends. You’ll be able to play this game on PC, Xbox One, and PS4!
As you can tell the art style for this game is pretty awesome looking. It’s a top-down isometric style and reminds me quite a lot of Diablo III mixed in with Dauntless’ cartoon style. The world itself is set in the same universe as the other Torchlight series. You’ll be able to pick between three different classes that you can custom build as you go along. Another class is being teased currently, but we’ll have to wait and see! The first is the Dusk Mage, basically the light and dark forces combined into a pew pew magical medley of melee and ranged. This class can go both male and female with a range of skin colors. Nextly is the Forged, a robot with only one gender, robot. There’s currently no customization for this class but it does seem to be more melee based with the ability to shoot fire out of its chest. But if being a robot doesn’t appeal to you but the aspect of mechanical pieces does then Railmaster is the class for you. I almost think of this class as a tank as it has a literal train following it that can provide protection in the form of a shield for the party while the player swings its giant melee weapon at its opponents. It can be both male and female with the same choices of skin colors as Dusk Mage. Hopefully more customizations are on the way as this is only Alpha.
Something that isn’t new to Torchlight are pets. After creating your character you’ll be faced with choosing between three different pets. You can choose between an owl, rat, cat, or toad….no wait, that’s Hogwarts…erm. Ok, so you have a dog, owl, and a llama to pick from. I really debated on going with the llama but the dog just looked so much like Doug from Up, I just had to do it. The base pets all have the same skill which is damage boost, but as you go along you can farm different types of pets from boss drops to unlock more skills for your pets to have. You can also get gear for your pets to ensure they stay with you longer, and when you use a healing potion, they get healed too, and thank goodness, Doug almost died a few times. But if you’re really low on healing potions or your pet is just really annoying, you can send it home for a period of time to heal up. I may have died a few times, but I never let Doug down.
The weapons system is also very impressive. I went Dusk Mage and found myself faced with many weapon types from drops. I could have a staff and beat someone to death close range, a mace, a high-fiving hand of death, or a sword and shield, or heck even just a two handed sword. Each new weapon would affect your base attack. There were just so many options that affected the way I could play my character that I found myself curious on what the next weapon would be just so I could see the skills at work. You can also unlock Relic weapons, something that will level up just like your character does, unlocking its own special selection of skills that you can use in the heat of battle. The skills themselves that you unlock and level up are also diverse as you only have six skill slots, so it’s best to choose your build wisely. I on the other hand just did what looked cool. Don’t judge me!
The world itself is pretty neat to just wander around in. You’ll have a quest hub, or main city to return to, but as you venture out you’ll find the different areas are fun to explore as you slash your way through varying monsters. You’ll also find yourself facing different enemies between the day and night cycles, something refreshingly classic from older games. But as you go along you’ll stumble across other players and also materials to collect. These materials can be taken back to your own personal fort that you can build up and craft in, something I’ve only dabbled in a little to make my relic weapon. And of course, erect a statue in my honor, because I’m awesome and my fort needs to know it. A new feature they just added as well is something I find very interesting in this game and that is the difficulty setting. You can pick between a scale of casual to ridiculous, the choice is yours, or well, your parties too. You need to be careful when partying as the instances you enter into will be set to the lowest set person in your party. In the public world though you’ll be facing monsters of your own set difficulty, regardless of party. And I’d like to stop here and give a big thanks to SledgeAxe and Memnoc, who were hapless wanderers who agreed to help me in a dungeon I was struggling with, because I’m special.
So overall, I’d like to say if you’re into this style of game and you like to hack and slash, this is a great game to play. Personally, I’m already trying to get Stix into the Alpha with me so we can play together. Plus, it’ll be free to play, and let’s be honest here, it’s worth a try! I look forward to seeing you in-game!

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Anime Mobile Games

Tales of Erin is a Cute Mobile JRPG

Well this one has an interesting name. “Tales of Erin?” Alright. That’s what I thought when it was recommended in the comments of my last 2 videos, at least.
“Is it a tale about a dude named Erin?” – “Maybe someone named Erin needs saving or something?” And thus began my journey into the game..


Surprisingly, Erin is the name of the world we occupy. The races that comprise the world all live on Erin – a world that was blessed and follows the guidance of the Gods.. well, at least until they up and abandon us like dicks.
The game though is a Japanese mobile RPG – that has a focus on action, drama and tactics.
The game offers, in their words: “Stunning and intense battle graphics,” allowing for players to experience the “next evolution of mobile graphics, battles and storytelling.”
And don’t get me wrong, the game looks great but that’s a little bit of a stretch of the imagination.
The game is fully voice acted, which all mobile JRPGs seem to be and the voice acting, although completely in Japanese is very well done.
Translations were very iffy though as there were times they made little sense – which is a bi-product of not having a large publisher localizing the game for you.


You don’t have any physical control over your character, rather, you form a party of up to 4 characters and do battle on a screen where the characters auto-attack the monsters while you wait to initialize one of their abilities.
Which seems to be the case for a lot of mobile JRPGs from what I’ve gathered.
There are over 80 different heroes you can collect, but over the course of my playthrough earlier I realized that other than the initial few characters obtained through the story.. I had yet to actually obtain anyone further.
Then I did a little research and learned that a lot of characters are difficult to unlock and require some pretty intense grinding sessions – something I’m not up for because my time is limited running two separate Youtube channels.
The special effects and even the character models in-game are all beautiful though. I wish I had some control over my character but seeing the skills each of my harem perform was pretty sick.
The game boasts “strategic combat” as a key focus since it utilizes an elemental gameplay mechanic and I’m sure it’ll have a much greater purpose somewhere down the line but the first couple hours don’t really matter, considering you just wreck everything by spamming your skills.


As I’ve stated in the past, Tales of Erin is a story-focused JRPG. You take on the role of an actual established character that has their own unique personality, voice actor and appearance.
This means that there is no ability to customize your characters appearance nor have I found there to be any form of customization to alter the general appearance of him.
There might be for other characters – so if that is the case a small correction from someone that has played more of the game in the comments would be greatly appreciated.
But from what I saw that was not the case.
Graphically though, this is about what you’d expect out of Japan. Stunning environments, gorgeous animations and cutscenes, and.. the women in this game, jesus.
I can see why this game is as popular as it is.


Tales of Erin was a pretty interesting game.
It wasn’t as fun as some of the JRPGs I’d played in the past but that’s because the game was all about moving from one instance to the next.
I’m a fan of exploration, and thus I appreciate being given the ability to explore the environments I’m forced to be in.
I’m also not really that large a fan of having my characters auto-attack either but I used to be a fan of turn-based JRPGs so this really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.
I guess since we only have access to a couple skills total as opposed to a large selection of skills is my issue.
The game is beautiful though – truly beautiful and the voice acting is top tier, so if you aren’t gripped by story.. this might not be something you’ll be into.
Now translations on the other hand.. whew, they can be questionable. But they weren’t too bad for the most part!
At the end of the day, I could see myself playing this on the side for short intervals but it isn’t something I’d play long-term.

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