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Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet!

Blue Protocol Has No Confirmed Western Release.. Yet!

I know that a lot of you guys have been highly anticipating Blue Protocol. I have been ever since I saw the announcement made earlier in July.
“A Bandai Namco made Anime MMORPG like Tales of Arise? Holy crap, that’s too good to be true. A AAA developer making an MMO in this day and age? Pinch me ’cause I think I might be dreaming.”
The game went into Alpha testing a few days ago and ever since, there’s been a surplus of information surfacing around the internet from people who got in and managed to play it.
This article is about something equally, if not even more important than the features – although I would like to preface this by stating that Blue Protocol seems to be a full-MMORPG with large groups of players on-screen and out and about at a given time, no instanced hub-based dungeon grinding.
This video pertains to the release of the game outside of Japan. See, it was recently revealed that Bandai Namco have no plans for releasing the game outside of Japan, so North America or Europe, as of right now.
Presently. In this very moment. Right now, they’re hard at work developing the game and getting it into a format that they can successfully release for a Japanese audience – as is the case with most Japanese games.
And that stands to reason. Why would a game, that is scheduled for a Japanese release ahead of every other country, even be concerned with a Western release in any capacity?
It’s doubtful that they would. Right now they should be focusing on getting the game ready for Beta testing followed by an actual launch before even beginning to think of ideas as grand as a worldwide release.
We’re a long ways off from receiving a fully functional, playable product in Japan, let alone the rest of the world. The game just released their very first Alpha.
Now don’t dismay – this isn’t all somber news. No.
They went on to further state that even though at this very moment they don’t have plans for a Western release, that doesn’t mean they won’t release the game in English in the future.
Their exact words were that “this is subject to change” – meaning that they are more than open to potentially releasing Blue Protocol internationally in the future. Is that a confirmation? A definitive announcement, a promise?
No, far from it. But people who are complaining, creating drama making accusations that the game won’t ever release on our shores are speculating – taking their quote or the announcement made by gaming companies far too literally.
Yes, proclaiming the game will be available in the West with absolute certainty pure is speculation as well.
I’m not claiming it will be, I’m merely stating that we should all be very open to the fact that Bandai Namco are aware of how excited we all are and that they’re making every effort to make certain that we know this.
But they have their priorities straight right now. They’re focusing on getting the game off the ground and getting it into a playable state.
They’re not concerned with anything other than that which is why they have yet to reveal a release date – they have no idea.
In my Project BBQ video I made a wild guess that the games will be available in their respective countries come 2020, with a possible release date in the West sometime in 2021 or beyond, and if Blue Protocol doesn’t release in Japan until next year then we’re looking at at the very earliest, a 2021 release.
Again, I could be completely wrong with this though as there’s nothing we can do but speculate.
They could have absolutely no intention of ever releasing the game outside of Japan, or they could already be in talks for an English release alongside or shortly after the official Japanese release.
So it is with that little revelation that I want to leave you all with a question: Do you think Bandai Namco are waiting, gauging Western interest in the game before making an announcement?
Do you think they already have plans for a potential Western release, or are you of the impression that we’ll never see the game launch outside of Japan?
Do note that Phantasy Star Online 2, which has been a Japanese exclusive for nigh on a decade has recently had a Western release confirmed, so that may have been the first of several steps in introducing their MMOs to a Western market.

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Project BBQ Looks So Good!

Project BBQ Looks So Good!

2020 is shaping up to be a pretty decent looking year for Anime MMOs. We have Blue Protocol coming out of Japan and Project BBQ coming out of Korea.
Granted it could be 2021 or 2022 before we get either of them over here in the West but man.
I know, I know. I probably should’ve done a video on this sooner but I’ve been a busy Byte. I guess it’s better late than never, though, right?
So I’ve known about Project BBQ for months. I first saw the trailer when the game was announced way back in December 2018. I was excited and included a mention of it in a news video but never took the time to do a dedicated video.


Project BBQ is a fully 3D rendered Anime MMORPG. Not an MMO, but an MMORPG by Neople, the team behind the popular Dungeon Fighter Online MMO.
See how Dungeon Fighter Online is referred to as an MMO and Project BBQ as an MMORPG?
That’s because Neople announced that although Project BBQ will share a connected world with Dungeon Fighter Online, instead of being a hub-based MMO like its predecessor where you occupy a town, take quests, then run instanced dungeons, Project BBQ will occupy a “seamless world” with large, open-field maps and instanced dungeons.
Pretty much like your standard MMO.
Project BBQ will be a PC exclusive MMO developed using Unreal Engine 4 and as stated earlier, shares a connection with Dungeon Fighter Online. Not just the world, though.
Not only are areas and locales shared between games, but there are other elements such as the lore, various characters and also classes. So who knows exactly what or whom you’ll find while adventuring.


If you’ve ever played Dungeon Fighter Online, then you’ll know just how crazy the combat can get. You have so many different classes, all with their very own intricate playstyles, strengths and weaknesses.
While no definitive confirmation has been given as to how well they went about replicating that in Project BBQ, it’s safe to say that after seeing the combat – if that’s truly how well it plays out, then it could go down as having the best combat in a PC MMO.
Yes, people will likely argue that Blade & Soul or Black Desert will still have better combat, and that might be the case.
They might have better class-development, or better combos, or people might prefer the realistic 3D style as opposed to the Anime style Project BBQ has.
Regardless, disregarding non Anime inspired MMOs Blue Protocol is probably the only Anime MMO to compete with. Yes, the market is really that stale right now. Maybe Peria Chronicles whenever that releases, too.


Exactly how many classes will be present when the game officially launches is unknown but it was revealed that there are currently around 7 to 8 planned.
Whether that’s 7 to 8 actual classes, or 7 to 8 characters remains to be seen as Dungeon Fighter Online has 16 unique characters, with over 60 advancement classes total.
Worth noting however is that if Project BBQ opts to go the “character-route” as opposed to “class-route,” then that means the classes will be gender-locked.
As it stands in Dungeon Fighter, we have classes like Thief and Demonic Lancer that are locked to males only, and classes like the Knight that are locked to female.
Granted, a vast selection like Slayer, Fighter, Gunner, Mage and Priest are all accessible regardless of gender but this is something I believe is worth making note of as I know a lot of you guys hate gender-locking classes.


When Neople were asked how Project BBQ compares to other South Korean MMOs like Kritika or Vindictus, they went on to claim that instead of “pursuing their own unique style” they opted to focus on “making a great game.”
This is music to my ears. If you weren’t aware, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs out right now.
Instead of creating a brand new style of MMO, instead, they went with the tried-and-true traditional format that World of Warcraft was already successfully using, and have found great success with it.
Why? Because they focused on making a good game in an already established style instead of making a new game with a completely unique style.
Developers these days are so obsessed, so blinded by trying to do something “original,” something “truly innovative,” something that will “change the genre as we know it.”
But all they’re doing is setting an unattainable goal and expecting us to wait while they fail to achieve it.
While Project BBQ may not be the “next big MMORPG,” surely, I’m glad that at least they have the right mindset going in: A good game doesn’t necessarily have to be original.
But then again, since Neople is a subsidiary of Nexon, they might end up royally screwing the game up all together since Nexon ruins all the games they publish with IP blocks and pay to win.
Regardless, I’m excited that we’re getting another Anime inspired MMORPG with large open areas and instanced dungeons. Not a hub-based MMO, but an actual, full-fledged MMORPG.
However it turns out, I’m glad I’ll at the very least get to spend some time having fun in some sweet as hell looking combat set in a gorgeous world.

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10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In August, 2019.

10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In August, 2019.

It’s almost August, so you know what that means. Today, I’ll be introducing you to 10 free to play MMORPGs I think you should try out in August 2019.
These are MMORPGs you may have tried out in the past at one point or another, they may have been MMOs you overlooked because you were already actively playing something or.. maybe you’ve never heard of some of them.
Then again, I have no doubt you’ve heard of at least a couple of these.
But this list is a continuation of the “free to play MMO” series I’ve been doing each month this year where I introduce you to 10 free to play MMOs not included in any list that year.
So allow me to clarify: These are in no way “THE BEST MMORPG IN 2019.” Merely MMORPGs I believe you should try out. If you don’t like any of them, no problem. Maybe you’ll like next month’s more!
Now let’s get into this.


People always ask me “Why didn’t you include Guild Wars 2, TERA, Blade & Soul or insert any big MMO here” and my reasoning is always simple: There are only a few large MMOs.
There are even less that’re free to play. So I want to space these out as far as I can so I can include them a few months apart each time.
Guild Wars 2, although you technically need to purchase the expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire is by far the most recognizeable free to play MMO on the market today.
It is also by far the most popular and most successful. The reasoning for that could be because it has the look and feel of a AAA game or because honestly.. it is a AAA game.
Combat – even though it was released years ago is still one of the best systems years after its release. It’s still one of the best looking games – with beautiful landscapes and vistas.
It’s highly customizeable and not pay to win in any form. Content releases are a little slow and ArenaNet has recently downsized their team but the game is truly an MMO every fan should play once.


Vindictus, Vindictus, Vindictus. I have a love hate relationship with this game.
The game is so much fun but the population is always so.. I dunno. I feel like if we can get more people playing, Vindictus could be the best hub-based action MMO on the internet.
Even though it was released what, back in 2010? Its combat is still better than most MMOs that utilize action combat. Just look at any gameplay video for the game and you’ll see this first-hand.
It also has some of the best character models and character creation in an MMO – almost a decade after its release. It’s honestly a little crazy that so few MMOs have managed to improve on that.
Graphically, not including the characters, the game shows a little of its age but I feel like most hub-based MMOs have less of a focus on the environment, which is fine.
When I play Vindictus I don’t play it to look at the repetitive backgrounds, I play it to kill things.. in style. Picking up broken pillars, the corpses of my enemies, and just.. murdering everything.
If you’re not a fan of Soul Worker, then Vindictus is your next best thing until PSO2 releases next year.


ArcheRage, not to be confused with ArcheAge. ArcheRage is a private server alternative to the official ArcheAge that has a much less toxic community, more frequent updates and is significantly less pay to win.
Honestly I’d recommend ArcheRage over ArcheAge to anyone and everyone interested in trying the game out. Wiggy’s gonna have a lvl1-max level video for it next month so keep an eye out for that.
ArcheRage though is a completely open-world MMORPG – one that could have been the greatest free to play MMO ever released if it weren’t for Trion’s greed.
It has some of the best tab-target combat, fantastic character creation and a highly customizeable class system allowing you to come up with your very own class-combinations.
Yes, there are cookie-cutter builds like in all MMOs that allow for customization like this but it still allows for experimentation.
If you haven’t played this then you’re missing out. Being able to sail the seas and play as a pirate is one of the greatest things ever.


Okay so maybe I’m not the most qualified person to be talking about Neverwinter because I’ve only ever dedicated a grand total of.. 12? Maybe 15 hours to.
But I was a huge fan of Neverwinter Nights and I’ve noticed a connection between the two games that really intrigued me. Not much of one but enough of one to make me Google around.
Neverwinter is kind of a mixture between a hub-based MMO and an open-world MMO in so that there are certainly quest hubs you remain in to take and complete quests, but you possess the ability to go out and meet other players.
You’re not confined to small, instanced off “dungeons” with repeating content. Sure, they’re available to partake of but not the sole focus of the game.
For a game released almost 7 years ago the combat holds up well and the graphics are definitely pretty good. Nothing compared to the first 3 games, obviously, but still damn good for the kind of game this is.
Combat is also action-based for those of you that don’t want a tab-target MMO.


Echo of Soul is a fairly traditional old-school MMORPG. Each MMO I’ve listed thus far is unique in some form – combat, class-customization, world.
Not Echo of Soul. Instead, we have a very basic, very normal experience – but that’s where the game actually excels: It’s a good basic MMO, something that offers absolutely nothing in terms of innovation.
And no I’m not messing with you: Sometimes you just need something.. normal. Something with average tab-target combat. Something with average character creation. Something with average graphics.
There’s no shame in being average – especially when you’ve managed to be alive as long as Echo of Soul has. Yes, we’re not writing home about the game but that doesn’t mean it’s anything short of worth trying.


Here we go, one of the best Superhero themed MMOs. What do we have left right now? Champions Online, DC Universe Online, and the private servers for City of Heroes?
This month we’re covering Champions Online while I record some footage of City of Heroes. Yes, I have a video on that in the works – keep an eye out for it!
Champions Online is a pretty good looking superhero MMO for the most part. It captures a lot of the silliness of the genre and offers a large selection of superpower skills and abilities.
Flight, superspeed, you know.. what makes a superhero fun. It incorporates those very same abilities into its combat providing a slightly different spin on combat, which is tab-target.
There are a lot of instances to run around in but a lot of the game, and a lot of the people you meet are all out in the large city you inhabit.
So while technically not an open-world MMO and not a large sandbox MMO, it’s also not technically a hub-based MMO either. It’s a weird game but a lotta fun.


Secret World Legends is probably one of the most unique MMO I’ve played. It has a very strong emphasis on story, and has arguably some of the best voice acting in an MMO, period.
When I first got into Secret World Legends I’ll admit, I was taken a little aback by its graphical style: It was the first real-world graphical style I’d ever seen used in an MMO.
I’d never played an MMO set in present-day. So it was definitely an experience.
The game has a pretty extensive class system and allows for a large variety of weapon types to be equipped making for a lot of customization.
Yes, the game uses a weird hybrid of action combat but I’ll admit it’s not bad. It looks a little dated and can get a little clunky at times but overall it isn’t really a drawback.


I bet you’ve never played this one. Partly because it’s a very old game, and partly because the official ArchLord 2 server shut down years ago, leaving only a private server in its wake.
When I first tried ArchLord out I thought it was the best looking MMO I’d ever seen. To this day, I still think it holds up pretty well. Kinda reminds me of a darker Lineage game.
It’s a pretty traditional MMO: Grindy, slow leveling, not much in the way of spoon-feeding, requiring you learn and do everything on your own.
Combat was also tab-target like most MMOs back in the day were but it was no better or worse than anything else you’ve experienced.
Overall I think it’s a fantastic competitor to Lineage and I’m surprised it never took off.


Okay so Ryzom is a little.. well, it’s not the greatest game to look at, certainly. But, hey, I bet this is the first time you’ve heard of it, right?
That’s alright, see, I’ve only played it once, and I only played it for a few hours total. Not because it was terrible, but purely because nobody else was playing it.
Wiggy and I messed around in it for a while and honestly.. it wasn’t bad. Sure, it needed some polish. Combat was slow and the graphics were kinda bad but it had us laughing at every other opportunity.
I’m sure it has equally as much of a chance as other games like Gloria Victus to be good if people would take the time of day.


Finally, Dragon Ball Online.
Perhaps the best, if not one of the only Anime inspired MMOs to have any kind of following and not be a browser MMO.
It, like many others is a fairly traditional MMO with pretty basic tab-target combat.
However, its Anime graphical style is ripped right outta the DBZ Anime. You can have characters that look just like their Anime counterparts, even going so far as playing through the Dragon Ball storyline.
Also, interestingly, Dragon Ball Online utilizes an aging system – something I’ve not found outside of Mabinogi. You start off as a kid, grow up into an adult, and… well, I dunno what comes after that.
But if you love Dragon Ball.. then here you go.

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Path of Titans – The Upcoming MMO That Lets You Live Out Your Life.. As A Dinosaur!

Path of Titans – The Upcoming MMO That Lets You Live Out Your Life.. As A Dinosaur!

Have you ever wanted to play an MMO.. as a dinosaur? Yes I really asked that question, you’re not imagining things.
The reason I ask is because we have a brand new MMO on the horizon called Path of Titans.. and it’s all about living, leveling and surviving as a dinosaur.
I know. Weird, right? You can freely traverse a large, sandbox world, meeting other players, working together to.. uh, well, eat other dinosaurs? I think? Let’s take a look.


Path of Titans is a large sandbox MMO – and I use that term loosely here. They classify it as an MMO but in reality, each server will hold up to a maximum of 200 players concurrently at any given time.
The game will feature a persistent world with plenty of customization, the ability to take and complete quests, group up with other players to achieve goals, join or create your own guild so you can work towards a common goal and more.
While the team behind the game, Alderon Games have yet to reveal much in the way of features outside of the aforementioned ones, we do know that it will have a large focus on dinosaur accuracy and it will allow modding.


Yup.. dinosaur accuracy. There are plenty of dinosaur themed games out there, with the more popular one being ARK: Survival Evolved, but I’m gonna be honest here.. ARK has things like Reapers, Wyverns, Snow Owls and.. yeah.
Very unrealistic creatures that exist whereas Path of Titans aims to bring the most realistic and complete dinosaur themed experience possible. Or, at the very least that’s what they say.
At the end of the day, the game is being built around survival aspects, like Rust or ARK just sans the building. So a more realistic expectation is that that will be the case until they opt to add in Humans and other creatures.
While that’s not a certainty, it’s definitely a potentiality.


Actually, now that I think about it I have yet to see any combat whatsoever.
I’ve looked at around 10 trailers and I’ve seen a lot of features detailed to varying degrees but from what I can tell, at least presently, there doesn’t look to be any combat on display.
Does that mean there won’t be any combat in-game? No, but I can’t find much info on that other than a brief mention of being able to alter your abilities and attacks to tailor your character to your own preferred play style.
Abilities like bite, claw and tail swipe. Is that all we’ll get in the way of combat, though? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see the further we get through development.
Honestly, the combat in ARK wasn’t that bad, a little clunky at times but otherwise it was decent enough to enjoy. Hopefully then they at least take inspiration from something like that.


Here is one of the main issues for me. Cross platform play.
While I’m more than happy playing the game on my PC or, heck, even having the game be on mobile devices or console, I’ve never been of the opinion that PC and mobile cross-play is a good idea.
Path of Titans though is looking to support both PC and mobile devices with console integration being possible if the PC and mobile versions do well.
PC and mobile players will be able to play together on the same servers using the same login – so you can play the game at home on your PC with friends, then take it mobile on the bus ride to school in the mornings or while feigning attention in class.
This’ll likely mean that the game will be optimized to appeal to mobile players, meaning ultimately it won’t be as grand-a-scale as ARK or any of the other large, sandbox survival games already available.


Right now I don’t see much point getting too excited for this. Alderon Games put the game up on Indiegogo in hopes that people would fund the game for them.
I’m always cautious of indie funded MMOs because they always end up biting us in the ass, and that’s disregarding the non-MMOs that turn out less than stellar.
I know there are some people that are highly anticipating this after seeing it in my news video, and honestly, I’m glad you’re excited for it.
Until more information is released, more gameplay is revealed and we get a fully functional client to download and test, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
They have an Early Access planned for later this year with players that pre-order through Indiegogo gaining access to it.
Ultimately, the game could turn out very unique and a lotta fun. Realistically, it could be the complete opposite. So do your due diligance and be blissfully cautious.

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Subverse Pre-Impressions – What Should we Expect?

Subverse Pre-Impressions – What Should we Expect?

I know you guys have been waiting for this. It’s probably the most requested game I’ve ever had after I released my League of Maidens video.
So what kind of content creator would I be if I didn’t make content my fans were anticipating, right? Oh, the normal kind? Well I’m far from normal, and so is Subverse.
Quick note though, I’ll be doing a small giveaway for Subverse – giving a few Steam copies away once the game launches into Early Access.
If you want to participate, head on over here to join!
Now let me give you a rundown of what Subverse is real quick.


Subverse is an interesting take on the genre. While not an MMO, it is an RPG game that I’m really looking forward to.
It’s built from the ground up as an old-school style PC RPG. An RPG that has the adult nature of let’s say something like.. The Witcher, with its.. adult tones.
The game takes place within the Prodigium Galaxy, a galaxy filled with pirates, bounty hunters, and the innocent people you’re no doubt going to rob blind as you’re one of them.
Yup, and you get your very own ship as well.
Your ship is your base of operations with which you’re capable of cruising Prodigium with, recruiting various aliens to join your crew, living in their own designated quarters and ultimately becoming part of your space-harem.


Not even kidding. You can recruit tons of females – which I should probably have lead with. This likely isn’t going to appeal to all that many women.
These women are supposedly the baddest babes in the galaxy – having exceptional combat potential and even more exceptional looks. Their words, not mine. Don’t shoot the messenger!
Like The Witcher or even Mass Effect, the game does feature more adult themes such as relationships and sex.
You can increase or even decrease your relationship with various characters and in turn gain or lose the potential to pursue a relationship with them.
Each waifu is well thought out, has their very own backstories to pursue and learn about so they’re far from being objects.
I know that won’t appeal to everyone but at the same time, you don’t have to pursue a relationship with any of them – you can completely ignore that aspect of the game if it bothers you.


Yes, yes we do!
The Mary Celeste, which is home to our crew and us is capable of cruising the galaxy, doing battle in traditional Shoot ’em up style.
The Prodigium Galaxy is split into five unique sectors that are populated with hundreds of planets and interactive objects.
This provides players many opportunities to not only do battle with a variety of enemies on-ship but also take to the ground and do battle on-foot.
So while yes you do get a ship, and yes you do get to explore the galaxy with it, the game isn’t contained and doesn’t revolve solely around the ship if that was of concern to you.


Oh you mean where I mentioned the two forms of combat being Shoot ’em up and on-foot? Let me elaborate.
As stated, there are two forms of combat. Shoot ’em up revolves around fighting other alien ships, dodging a bajillion bullets on-screen simultaneously, and single-handedly destroying the enemy fleet.
Traditional shoot ’em up for those of you that wanna take a trip down memory lane.
Each waifu is capable of providing your ship with a beneficial buff or even weapon type to make use of in space battles, so recruiting is a must!
Then you have the more RPG-type combat where you take your harem out on the ground and participate in turn-based combat to duke it out with alien hostiles.
Each of your waifu’s have their very own selection of skills and fighting styles so planning ahead is all but a requirement.
Or you can do what I do and just YOLO right in there, guns blazing. And die. Repeatedly. But that’s how we learn.


A very good question. Currently it is unknown.
It was revealed that the main character – the captain of the ship will be male. There is only a single gender you can choose to play as.
There was mention of outfits and customization, yes, but to what degree is currently unknown as well.
Outfits are likely, but for whom remains to be seen. I’m sure there’ll be the potential for a lot of profit if you allow costumes for the females on your ship whereas I don’t see many people caring what their guy looks like.


My thoughts on this are a little.. divided. On the one hand, I was never a fan of shoot ’em up games, but I love tactical RPGs.
I always enjoyed choosing and pursuing characters in games like Mass Effect, the Witcher, or heck, even games like Harvest Moon and the Sims, to me, that was part of the fun.
The fact that there are other RPG-elements in-game such as upgrading your ship and your waifu’s combat abilities, along with a progression system means that there will likely be a lot of customization to be had in terms of builds and play-style.
It’s also a nice change to see game developers shying away from hiding and censoring their games to appeal to people that look down on and shame people who enjoy games like this.
There’s nothing wrong with liking a game that shows male or female bodies in a positive light. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to play a game with a harem of men or women.
So kudos to you guys for doing what League of Maidens are doing – going against the norm and publishing a fun-looking game for all of us.
The game has an expected Early Access date of Summer 2019 – so I hope to see a buncha you guys playing it.

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Subverse Giveaway! Secure a Copy of Subverse now!

Subverse has an expected Early Access release date of Summer 2019. Due to the fact that the game is possibly one of our most highly anticipated games to cover this year, I thought y’know what? Let’s give away a couple copies of the game for our loyal viewers. While it’s unavailable right now, it will be available soon and as such, I’m more than happy to send a few copies of the game via Steam as soon as it launches into Early Access. Participating is very easy: Complete the options below. That’s it. As soon as it launches, winners will receive an email asking for your Steam ID so I can send over the keys to the game. It’s really that simple!


Good luck winning your free copy of the game. Let me know what you think and if you’re excited!

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Is Blue Protocol the Next Big MMORPG?

Is Blue Protocol the Next Big MMORPG?

I know that’s a common question whenever we see new MMOs get announced. Could this be the next big thing, or will it fail like those before it?
Regardless, I covered Blue Protocol when it was first announced a couple weeks ago but since then a lot of information and even gameplay trailers have been released revealing additional features and a deeper look at the game.
But before we get into that, let me quickly inform those of you who are unaware of what Blue Protocol is what we’re looking at.


It’s a AAA funded Anime MMORPG created by none other than one of our favorite JRPG developers – Bandai Namco.
They’re the people behind Code Vein, the Tales of games including the upcoming Tales of Arise, God Eater 3, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, and they’re just the recent games.
So they’ve been in this industry for a while. With Blue Protocol, however, they’re kind of treading in new waters as they don’t traditionally do MMOs. But it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.
Blue Protocol is what a lot of us were thinking Genshin Impact would be – a vibrant, open full-fledged MMORPG as confirmed by Bandai Namco themselves.
The goal of the game? Recreate something right out of an Anime movie and redefine the MMORPG genre with a high quality AAA title, something we haven’t had in years.
As Bandai Namco is behind the game, if you weren’t aware, that means the game is coming out of Japan. Rarely do we get MMORPGs out of Japan anymore.
The last large one, the last highly anticipated one was way back with Final Fantasy XIV. And boy is it good.
Since then we’ve gotten Korean grinder after Korean grinder with new Korean grinders on the horizon for people to be excited for.
Currently, not too much is known about the game. It’s set in a scifi fantasy world – exactly how much scifi and how much fantasy remains to be seen as it’s difficult to determine from the trailer.
Regardless, the two are melded together to create what looks to be a familiar setting for fantasy-RPG fans.


Combat in Blue Protocol is action-based. From what we’ve seen, it’s complete action just like you’d find in KurtzPel or Soul Worker. And boy does it look flashy.
I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d wager a guess they shared some of the team behind Tales of Arise. It can’t be a coincidence that this looks as similar as it does, which isn’t a bad thing at all, mind you.
Quite the opposite, actually. If some of the team from the Tales studio is working on this as well then combat is something we definitely won’t have to worry about.
Despite their stories sometimes lacking, combat has always been handled exceptionally well in the Tales of games.


4 classes have been confirmed thus far:
The Aegis Fighter which seems to be a sword and shield wielding tank
The Blast Archer which really should be self explanatory, but if not, then.. it’s an Archer that shoots arrows with a bow
The Spell Caster which uses a staff and since the Aegis Fighter is likely a tank, the Spell Caster is likely the healer but might be a hybrid between DPS Mage and healer, who knows, and finally
The Twin Striker – a dual Axe wielding dude that may be able to wield dual swords and other weapons as well. Dunno yet.


Why yes, yes there most definitely is.
While I can’t say with certainty that there will be a large variety of outfits with which to customize your character with in-game, Bandai Namco did recently reveal a character creation trailer to whet our appetites.
In it we get to see the large variety of sliders and the amount of customization we have over the characters’ bodies.
You can choose from a sizeable selection of facial options and quite a few facial sliders, hairstyles, colors and more.
Then you can customize your body – pretty much every facet of your body, actually. You can be a tall, voluptuous, heavy-chested woman or even a more loli-esque girl if that’s your thing.
It’s not mine, but I know there are a lotta you out there into lolis so.
It’d be nice to get a confirmation from Bandai Namco on exactly how much in the way of customization will be in-game but with the Alpha Test coming up I’m sure we’ll get to see soon enough.


Oh wait, I should’ve mentioned that earlier I guess, right?
Yes, currently, Bandai Namco are sending out Alpha keys to 500 select players who will be allowed in-game for a Closed Alpha test.
Exactly how much of the game is complete right now is unknown, and how much of the game players will be able to experience is also unknown, but, the Alpha lasts from July 26th until July 28th.
While I’m not capable of getting in myself, I hope people capture enough of the game for us to get a clear look at exactly what it’s going to be.
If the game gets a confirmed localization in North America and Europe, you’ll be certain that I’ll have beta keys to give out to everyone that is subscribed and following my wife MrsStix and myself on Twitter.


Yeah, no Western release is confirmed yet as the game was literally just announced for a Japanese release. But it’s unlikely Bandai Namco will keep it as a Japanese exclusive.
They’d be cutting out a very large market if they opted to go that route.
As for when we’ll get a confirmation? Unlikely to be this year as we won’t even have a confirmed Japanese release this year but next year could very well be likely.


Man this game looks so good. It could be the MMORPG to bring the Anime genre back from the graveyard. Currently, outside of Burning Soul Worker and Eden Eternal Vendetta, we have absolutely no Anime MMOs worth playing.
We only have Peria Chronicles to look forward to sometime in the future. And with Genshin Impact a solo game, Blue Protocol is the only other Anime MMO on the horizon.
It looks amazing, feels amazing and I’m hoping it plays as amazingly as it does in the trailer because if so, you’re gonna find me lost in there for days at a time.

But that’s just my opinion – my first impression of the game. What do you guys think? Are you excited? Are you looking forward to eventually trying it out or do you even want to?

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Astellia Online North American Closed Beta First Impressions

Astellia Online North American Closed Beta First Impressions

Astellia is a beautiful upcoming MMORPG scheduled to release in the West this year. It was formally released in 2016 in China and is finally making its way here, something many of us have been looking forward to. We at MMOByte have played through the previous Korean version of the game, but had no clue what was being said at any point in time during the game, so we ourselves were looking forward to this! 
The team behind Astellia were kind enough to send us 2 closed beta keys to try out the game first-hand. Being the incredibly generous people we are we went ahead and requested some keys for our viewers. We were fortunate enough to be able to share 100 of those keys with you guys. We actually saw a lot of you winners in game and really enjoyed saying hi to you all. We’ll also be giving away more keys come closed beta 2, so stay tuned to our website and Twitter’s for future events. Although if you’re super anxious to get in, you can purchase their Legendary Edition and garner yourself access to the closed beta! 


Astellia is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that is being published in the West by Barunson E&A. It’s a semi-instanced MMO that has zones locked off from one another by loading screens like Blade & Soul. The official website states this is a classical MMORPG, but I would beg to differ on some fronts. It does have the classical Korean style of most MMOs, AKA a heavy focus on grinding but brings to the table something slightly refreshing, companions called Astels that come along for the ride as you play through the world. This game is doable with a party or solo, depending on your playstyle. You’re never going to fully be alone with your companions that go along with you though, but we’ll get more into that later.


As I mentioned earlier, this game is beautiful, so beautiful in fact that I had to stop and take screenshots for prosperity sake, especially shots of my character. The character creation itself is highly customizable with sliders that allow you to edit nearly every piece of your character. Do note though that the classes available during the closed beta are gender-locked, but don’t let that deter you. The publishers have promised to make at least two of the classes un-genderlocked by launch, more specially the Assassin and Warrior, with the goal of unlocking the remaining classes in the future. 


The classes are like most standard MMOs, you have the Warrior, Archer, Assassin, Scholar, and Mage. Stix went Archer, much to his dismay. He really wanted to go Mage but saw it looked like a loli, which he isn’t overly fond of – it wasn’t until later that he learned it was possible to customize the tiny loli to look more adult in nature. I, however, went scholar so I could keep him alive if necessary, and it was indeed necessary until he unlocked his healer Astel. I also never needed a tank since I had an Astel to do just that for me.


So bringing the topic back around to Astels, because I really wanted to go a little deeper on these little helpers, or well, some of them are little. Some of them are adorable, straight up sexy, and some are funny looking. Depending on what class you play you’ll get a different line-up of Astels. The purpose of these creatures is almost like a card based game, when you’re in need of a certain set of skills, you call them forth, and you can call forth multiple ones at a given point in time. Just keep in mind it does deplete your energy that keeps the Astels in the world with you much more quickly when you have multiple of them summoned. The more you have summoned the quicker they will disperse and leave you with your base choice Astel, so choose wisely. The Astels themselves range from Tank, DPS, and Healer, the holy trinity of MMOs. The hope of the developers behind Astellia was that they wanted to give the player the freedom to solo things as their class of choice or party up with other people if they so choose. So in a dying world of party friendly games, they are catering to both the social and reclusive. 


Like any MMO, there is combat, because…well…you have to stop someone from achieving their life goals of total world domination to some degree. The mechanics involve mostly tab-targeting of your desired being of thwarting but has a strange little hybrid of action thrown in there with a dodge function that you can control with the double tap in a desired direction. This did come in handy more often than I thought. The combat itself did feel a little clunky, but then again Stix and I only made it to level 16. I truly didn’t mind the style of combat and found myself pleasantly surprised by having an “uh oh idk where you are but I need to heal you button.” So as a healer, I found my skills quite useful. You also level your skills and make a very customized build. You can also build your own combos and sequences via your action bar. As you move through the game you’ll also come across opportunities for PVP, something we didn’t get to as it unlocks at level 30 and I needed to eat lunch, sleep, and then roll around in bed for awhile, thus, I missed out on the opportunity, but I know a few of you made it and would love to hear what you thought! We’ll be reaching level 30 during closed beta 2. So keep watching out for a later video where you see me get owned in PvP. 

So what did I think? I thought this game was well thought-out with genuinely decent voice acting which was a nice cherry on top of the game itself. The game does feel a little dated, but it has held up quite nicely against other more recently released titles. I also prefer games that encourage more party friendly modes, and I felt overall the incentive in dungeons for better loot and party required quests was well reflected in the fact people were requesting to party for dungeons. The group finder for dungeons seemed to be down when we played, but we are curious to see how well dungeons pop in the future. I felt like the combat itself needs a little work as it didn’t feel truly smooth, but definitely has the capacity to be brilliant if they could do just that. I did enjoy the Astels within the game, it just made it feel….perhaps just a touch different from most things out there, and I like that. And probably for like the fourth time, the game looked beautiful, the regions themselves were very detailed and had great small hidden areas while you explored. For those of you that got into the closed beta, what did you guys think of the game? What do you think could be improved, and what are your expectations at launch? I personally expect to see you all there!

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League of Maidens – The Upcoming Superhero MMOARPG Looks GREAT!

League of Maidens – The Upcoming Superhero MMOARPG Looks GREAT!

Alright so before I get into this I want to let you guys know that we’re currently holding a giveaway with Maiden Gaming, the 3-man team behind League of Maidens.
League of Maidens is funded via Patreon right now, taking in monthly donations to create their game. This means that at least presently, the game is only accessible to players that donate monthly.
However after reaching out to Maiden Gaming following my first League of Maidens video, I managed to get 50 keys to the game for 50 of my viewers to access the game, completely free, forever.
This ensures that regardless of the business model League of Maidens ends up with – free to play, buy to play, subscription based, you’re guaranteed a copy of the game. Permanently.
To participate in the giveaway all you’re required to do is navigate to our giveaway, and follow the instructions.
All in all, it’ll take you maybe 60 seconds, 90 at max to apply and enter the giveaway. So what’re you waiting for?


I touched on this briefly in my last video but allow me to elaborate on it a little further. League of Maidens is an MMO.
It’s not technically an MMORPG – where hundreds, if not thousands of players are capable of occupying a single space at any given time.
But at the same time the max number of players that can concurrently occupy a space is significantly higher than that of other MMOs that are labeled as MMORPGs, such as Soul Worker, Vindictus or Phantasy Star Online 2.
So I’d venture a guess and say that it’s probably somewhere in-between. A nice medium, as it were.
Like DC Universe Online and Champions Online, League of Maidens is a superhero themed MMO. You have what is potentially even deeper customization options than any other superhero themed MMO out there currently.
And with graphics – or rather, character models like these, that look like they’re ripped right out of a Japanese Hentai game you can be certain that you’re going to be able to make the character of your dreams.
Don’t get me wrong though – I believe that the character models look incredible.


Yes, no doubt that sparked some interest. I figured it would. Character creation is perhaps the most advanced I’ve come across in a Western MMO – You have the freedom to edit every facet of your characters body.
I know the game came under some heat for their use of “oversexualized” or “hypersexualized” characters as I’m sure you can no doubt tell, the game is built around very voluptuously shaped women.
Other Youtuber’s, critics, game reviewers all decided to attack the game because the women in it wear skimpy outfits and have too much emphasis on the feminine body.
But this isn’t the first time a game has utilized sex appeal to garner players: It happens all the time. Have you forgotten about Quiet In Metal Gear Solid V? How about Dead Or Alive 5? Or, heck.. Subverse?
You cannot criticize Maiden Gaming for making League of Maidens “sexy.” Not when games like these exist.
I mean Subverse’s tagline is “Are we alone in this universe? What is out there? More importantly… can we bone it?” – and that game raised over $2 million dollars on Kickstarter.
So, yeah. You can hate, complain and criticize all you want but the market out there for games like this is growing rapidly. And yes I know there’s a dirty joke in there but this is a serious video!


Combat is, admittedly one of the best parts of the game. I mean yeah the game looks good and character customization looks fantastic but no game would be worth your time if it had less than stellar combat.
League of Maidens therefore thankfully excels in combat as well, introducing you to a world filled with crazy metahuman speed, flight, teleportation, superhuman strength and weapons to match.
I mean realistically I couldn’t see a gun or a sword posing much of a threat to someone with super speed and super strength, but at the same time imagine being sliced with a katana moving as fast as Barry Allen.
Yeah. The game has various kinds of melee weapons such as swords and daggers but also provides you with the ability to use a variety of long-range firearms with which to dispose of your foes.
I’ve seen quite a bit of gameplay featuring assault rifles, shotguns, snipers and katanas and I gotta say, for a 3-man team, I’m surprised everything looks and plays as smooth as it does.


No. No? No. I don’t believe there is, anyway.
From what I’ve been able to gather thus far as I haven’t been able to test the game out yet is that you’re a War Maiden.
These are immortal beings created with superhuman powers with the purpose of protecting the world – or, alternatively, if you feel like being a dick.. destroying it.
War Maidens don’t have a specific class, rather, they choose what superhero powers they’d like, what weapons they’d like and customize their playstyle from there.
You have access to skills based off of what powers and weapons you use which essentially functions as a class system of sorts.
I’m not sure if the super power you choose is locked in and unable to be changed but you can freely change what weapon you have equipped at any moment making for a different overall style of play.

Overall, the game shows a lot of promise.
I know I touched on the fact that I was excited last month but this time.. this time I’m in direct contact with the 3-man team behind the game and they’re giving me direct access to content.
Content I can see first-hand, content I can create videos around because honestly, it is exciting. It’s always exciting seeing game developers – whether they be large budget AAA devs or indie devs going against the norm.
Just because people think you shouldn’t have a sexy game doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one. I’m glad that Maiden Gaming continue to push the boundaries of what the mainstream media deem as an acceptable video game.
We need more developers willing to take risks, regardless of what the outcome could potentially end up being.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We need an MMO that isn’t Scarlet Blade, because although Scarlet Blade is a fun MMO.. it’s always a solid idea to have more than one game of its kind because sticking to one game can get.. stale.
I’m not overly fond of kickstarter funded MMOs because they have a knack for making promises they’re unable to meet but from what I can tell, Maiden Gaming are a group of pretty honest, friendly guys and what’s more – they live 2 hours from me.
After talking with them fairly extensively, I can say that they’ve earned a little trust from me and I can relate to their goal. The game, although funded by the community is on a much smaller scale.
You can choose to fund them via Patreon with any amount you deem appropriate or worth, and can even gain access to the game by becoming a Silver Patron for $15 a month.
I’m still excited for it. Moreso now that I’ve had much more of the game revealed to me. That’s why after all I reached out to them asking if I could give some keys away.
What about you though, are you excited for the game?

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