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League of Maidens GIVEAWAY! Win 1 of 50 Keys!

League of Maidens GIVEAWAY! Win 1 of 50 Keys!

We’ve partnered up with Maiden Gaming, the team behind the incredibly popular upcoming MMOARPG League of Maidens to provide our viewers and their growing community with 50 free keys to enter the game during its test period. Please note that the game is currently under NDA so streaming and recording is NOT ALLOWED until otherwise stated. Entering the competition is simple. Follow the guidelines below and you’ll receive the associated number of entries. As a final note, if you come back and revisit the website daily you’ll get 5 extra entries PER DAY. So make sure you bookmark it!

League of Maidens

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13 Obscure Free to Play MMORPGs to try if You’re Bored

13 Obscure Free to Play MMORPGs to try if You’re Bored

So this month I thought I’d do something a little different.
People are always so caught up with what the “best MMORPG” is that we often forget that the smaller more obscure titles have a certain.. charm. A certain.. je ne sais quoi that isn’t often replicated in newer games.
With this in mind I went ahead and sifted through.. yikes, like.. 1,400 videos? I believe are on the channel right now to find 13 MMORPGs that I believe are obscure enough and warrant further inspection.
These games are by no means “the best MMORPG,” “the most aesthetically beautiful MMORPG,” nor do they have “the best combat” or anything of the like.
They’re just worth taking another look at – especially if you’re bored for whatever reason.
So, here we are. 13 obscure free to play MMORPGs that you can try if you’re bored.

Atlantica Online

What better way to start this list off with than perhaps one of the most unique, innovative MMOs pretty much ever released? Yup. Atlantica doesn’t “look unique” in any capacity.
It’s your traditional mid-to-late 2000’s carbon copy Asian MMO. Graphically, the game looks pretty subpar. But that isn’t where the game shines.
Where most MMO’s have you create your character, play through the game with that character, leveling and ultimately gearing yourself to become the OP hero of your story, Atlantica has you level, gear and customize a whole party of them.
Throughout your journey you come across various NPCs to recruit into your party. You can level them, gear them up like you would yourself and then deploy them in an interesting turn-based combat system.
If you ever played JRPGs like Suikoden, Star Ocean, the Tales of games or, I guess even Final Fantasy, then you’ll recognize the turn-based system right away.
However, unlike the aforementioned games, Atlantica has you deploy your characters in a 3 by 3 grid with the battle cycling through enemy and ally turns respectively.
It’s something I believe is worth testing out purely if you’re a fan of older JRPGs. There’s a certain nostalgia to it that I’ve never really felt anywhere else.


Man. I played FlyFF way back when it was still popular, had several active servers and was published under GPotato.
The grind was horrendous. It took me so damn long to hit level cap – I was grinding away at that game for literal months to hit level 50.
And the game was difficult. Ridiculously difficult. I remember going around getting 2-3 shot by monsters whenever I attempted to do quests more than a level or two above me.
At the time FlyFF was the only game I’d come across that had flight. It allowed you to mount a flying mount and take to the skies.
While flying in MMOs these days is much more common, back here it wasn’t. When I first got my mount and had the ability to fly it felt amazing.
Seeing the world from a completely different perspective was something I’d never experienced and honestly.. even though the game definitely looks dated by todays standards, I have yet to get the same feeling from flight in an MMO.

RF Online

RF Online is the only sci-fi MMORPG on this list, and perhaps one of a handful of sci-fi MMORPGs in general that still have any semblance of a population.
And I use that lightly, as RF’s population is.. well, let’s use this analogy. Imagine a densely populated forest – filled with lush trees and wildlife. RF is a desert. No trees, no animals, not even any water.
But the desert is still very pretty to look at and explore, just like RF is. Fun to explore, anyway. You can tell at first glance that the game is old.
For a game released back in 2004, it holds up particularly well. Characters look surprisingly good and mechanics present in much newer titles – mechanics and features like obtaining and completing quests long-distance.
RF doesn’t really do anything innovative but if you’re interested in trying out a sci-fi MMO and games like Warframe or PSO2 aren’t quite doing it for you – then I’d recommend at least testing it.
The difficulty is.. out of this world. Okay, I’ll stop.

Void Elsword

Yes, Void Elsword. AKA, the private server alternative to the official Elsword MMO.
Elsword is probably one of the only successful Anime-themed side-scrolling brawler type MMOs out there, with MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter being the only two real contenders.
The amount of customization of your character in Elsword is possibly the most extensive I’ve seen outside of… Ragnarok Online.
Every Hero has several classes they can become – and have several stages of advancement. As an example, take Elsword, the character the game is named after. He begins as a Knight.
After hitting level 15 he can become a Sword Knight, Magic Knight or Sheath Knight. Each of those classes have a second, third and fourth class advancement associated with them, totaling 12 subclasses.
So.. yeah, you can see how deep this can go. Add on to that the outdoor content and instanced dungeons.. you got yourself an almost one-of-a-kind game.
Again though, I want to make it clear that Void Elsword is the better choice if you’re looking to try Elsword out. Official Elsword just.. isn’t.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

I dunno if you’ve ever had the opportunity to play through Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on the PS3 or PS4 but I have and I spent hundreds of hours in it.
However while playing it one thing became very apparent to me: This would work so much better as an MMO. Or, heck, even a multiplayer RPG with some co-op involved.
Unfortunately that dream never came to fruition.. until I came across Dragon’s Dogma Online, an MMORPG based off of the Dragon’s Dogma game.. I think? Loosely adapted from? Or something, not entirely certain of its history.
Dragon’s Dogma Online provided me with something that I hadn’t experienced in an MMO before: Interactible environments.
If you go through older footage we recorded you’ll see us engaging with our surroundings, and even the enemies themselves!
There was nothing quite as exhilerating as scaling that giant ogre, stabbing him in the head and smacking him with my shield, then making a getaway by grappling onto the nearby building.
This is the kind of gameplay I feel like MMOs are missing. This is the kind of innovation I wish was made in the genre but is disappointingly.. absent.
And having a little Pawn that I get to make follow me around everywhere and customize was a nice addition as well. Makes playing the game less.. lonely.
Plus you can have them occupy the position of monster punching bag in your stead.

Loong Online

I’ve played through my fair share of Eastern themed MMOs and Loong is probably one of the few that have left a lasting impression on me.
It was released back in 2009 and to me – feels like the game that Revelation Online and Moonlight Blade were based off of.
Both Revelation and Moonlight Blade use a hybrid tab-target action combat system and Loong kinda did as well. Well, it used less of one. But the resemblances between the three games is actually a little uncanny.
The gameplay doesn’t really stand out and the graphics, although not bad for a 2009 MMO aren’t all that impressive, the expansive world and the freedom it gives you to explore it is.. well, I guess probably comparable to Perfect World.
There we go – the game is like Perfect World but with a fun weapon system providing us with quite a unique, diverse selection of classes to play with.

Digimon Masters Online

Have you ever wanted to be the very best? Like no-one ever was? Wait, whoops. Wrong Anime. My bad. I get those mixed up sometimes.
Let me try this again.
Have you ever wanted to be similar to the very best? Like.. only one other thing has ever been? Then you’re in luck, as Digimon Masters Online is here to meet those expectations!
The game is set in the not-so-distant future, I think. Or maybe it’s set in present day. But a fantasy version of the present day.
You go out, obtain eggs of Digimon, hatch them, train them to become your weapons of mass destruction and ultimately bring down your wrath upon everything and everyone else.
I mean at the end of the day the game is a pretty generic MMO in terms of what it is and what it offers but it’s set in a Digimon setting and allows players to hatch and train their very own Digimon.
Unfortunately it doesn’t have that large of a population but then again Digimon never really reached the acclaim of Pokemon so it’s understandable.

Granado Espada

Like Atlantica, Granado Espada is probably one of the most unique MMOs out there.
Again, you play through the game as a character you create, taking quests from and completing quests for potential party members.
As you make progress through the game you unlock new characters to add to your party, level and gear up.
Combat gives you the freedom to control where each of your party members go and what skills they use – with battles being quite difficult.
One thing I learned while playing was that strategy seemed to be key to making it out of battles alive, especially when you tackle encounters that are higher than you are.
It also has one of the most beautiful graphical styles out there – an era in history that I wish I could’ve experienced once.

Riders of Icarus

Do you wanna be the very bes- Wait, I already used that joke.
But for real, that’s probably one of the closest games I could say Riders of Icarus resembles. I mean not overall, but the main selling-point of the game, anyway.
See, while graphically Riders of Icarus looks pretty damn good, especially considering when it was released, the game is – at least pertaining to its gameplay, very.. uninspired.
Interestingly though, it has one of the best Pokemon-esque features I’ve come across in an MMO outside of Dragomon Hunter – which is shut down, and Bless Online – which is shutting down.
You can essentially tame and train the majority of creatures, both common and rare to create the ultimate team of monstrous pets with which to.. ride. Yup, a lot of them are actually mounts.
Since you’re capable of riding your mount, flying was obviously going to play a part in this. Interestingly enough, Riders of Icarus allows for complete aerial combat, something not often found in the genre.
There’s nothing quite like soaring through the skies raining down destruction unto your enemies.

Lord of the Rings Online

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings then you’re gonna love Lord of the Rings Online. Or at least I’d think you would but the game’s population is incredibly lacking considering the gargantuan success of the movie trilogy.
Both of them.
I mean the game doesn’t really offer much in the way of unique gameplay mechanics or features that aren’t already prevalent in every other MMO but what it does offer us is a solid MMO set on Middle Earth.
So if playing through the game with a small group of friends and experiencing a giant Lord of the Rings inspired MMO-world sounds like fun to you.. then yeah, good time to try it out.

Wizard 101

Okay, so I may not have made it all that far through Wizard 101 but I get it recommended to me every other week. So obviously you guys enjoy it quite immensely.. or you’re all screwing with me.
Either way, Wizard 101 is like a magical version of World of Warcraft with turn-based combat that has you utilize various cards to duel monsters and other players in.. like, weird battles.
It was weird for me. It was really weird. Enemies summoned creatures, Wiggy and I summoned creatures, and we did battle with cards. But if you’ve ever wanted to be a wizard or play a 3D Yugioh.. then this might be for you.
Combat may have been a little on the weird side for me but overall I can definitely say I had a lotta fun playing through it and would recommend it even if only for a good laugh and something lighthearted.


With an R. ArcheRage, not ArcheAge by Trion.. or Gamigo now since they bought Trion out. ArcheRage is the private server for ArcheAge and I would recommend playing it above the official Gamigo version ten times over.
Now ArcheAge itself.. was a giant when it released. Millions of players. The potential to be the largest release in the genre that wasn’t pay to play like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV but that didn’t pan out too well.
It offered so many things that most games released prior to it didn’t though: Addicting faction vs faction PvP content, ridiculously large open worlds to explore and quest in and an interesting naval system.
You could sail the oceans, do battle with other players atop your ship, raid other ships, murder people and end up in jail.. I’m not kidding, ArcheAge had it all.
If it was handled by a better company, it could’ve potentially been so damn good. Thankfully, the ArcheRage private server is significantly less pay to win and is on an earlier, much more fun version of the game.
Seriously, if you’re looking for a game that A.) Looks good B.) Plays good and C.) Is generally pretty damn good, then the private server is the place to be.

Pirates Online

My very first MMORPG. Ever. Not kidding.
Man, what can I even say about this.. It’s old, yeah. I played this back when I was a teenager and I’m in my late 20s now. I still go back on occasion to play for a few weeks because to me it’s still that addicting.
It’s pretty much completely open-world. You can travel around the entire continent you’re on without a single loading screen.
To date I’d say it’s still my favorite Anime MMORPG – being one of the most difficult-yet satisfying grinds I’ve ever done.
Its combat – its PvP – its scaling difficulty and progression is something that takes time and effort to push through.
This is by no means an easy game.. at all, and is not for the weak-hearted. You need balls of steel to make it to end-game and play competitively.

And there we have it. 13 obscure MMORPGs that I have liked up to this point in my life that I know don’t get the kind of recognition or attention I feel they should.
Again, these are not in any way “the best MMORPGs” so don’t get the wrong idea. I just think these are games you should definitely consider trying out, especially if you’re bored.
Worst case scenario? You waste a little time trying out something new. Best case? You have fun.

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Peria Chronicles is a Brand New Anime MMORPG – and it Looks Amazing!

Peria Chronicles is a Brand New Anime MMORPG – and it Looks Amazing!

Ah, Peria Chronicles. Where do I even begin with this one? We’ve been anticipating this MMO for so long I don’t even fully recall when it was first announced. November 2012? I think. Man, it’s been almost 7 years.
Can you believe it? 7 whole years of waiting for Nexon to announce some form of release. Year after year we had delay after delay that the entire Peria Chronicles community expected we’d never get it.
But Nexon proved us wrong by providing detailed trailers in 2018 and then a final trailer and beta announcement this year.


For those of you that’ve been living under a rock for the last 7 years then Peria Chronicles is an upcoming 3D Anime MMORPG with beautiful cell-shaded graphics.
It is said to be the spiritual successor to the still running Mabinogi MMO by Nexon.
It is also quite possibly the most anticipated Anime MMO outside of Phantasy Star Online 2’s North American release in Spring next year.
The game, supposedly, has a very strong emphasis on player-created content with the game world itself being largely populated by individual player creations.
You can make maps for other players to explore, you can create towns filled with NPCs, stores and merchants, you can create quests that take you into the aforementioned areas, generate dungeons, even script your own NPCs.
You have complete control over terraforming the entire world – mountains, waterfalls, grass, monsters, tunnels, buildings. The complexity of the tools at your disposal allow for almost endless creation.
It was also revealed that like its predecessor, Mabinogi, Peria Chronicles takes a lot of inspiration from the social aspects of the MMO.
The amount of freedom to alter the game and mold your own little part of it into something truly original is said to be unrivaled.


It’s insane. Actually insane.
There’s footage of the character creation online right now from people that got into the recent beta test and I’d rather not use their content here without their permission, so if you wanna go ahead and check that out just go directly onto Youtube and type in “Peria Chronicles character creation,” but suffice it to say.. man.
I thought KurtzPel had good character customization for an Anime MMO. Well, it turns out KurtzPel ended up not being an MMO but that’s another topic for another video.
I thought KurtzPel had fantastic character customization for an online Anime game, but Peria Chronicles blows it outta the water.
More hairstyle choices for multiple parts of your hair, significantly improved facial customization with the sliders you’d find in a game like Aion or Blade & Soul, a full body editor allowing you the freedom to edit your body size to your pleasing – thicc and voluptuous or even loli-esque.
If you’re a fan of the Sims 4 then you’ll know exactly how amazing this feature is: You have the ability to customize how you run.
You’re given 8 different styles, ranging from things like an elegant lady, gruff, masculine guy, girly and… well you get it.
This is disregarding the sheer amount of outfits you can get in-game.
So suffice it to say that the character customization in-game is.. probably unparalleled in an Anime MMO outside of, once again, Phantasy Star Online 2. But I believe there’s more customization in Peria Chronicles.


I mean.. define weird. Originally, the game utilized a very different card system that had some people confused. Myself included. But that’s because we weren’t shown much in the way of footage.
In their latest trailers, the combat is noticeably different with decks currently acting like skills, and therefore skills having cooldowns. This made combat much more traditional.
It’s still a little confusing at first glance but I’ve seen enough gameplay to be able to safely say that the combat is mostly as follows:
There are monsters called Kirana in-game. Kirana are monsters that you can obtain via drop – you kill an enemy and they drop the Kirana card.
Once you have the card you grind the materials necessary to craft a contract with the Kirana and then you can summon it in battle.
Kirana act as an ability, a unique ability specific to that Kirana, so in that way, they act as a skill. A traditional skill.
They have cooldowns before you can summon them again and have varied effects like buffs, damaging skills, transformations and the like.
So in the grand scheme of things… The combat system is like every other MMO out there. You use skills, the skills have cooldowns, rinse and repeat.
The difference in Peria Chronicles though is the fact that instead of learning them by leveling up, you learn them through an RNG drop from a monster meaning you could be grinding it for hours, if not days.
This combat system works for me because originally the game seemed to have an alarming focus on Kirana and how they correlated with your abilities. Now they act as them instead.
I prefer traditional since I know how it works.


Good question.
Peria Chronicles is a beautiful looking game. Absolutely stunning. I’m excited for a lot of games next year but Peria Chronicles, if they target a 2020 release will definitely be at the top of my list.
The ability to play with my wife and build up a settlement, script NPCs to say and do what I want and give out quests to friends to complete, all the while participating in other players’ custom content?
Hell yes. So much yes. My main concern though is that there won’t be enough actual canon content from the developers themselves, making it seem kinda.. hollow.
Relying too much on the community to provide content to your players is a bad idea and I don’t see it ending well. But hey, at the same time I don’t know how much content they have planned for the game.
I’m glad they made changes to the combat to make it more traditional. I’m a fan of traditional tab-target and traditional action combat. Taking it beyond that is just too confusing for me but then I’m in my late 20s so I’m old.
It’s more difficult for me to acclimate to new things.
So yeah. I’m excited. I think with a little more progress, some optimization and maybe some more betas with a certain devilishly charming MMOTuber to give feedback, (wink wink, nudge nudge) we could honestly have something to look forward to.
Until I see more and get to get my hands on it.. I’ll sit here and remain cautious. But optimistic that it could turn out well.
What do you guys think? Are you excited for Peria Chronicles? Or is there a different Anime MMO that interests you?

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Why I’m Excited for FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Why I’m Excited for FFXIV: Shadowbringers

I mean there’s a ton of reasons to be excited for the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion.
It’s impossible to really narrow down a singular reason in specific, so instead, I’d like to just sit here for a few minutes and discuss exactly why I’m excited.
If you’re not a fan of Final Fantasy XIV then no problem. There are some people that love the game and some people that hate the game – it comes with the territory.
Regardless of your preference, there’s no denying that Final Fantasy XIV is one of the largest, most populated MMORPGs currently on the market.
Square Enix, the developers behind the game boasted a 16 million total registered players since they launched.
While total registered players don’t equate to a concurrent player number, it’s safe to say that the game, specifically with the launch of Shadowbringers in mind, not to mention the refugees from WoW have brought concurrent players to a whole new level.
But that’s besides the point. We’re all well aware that Final Fantasy XIV is a large MMO – we’re here to talk about Shadowbringers, though.


So each class – or job as it’s referred to in Final Fantasy XIV, but I’m gonna refer to it as class purely because I prefer that terminology, has their own unique story associated with it.
As an example, I’m a Warrior and I take quests from my class trainer, and then at level 30 by a curious man named George who passes his time trying to cleave water in two in Costa del sol.
They add personality and depth to each class you level.
With the introduction of Shadowbringers, they’re changing “Job quests” in favor of “Role quests,” quests specific to the role you play as.. but that move along synchronously with the main story.
There are entire Role quest chains that encompass the tank, healer, ranged DPS and melee DPS roles. But they aren’t removing Job quests all together, at least from what I can tell.
They will instead unlock once you hit max level. So not only are job quests still going to be available and doable, but you’ll also have new Role quests to tie into the main story and the role you chose to play in it.
This is awesome as I’m always of the opinion that more main content – not side content – is merely more to enjoy.
Not only that but they’re finally doing away with Role actions. I mean don’t get me wrong – I love having access to all of my skills – but I feel as though the system currently is pointless.
Instead of allowing me to pick them, just let me learn them like I would normally. And that’s what they did. Role actions will now be learned at specific levels.
I mean this isn’t really something I’m excited about, more.. just a quality of life change for me.
Then.. TP is getting removed. Man, I remember when sprinting would consume all my TP and I would no longer be able to use any of my skills as a Warrior and Dragoon. Those were rough times.
Thankfully, it seems as though Square are finally doing away with TP completely. Meaning that, from what I can tell, tanks will no longer have to manage TP as a resource.
On the topic of class changes, you can expect every single class to change.. some a little, some quite extensively.
I know some people are upset with how their class is looking, healers specifically but for me.. I like how my Warrior is looking.
I think it’s still going to be in a really good place and I can’t wait to gain access to some of these badass sounding skills, even if my skillbars – all 7 of them are pretty much full already.
Then the Gunbreaker and Dancer classes.. holy crap. The hype I have for them is unreal.
My wife is going to level Dancer while I level the Gunbreaker class so we get to test both of them a little after launch, once we’ve had time to hit max level and progress through some of the story and gain access to some form of endgame.
Another thing I’m excited for, especially with regards to Warrior is the fact that we’ll be losing our DPS stance, but that’s not what’s exciting.
Allow me to quickly inform you guys of what being in tank stance does for me: Increases maximum HP by 25%, while reducing damage dealt by 20%. It also increases HP recovery via healing magic by 20%.
Now with the removal of DPS stances, I’ll be able to sit in tank stance WITHOUT PENALTY. Meaning I will no longer lose my 20% damage but will retain the positive effects of the stance.
I don’t play healer or DPS so those updates didn’t really interest me.


Not kidding, ever since I saw the Viera in Final Fantasy XII with Fran, and, subsequentally her entire race, I’ve been enamored.
I’d hoped one day they would introduce Viera into the game and here we are. The Horthgar, which I doubt I’ll ever play are also a very cool addition as if I ever wanna go ahead and channel my inner Kimahri… I can.


Then finally, which is one of the things I’m most excited for, is YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, a raid based completely on the Nier: Automata game.
I’m a huge Nier Automata fan – I loved it as much as I loved Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, all of which I played at roughly similar times, funny enough.
The raid in specific, like the raids in Stormblood are inspired by the Nier Automata game and will also feature Yoko Taro, Nier’s creator, in a partnership that will allow him full creative control over the raid with him promising mechanics will resemble those found within Nier Automata itself.
Then there is the expansion of the story, finally learning what happened to our Scions, Minfilia, Hydaelyn – and so much more. New zones, new dungeons, new primals, new mechanics..
I’m just hyped beyond measure right now and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the game come the 28th.

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Astellia Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

For those of you eagerly anticipating the upcoming Astellia Online closed beta, the team behind the game have gifted me with 100 – yes, you read that correctly – ONE HUNDRED closed beta keys to give away to our community.
To enter the giveaway is simple.

Astellia Online Beta Keys

Complete the actions above for your chance to get into the beta. You have 100 keys to potentially win, so what’re you waiting for? Winning a key has never been this easy! SEE YOU IN-GAME DURING THE BETA!

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MMORPG News: Astellia Beta, New League of Maidens MMO, TERA Origin

MMORPG News: Astellia Beta, New League of Maidens MMO, TERA Origin

Black Desert Online

Back on June 12th I did a video on the new Shai class introduced into Black Desert. I didn’t have the option of trying her out and testing how she played but that’s alright.
We’ll get to next week as the Shai class officially launches on the 26th. However, if you’re burdened with an insatiable need to create her now, long before she is made readily available to play, then go right ahead.
You’re capable of creating your Shai character right now – several days before being able to officially play her. So what’re you waiting for?

ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved has been an astonishingly large survival game for several years now. Averaging 40,000 players playing concurrently at any hour of the day is a feat in and of itself.
Their latest game, Atlas didn’t fare so well with critics but I’m sure that’ll launch a couple years from now to quite a sizeable audience as well.. if they’re lucky. Maybe not. Probably.
Now with their main focus on Atlas, you wouldn’t expect them to release a new map expansion but here we are, Wildcard announced a new map, Valguero would be available for everyone to play.. completely free of charge.
If you’re a fan or ARK you’ll likely recognize this map as it was an original mod from the Steam Workshop over a year ago. It functions more like an updated Ragnarok – with Aberration zones added in.
So if ARK is your thing, you should go ahead and try out the new map. My wife MrsStix and I will be this weekend!

World of Warcraft: Classic

I’m not sure how participants for the first stage of stress-tests were chosen.
I never applied and never attempted to test out whether I could get in or not because I never played Classic and didn’t want my first impressions of it tainted.
But from what I was aware of, a very small selection of people were chosen.
However, as of the 19th – Wednesday specifically, Blizz opened up registration for anyone with an active subscription to the game located within North America, South America and Oceania.
This meant that it was your opportunity to get in and experience what Classic was going to be like. All characters and classes were made available however they capped players at level 15.
Various instances were made available for players to participate in like Deadmines – which is suicide for people under lvl18 from what I’ve seen and Warsong Gulch for those of you that want to test out PvP.
Hopefully you got in and got to scratch that itch for WoW Classic. Quick question – what did you think of it? Is it what you expected? Are you going to resub for Classic?


Okay so speaking of Atlas earlier, Wildcard just made somewhat of an unusual announcement. See, ARK is a smaller game. It’s playable with what? 80 other players on your server I think?
But Atlas was announced to hold 40,000 people per server.
If that isn’t the very definition of an MMORPG – 40,000 players all fighting, gearing, leveling to fight bosses at endgame whilst simultaneously attempting to murder one another… yeah I dunno what is.
Anyway, I digress. Wildcard announced that they are working on a single-player version of the game to play alone, as opposed to thousands of other players. Why? I dunno.
Maybe it’s because unlike ARK which has upwards of 40,000 people playing concurrently, Atlas has only been able to attract a mere 4,000. This is.. noticeably lower than ARK.
I dunno. It’s a weird direction to take their game but they cite it’s due to player demand.

Guild Wars 2

I believe it’s been a long while since players got to participate in the Dragon Bash events.
So, put on your nostalgia goggles because it’s coming back to Guild Wars 2 on June 25th, lasting until July 16th.
Why this was reintroduced after such a long absence remains to be seen but some people are theorizing that it may be there way of cleaning out the closet looking for things to provide players with until Season 5 starts.
Festival of the Four Winds was introduced last year as well after being absent for.. a few years itself, so. While it’s never a bad thing to get long-since-gone content back, it’s a curious choice.


If you were a fan of the classic old tale of Dekaron but it’s just.. too dated to really play anymore, then you’ll be happy to know – or maybe you’ll be unhappy to know that ThumbAge is announcing Dekaron.. Mobile.
Yup, because every MMORPG that isn’t a Western one anyway needs to have their very own copy>pasted mobile adaptation these days. The only details they went into were that it will “have the best features of the PC version.”
Something we didn’t want nor need but hey, thanks anyway!

World of Warcraft

I figure since these are technically going to be different games with different update schedules, it might be best to henceforth keep them separated.
World of Warcraft, if you weren’t aware was having some serious issues retaining players. They’re leaving the game left right and center. This is because Battle for Azeroth is a critically received expansion and it was mishandled.
Thankfully, Rise of Azshara looks to fix some of those issues and you’re in luck – it actually goes live next week on the 25th.
Since you’ll likely have a subscription if you played Classic you might as well take a look and see if this update interests you, right? Worst case scenario? It still sucks.

Blade & Soul

It’s that time of the month again – Blade & Soul is receiving another update, this time titled Empyrean Shadows.
It brings with it quite a surprisingly large amount of updates including the new Act 10 story, and most importantly, the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master third class specializations.
Additionally, the Warped Citadel, a new 6-player Heroic dungeon is now available for players to tackle as well.
So if you’ve been bored with the content at your disposal, then fret not as Blade & Soul never seems to disappoint. Well, they do with the actual game, but never with the frequency of the updates for it.

TERA Origin

I know, many of you aren’t interested in TERA Origin but I have to do a segment on this because.. well, there are currently 4 other TERA MMOs in development for mobile devices. I’m not even kidding.
Apparently TERA is such a hot commodity right now that there’s TERA M, TERA Frontier, TERA Classic, and TERA Origin. That’s not counting the normal TERA.
Regardless, Netmarble have announced that TERA Origin is going into closed beta testing so if you’re interested, then you can sign right up!

Astellia Online

Astellia could potentially be this years big Korean MMO. People have been excited for its release since the end of 2018 and for good reason: It looks like it could very well be the next TERA.
So you might be a little excited to know that it’s launching a closed beta testing phase this month.
According to the team behind Astellia, this closed beta will be to test the server performance and PvE progression while showcasing the implementation of active dodging, improved animations and various other combat improvements.
Do note though that just because the game is going to be playable, it is in beta-form meaning there will likely be quite a few bugs and performance issues.
Beta keys will be sent out to random players like every beta, but if you want to ensure you get in to the beta then you’re going to want to grab the Preorder package, which is a whopping $100.
I’ll be participating in the beta, and the team behind the game are providing me with several keys to give to our viewers so if you want to obtain one, let me know in the comments below!
I’ll have an updated video with my Astellia impressions soon!

Final Fantasy XIV

If you’d forgotten, then Final Fantasy XIV is rolling out their Shadowbringers expansion on the 28th for those of us that pre-ordered the early access version of the game, and on July 2nd for everyone else.
Don’t forget to tune into our channel to watch us stream the introductory levels of the game and.. probably die repeatedly to bosses in dungeons.
It looks like it’s gonna be a hell of a time and I look forward to seeing you all there.

League of Maidens

I did a video on this a couple weeks ago and will have a more updated video on it soon but the League of Maidens team have doubled the funding they have for the game and are taking the time to listen and implement changes their players want.
If you want to have your voice heard and have any ideas for the game then now’s your chance to let them know!

MapleStory 2

Finally, for the handful of those of you that still play MapleStory 2 you’ll be.. well, excited is taking things a little too far. I’d say.. maybe, potentially.. interested? In their new Guilded Glory update.
The update in question adds some things exclusive to guilds such as new tiers of guild raid dungeons, rebalancing the current guild raids, guild quests and adding the Blackshard Nexus dungeon, a brand new dungeon exclusive to this update.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 North American PS4 & Switch Confirmed!

Phantasy Star Online 2 North American PS4 & Switch Confirmed!

I covered Phantasy Star Online 2’s E3 announcement by Microsoft last week and I’ll admit, I was hyped. I’ve played the Japanese version of the game and I played it quite thoroughly.
That was of course using the fan-translations that were supplied to us – and while they were pretty damn good, there were always translation issues, especially with current content.
Which made things a little difficult at times but not so much that I’d complain about it.
So hearing that Microsoft was bringing over PSO2 to the West was great news for hundreds of thousands of potential players, if the views on my PSO2 video are to be believed.
We’ve been waiting since the game originally launched back in 2012 for someone – anyone to localize and publish the game over here, after all.
During their announcement, Microsoft stated that they wanted to bring the game over to the West for Xbox and PC, offering cross-play functionality between the two platforms.
That means that you can play on either PC or Xbox with friends playing on either – meaning you aren’t segregated.
Fans were livid that Microsoft had plans to bring the game over exclusively for those platforms and those platforms alone, but in a recent interview with Phil Spencer, the President of Xbox, it was revealed that they have no intention of releasing the game exclusively for those platforms at all, and that both PS4 and Switch releases were already planned and on the way.
Whether that means that they had planned to launch on every console is up for discussion, but it is worth noting that the game – which has an expected release window of Spring 2020 – does not have a release window for other consoles.
Microsoft themselves will be providing the servers for PSO2 and it has been confirmed, both via Twitter and the official PSO2 website that the game, at present, is expected to launch in North America in Spring 2020.
Release dates for the rest of the world are unknown right now – with no information on whether the rest of the world will even get a release in their country. “Debuting in North America” is all we’ve gotten in terms of confirmation.
Now allow me to quickly touch on three potential outcomes regarding the release next year.
1.) Microsoft could be providing servers hosted within North America, just like Nexon America does with their games, and instead of opening servers in different regions across the world, which would prove to be much more expensive overall, would allow players from all areas of the world, with the exception of regions that already have their version such as South East Asia and Japan to access the game without an IP block.
This would of course mean that you would likely have higher latency outside of North America but from what I’ve played of the Japanese version with over 200 ping in the past I’ve suffered no disadvantages from lag. Thus far, anyway.
2.) Like other games in the past, Microsoft could be planning a North American launch initially, with plans to expand into other countries over time. This would provide them an idea of how popular the game was, at least within North America, before going ahead with attempting to gain rights to publish in other countries, which is a whole nother headache.
3.) The most unlikely, but also definitely a plausible outcome would be that North America and North America alone will have access to the game. Microsoft could IP block the rest of the world to prevent anyone outside of the country from accessing the game without using a VPN to play. Although I doubt this will be the case.
They announced that the game will be getting a North American release with – in their words – “all of the content” that the Japanese version currently has.
This means 7 years, 8 if we count when the game will launch over here worth of content, updates, gear, tweaks, quests, bosses and more.
While it’s an amazing thought – being up to date with the official Japanese version of the game and getting to access all the latest content as Japan gets to experience it, that also means that it essentially trivializes all of the content released for many of the years leading up to this point.
Instances, gear, fights that were all much more difficult to do in the past, things that people enjoyed about the game, things that people hated about the game, they’re all either skippable now or easy enough that they no longer require the same effort they once did.
I’ve read enough comments in my PSO2 video to know that this is one thing that has upset quite a few of you and I can certainly understand why.
I’ve expressed my concern with a few things, specifically the cosmetic items and crossover events because Microsoft doesn’t have deals in place to have them in-game over here and this means that they’ll either be completely removed or censored.
A lot of you seem to think that censorship is the route they’ll take because that’s the route the South East Asian version of the game took but honestly I’d hate to have any form of censorship in-game.
I understand there are certain events we’ll never have access to because we just can’t and that’s alright, but there’s no need to censor things.
Removal will be fine, especially since I’m sure the vast majority of players won’t even realize anything has been removed, what with most of them having not played the game.
If they had, then there would be hundreds of thousands of players playing on the Japanese servers right now, and there aren’t. Ship 2 is populated, very true, but the large influx of players is going to be.. from mostly new eyes.
So, yeah. That’s pretty much it. Microsoft is bringing over Phantasy Star Online 2 to North America in Spring 2020 with an unconfirmed global release possibly planned in the future.
The game will launch – at least initially – on Xbox One and PC with PS4 and Switch releases planned for an undisclosed release in the future as well.
Whether we have a censored version remains to be seen, hopefully we don’t but regardless, most players won’t know the difference.
It’s unlikely you’ll be able to migrate your characters over to the Microsoft version otherwise it would negate the need for people to roll new characters and actually play through the game.
Not just that but it would inhibit new players’ progress when they see what current players already have.
Like I said last week, I’m incredibly excited. I’ve been playing PSO2 on and off for a couple years now and couldn’t be more excited to roll onto an official English version.
I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with new information released pertaining to the English version of the game.
I hope you’re all equally as excited as I am and ready to grind together as I plan to be there on launch day!

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Is Genshin Impact An MMORPG? The Upcoming Anime RPG Explained

Two weeks ago I included a small segment for Genshin Impact in our Weekly Byte of MMORPG News.
I mentioned that it could be an MMO because at the time of writing, MiHoYo had yet to officially reveal information on it.
Literally a day or two later not only did they release a full gameplay trailer, but they also released a ton of information on it as well.
So that’s what I’m here to talk about today. Genshin Impact, the fact that I’m actually pretty excited for it and whether or not it’s an MMO.


Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG coming to both PC and mobile devices in Spring 2020. MiHoYo, the team behind Genshin Impact revealed that it will feature full cross-play functionality between the two platforms.
The story revolves around your character-or party of characters and their goal of fighting to keep balance in the world of Tevyat- a world ruled by elemental gods called “The Seven” and stopping the corruption plaguing it.
Along with the upcoming release of the game, MiHoYo also has an ongoing comic series for the game under the same name.
If you’re interested in knowing more about the story, the characters, or where the game might go being a potential adaptation of the comic itself, you can go ahead and read it.
I’ve taken a little time to and it’s actually pretty good.
A beta test is scheduled for the end of this month so if you’re interested in what you see and hear go ahead and follow this link right here to sign up for the beta.
The trailer that MiHoYo released showcases several distinct playable characters along with some beautiful, if a little Breath of the Wild-ish themed envorinments. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Breath of the Wild.
I know some people had issues with gear breaking all the time, needing to farm excessively, instances being too easy and the dungeons being too few but I enjoyed everything about the game.
This is coming from a person who’s favorite games in the genre were Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Windwaker. So I’m personally more than happy if they’ve taken inspiration from Zelda’s latest game – all the more for me to enjoy.
Once the beta officially rolls out at the end of this month we’ll have a much clearer image of whether the game takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild or follows it blindly.


I know this is what most of you are waiting for – and the answer is a simple.. No. It is not. Unfortunately. But don’t feel dismayed just yet.
MiHoYo is most notably known for their mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd which, if I’m being completely honest here is probably one of the most fun, high quality titles I’ve seen on mobile devices.
And I’ve played through a solid.. 20? 30 by now for my mobile channel.
However Honkai Impact 3rd does feature multiplayer features so while Genshin Impact may not be an MMO perse, it very well may include extensive multiplayer functionality.
One thing worth noting is that single-player games don’t require beta test periods. Games with online functionality in some capacity do.
This leads me further to believe that some form of multiplayer is going to be included in the game as I doubt they’d plan an entire beta for.. testing their cash shop.


Genshin Impact is said to provide players with a huge explorable fantasy world, an epic story and fast-paced action condensed into a currently-at-least, single player experience.
I mostly stick to MMOs these days because I can play them with my wife. So single player games are generally out of the picture for me, but this seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.
When Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was announced I instantly knew I was playing it at launch. I feel somewhat similarly for Genshin Impact as well, lest the closed beta prove to be otherwise.. less than stellar.
One thing I would like to note about Genshin Impact though is that I’m still uncertain of the kind of game it’ll be, and if the game design will be taken directly from the Honkai Impact games – games filled with gacha content and plagued with microtransactions.
As an example, when filling out the survey to participate in the upcoming closed beta one of the questions was “how do you feel about microtransactions?” Another asked “how do you feel about purchasing items in-game?”
This is something very, very concerning to me because I’m heavily against games with a large emphasis on cash shops and microtransactions. So this, coupled with the potentially randomized rewards has me a little disconcerted.
I’m not any less excited for the game because if handled correctly, the cash shop might be nothing short of a huge cosmetic-dump in terms of things you can buy.
But on the other hand, it could also offer the kinds of items prevalent in pretty much every mobile game. I don’t need to tell you what they are and what effect they generally have on the games.
A lot of information regarding the game is left to the imagination right now with a lot to be revealed at a later date, but you can’t argue that the game looks anything other than gorgeous and potentially a lotta fun.
First impressions are everything – and so far I’m impressed. Just cautious. Which I urge you all to be as well.
A business model for the game has yet to be revealed but since it’s planned to release on both PC and mobile devices, it’s likely that the game will be completely free to play on both.
Naturally, if I get into the closed beta I’ll do a video on my impressions of the game but until I get in, all I can tell you all is that it’s okay to get excited – but don’t be too optimistic until we get more.. sound information.

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