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A Plague Tale: Innocence Download PC + Crack

LAST UPDATE: 03.07.2019

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If we focus on the game then it is designed and developed on the basis of action, adventure, puzzle and stealth genre. Asobo Studio is the developer and Focus Home Interaction is the publisher of it. The players can access single player mode in the game. With it, they can get lots of impressive features that can help in getting lots of entertainment. All these factors are making it a good option for spending free time.
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Minimum Specification Requirements
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Recommended Specification Requirements
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· Graphics Chipset – AMD RX 480 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
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Story line

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 Different characters

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A Plague Tale: Innocence Download Free Tutorial

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Action PC World War Z crack World War Z crack pc World War Z download World War Z download free World War Z download pc World War Z free download World War Z pc crack World War Z PC Download World War Z torrent

World War Z Download PC + Crack

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World War Z Download Free Tutorial

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News Review

Pagan Online is Actually Pretty Good!

Pagan Online – The Early Access ARPG

I’ve been following Pagan Online since back when it was under an NDA. I thought it looked pretty cool – especially considering the Diablo Immortal debacle that had recently taken place at the time.
So I reached out to the team behind the game and talked to a couple of the team members. They were friendly and more than willing to not only answer any questions I had but help with any issues I was having with the game.
For those of you wondering, this is not sponsored at all.
Pagan is a fast-paced hack-and-slash action RPG published by – the people behind World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, y’know.. all the “World of” games.
The game features – at least presently – 8 distinct heroes or characters as opposed to classes. I mean the heroes function more or less like classes would but they’re bound by their own personalities and looks.
Which means, of course, there is no character creation. There is some customization in the way of varied costumes for your heroes but otherwise.. you’re likely to be left wanting.
Upon entering the game I quickly learned that the combat style was very similar to games like Path of Exile or Diablo, which is good news since I enjoy both of them.
Naturally there are differences and those differences become abundantly more apparent as you progress further through the game especially with regards to difficulty and quantity of monsters.
As far as the combat itself, it’s possibly the most polished I’ve seen in a game of this kind.
Other than combat, story is a very prevalent part of the game. Progression, access to new areas, access to new features overall was handled via following the main story.
The story is pretty basic but basic stories have a certain.. charm to them, still. All of the Gods that once protected the world are now gone.
The world is in chaos and it’s up to you to recruit a group of like-minded individuals to assist you in combatting the darkness that has engulfed the world.
The story alone features a 50 hour long campaign to get through – and that’s without any side missions, DLC or expansion content.
The game, like most action RPGs takes place in a hub – you take quests, you recruit NPCs to populate the hub you’re in and those NPCs unlock new features.
There are plenty of features to unlock, and as of this video there are quite a few still locked due to the game being an Early Access title, but then again that’s to be expected as the game isn’t in a finished form.
I still don’t understand why we’re able to purchase unfinished games, play them while they’re broken, then get bored before they ever get fixed but what do I know.
I’m not a game developer so I don’t know anything about Early Access games.
But, I digress.
As mentioned, the game takes place in a social hub, meaning you come across a plethora of other players. The game is supposed to be playable with another person so the hub allows for you to locate other people to play with.
Unfortunately, co-op play was unavailable when I recorded this and I believe is still available currently as of this video going live.
The game itself is very linear. Where in Path of Exile or even Diablo III you’re capable of exploring the zone you’re in, in Pagan you’re limited to a few different directions you can take.
You run down a small linear pathway that is filled with hordes of monsters, reach a fork in the road, choose a direction, run down that linear pathway filled with hordes of monsters and.. rinse and repeat.
Then.. boss battle. Or, zone final fight. Which ultimately ends the zone and allows you to essentially progress forward to the next chapter of the story.
Each zone does have quite a bit of replayability with side missions becoming available in zones you’ve already cleared and new mission objectives like “killing x amount of monsters without dropping below 50% HP” or “not using x attack” requiring you go back and try to complete them.
While there isn’t much incentive to explore the areas you’re traversing, there are things like elite monsters and treasure chests locked behind timers that promote exploration. So it isn’t all bad.
When beginning the game you choose between one of three heroes.
You’re stuck with the hero you choose at the beginning but gain access to various other heroes as you collect them via “Hero Shards.”
Hero Shards are collected by a variety of means. I collected a few over the course of my journey but you require 50 per hero to unlock. That’s.. a lotta grinding. At least for some heroes as some are easily unlockable.
Each hero has their own unique abilities, their own skill trees, equipment types and playstyles and every hero is playable on the same account.
So swapping between characters or changing mains all together because you found someone you enjoy more is as easy as selecting them.
One thing I found.. limiting though was the skill trees themselves. I’m not saying more variety won’t be added in the future but right now there seems to be more or less a single build you can go.
With very little in the way of skill customization, you’re left almost with a sense that you have a negligible amount of choice on how your character is grown.
Loot management is a little.. ludicrous. See, you don’t find items or equipment like you normally would – after killing a monster or two.
Instead, each zone you go to has several “encounters”, which spawn a set of monsters to kill and only after they’re killed does loot spawn.
And boy does loot spawn. After two or three encounters your inventory is full and you’re left wondering if you should even bother picking any of the loot up ’cause most of the items are.. useless common garbage.
After each chapter I’d make it back to the quest hub completely filled with useless items and weapons to pawn off to the trader.
I’m more a fan of quality over quantity: I’d rather improved gear or increased volumes of money drop as opposed to low-quality common items and a few gold spilled out everywhere.
Think of it this way: You’re going out to a restaurant with a friend of yours. The restaurant ends up costing $150. Would you rather have 200 $1 notes or 4 $50 notes? Exactly.
Sorting through 150 $1’s would take forever. And that’s my point. There was no need for the abundance of low quality items after each group of monsters. It just made selling or trashing the items take that much longer.
But that doesn’t mean there was never anything of worth. Several times I had pretty sweet upgrades.. at least in terms of raw damage. But every piece of gear has additional stats like +strength or +fortitude.
So while you could increase the base damage of your character, you could also lower the overall stats of your character by equipping an item with inferior sub-stats.
This means you have to carefully plan every item you equip, which is a pretty interesting route to take. Especially if you’re a fan of min-maxxing in games.
For me? I love seeing my stats raise even slightly so sitting there wondering if the sub-stats would benefit me better overall than the small upgrade in base damage is my kinda thing.
Each story-related mission I went on in-game, at least during the first chapters’ missions had me meet a selection of NPCs.
As I mentioned earlier, the NPCs you recruit in-game come back to your quest hub and unlock various features like crafting, the Hero Forge, the merchant and more.
They have, like your character, their own personality and are responsible for some of the missions you go on.
It was definitely an interesting route to take – populating the quest hub with recruitable NPCs that have their own quirky personalities and stories associated with them but it adds a lot of life to an already refreshingly animated game.
Something that surprised me was that there was voice acting in-game. The entire game was voiced over in English. Every mission I took had someone narrating it.
Every feature I unlocked had the NPC associated with the feature explaining how it was used.
Every time I unlocked a new NPC they were all “whoa, hey dude, what’s up?” and it was all completely voiced.
A lot of it was actually pretty good. There were some exceptions, like the characters with strong foreign accents that you could tell were heavily forced and a little cringey but the voice acting was pretty good.
I mean I’m no professional voice actor so I have no right to complain or judge. Even though it’d be pretty cool if I were. Maybe I should try that.
One issue I found with the game, and this is a minor issue really because at the same time.. it isn’t even really that big of an issue, but it was the mobile-esque feel of the hub itself.
The Pagan team streamlined a lot of the options making them all more or less available anywhere from the hub itself.
This in part removed the need to really.. move. You could, for all intents and purposes, stand there and do everything you likely needed on the spot.
Having most of the features available from menus anywhere made it feel a little mobile-esque to me and I’ve been playing a lot of them for my mobile channel recently so it just kinda.. stood out and irked me a little.
Overall, my opinion of Pagan Online is that at its core, it’s a very entertaining game with a lot of potential.
It is a very beautiful game. Ridiculously good looking. The areas I visited, the animations of my characters and the monsters, the skill effects – everything looked so polished.
But then when you’re a publisher as large as Wargaming it’s to be expected.
The action combat is a little.. Iunno, difficult at first glance since it makes use of WASD instead of mouse clicks but it’s easy to get acclimated to after which it becomes an incredibly fun and addictive combat style.
There’s nothing quite like mowing down hundreds of enemies at once with your significant other. Makes for a great quality date night.
Questing and progression was fun. It was linear and limiting at times but replayability was very high thanks to various ways of tackling the objectives.
I expect this to be even more fun when you have to tackle objectives with another person.
Character NPCs that you meet and recruit were all fun and interesting, with some being.. a little over the top at times. But then I’m a fan of World of Warcraft, so.. yeah.
There are a lot of features in the game.. or, there are planned to be a lot of features in the game. The lack of features was very apparent and honestly, I feel as though more should have been included before the Early Access launch.
It likely would have resulted in more positive reviews on the Steam page.
Overall, for an ARPG the game was enjoyable. It turned out a lot better than I thought it was going to. I don’t traditionally play ARPGs so this was refreshing for me.
There are some things missing but for the most part, I had a lotta fun and I look forward to playing co-op with my wife when the game finally adds the feature in.

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MMORPG News: Lost Ark Update, Peria Chronicles BETA, Astellia Online, Talion & More!

Lost Ark Update, Peria Chronicles BETA, Astellia Online, Talion & More!


Oath is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG. I had the opportunity to speak with two of the developers behind the game and I have that interview coming soon, but even without having posted that, Oath has hit its Kickstarter goal.
More than that, they almost doubled their Kickstarter goal. This means that Oath is officially in development!
If you’re unaware of what Oath is, then you can head on over to their Kickstarter page or wait for our interview this month.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

This is an old one, dating all the way back to 2008.
Pirates of the Burning Sea has been stagnant for a long while at this point, but the community has refused to give up on it after all this time, even after having lost the support of its original publisher.
Then, a few months ago it was announced that the game would be revived by Vision Online Games who plan on modernizing the game and taking it in a new direction while revitalizing the playerbase through a dedicated marketing campaign.
It’s amazing what the MMO community can do when they care about the game they’re playing as opposed to being toxic.

Black Desert Online

In Black Desert news, Pearl Abyss have released a roadmap featuring their expected content releases of this quarter, ranging from new mounts, new areas and an entirely new region.
One such region is the large new “Underwater Ruins” expansion for PC players. The expansion rolls out on May 22nd and features new water-themed locations for players to explore.
Then, in.. strange news, Kakao Games, the current publisher for Black Desert in South Korea agreed to transfer publishing rights in South Korea to Pearl Abyss.
Pearl Abyss will then directly handle publishing worldwide for the game with the exception of North America and Europe.

Astellia Online

I haven’t actually seen much in the way of news with regards to Astellia Online in the last couple months, but every so often the team behind it release a small glimpse into the game.
Last week it was showcasing the Warrior and Scholar classes.
Other than briefly talking about them, not much more in the way of content was shown but they’re trying.. almost admirably to keep people hyped for the game even though it’s being labeled Bless 2.0.. or was it Bless 3.0? I forget.

Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed went into beta testing last week and the overall consensus was that it was.. okay. From the handful of people that tried it, anyway.
Not much was included in the beta but more is expected to be showcased in the future.
When specifically is unknown but Namco Bandai are moving along at a good enough rate that we’ll likely be seeing the title release in the near future.

MapleStory 2

Nexon posted an announcement on their website dedicated to the Project New Leaf update.
It included various changes like a 60% reduction to World Boss HP, more severe penalties for purchasing mesos via gold trading websites, and a lot more.
The most important thing, though? A new upcoming large expansion is planned for this Summer. Although no details have been revealed, Nexon have promised additional information will be made available in the near future.
However, at least according to the Steamcharts, MapleStory 2 has had a decline from an average of over 40,000 concurrent players down to a mere 1,000.
This just counts Steam and not players that are playing via their official launcher, but a drop that steep can’t be good.

Final Fantasy XIV

For players that are interested in obtaining the GARO-themed gear or GARO-themed mounts, you may want to be aware that come patch 5.1, they will be retired. What this means is that none of the GARO-related items will be obtainable.
But you have until, like.. the end of this year to win them. So get to it if you have yet to!
Also worth noting is that the Heavensward expansion for the game is being given out completely free to all owners of the base-game.
So if you bought Final Fantasy XIV originally and would love to try out its first expansion, now’s your chance to redeem it for free!
One final note, I’ll have my Final Fantasy XIV video review posted this month in preparation for Shadowbringers’ early access launch next month. So get ready!

Lord of the Rings Online

The team behind Lord of the Rings Online recently held a livestream to celebrate the game’s 12th anniversary. In it they went on to tease various bits of info pertaining to upcoming content.
This includes the new 64-bit client and a new expansion raid. Fans were ecstatic, and for good reason. They have their shit together for this year!

The Elder Scrolls Online

In preparation for the Elsweyr expansion next month, ZeniMax has released a new trailer featuring the Necromancer class.
Yeah, that’s.. that’s it. I covered everything else regarding Elsweyr in a past news video and nothing new has come to light. But hey! There’s a cool new trailer so you should check that out!


So as I’m sure you’re aware, the highly anticipated KurtzPel launched into early access last week. And it wasn’t good.
There were a lot, and I mean a lot of complaints regarding the game, the locking of specific weapon types behind pay-walls, rampant pay to win and just.. so much drama that I would be better off listing it all in a video dedicated to it.
But, as of a few days ago, the KurtzPel team released a formal statement admitting their fault and promising to remedy the issue in question.
All weapon types or Karmas have since been made available free, and hopefully the pay to win is at least drastically reduced. Since I know for a fact no free to play game can run without being pay to win to a degree.
For players that already purchased the weapon types, the KurtzPel team plan on reimbursing you in the form of unique costumes for free. So.. at least it’s something.
I’ll have an official KurtzPel video up in the coming week or two.


It’s been seven whole years since TERA launched. SEVEN! In celebration of this, En Masse have a plethora of events planned for the entire month.
So if you’re looking for a reason to get into the game, or, get back into the game, then this could be an opportunity to! There’s gonna be a ton to do!
Additionally, a new “companion” system has been added into TERA. A system that makes the game significantly more pay to win.
See, at level 66 you earn your own companion, a combat ally that gives you various combat buffs and automatically pops potions for you when you need them.
However your combat ally has stamina, which of course is recovered through use of cash shop items.
The maximum amount of companions you can hold at any given time is also expandable via the cash shop, along with re-rolling your RNG companion skill.
So.. yeah. Cool.

Guild Wars

Yes, Guild Wars. Not Guild Wars 2, but its predecessor. Guild Wars is actually turning 14! Or, just turned 14, even.
The game launched back in 2005 and has been online ever since, maintaining a loyal playerbase.
In celebration of its 14 year anniversary, ArenaNet have announced that they’ll be halving the price of the game – every version of the game, including the large collection bundle.
Additionally, various tweaks have been made to the core game. So take note!

Guild Wars 2

Yup. Black Desert, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, TERA and now Guild Wars 2, this week’s turning out to be quite the week.
So ArenaNet announced last week that War Eternal, the final episode in this season of the Living World has a confirmed release date. May 14th. Yes, this coming Tuesday! It’s really that close.
So for those of you that have been eagerly awaiting new content.. you won’t have long to wait!

Lost Ark

Nope.. nothing related to its Western release yet. Regardless, Smilegate, like Pearl Abyss have released a roadmap of new content for the game.
It features things like automated pathing while on the ocean, a new continent, and a new dungeon type that introduces a new environment: Marine.
Also! I actually got into Lost Ark and I’ll be recording gameplay for it for posting later this month! So keep an eye out!


I’d reported on her upcoming release in the past but Eira, the gun-wielding Void Witch is finally live on the official servers.
Earlier this week also began the Golden Time event in Vindictus which provides players unique goodies whenever they log in between now and June 4th.
So if you’re interested in tackling the game from scratch yet again-but this time, with a gun-wielding babe then this is your chance. There are XP boosts on for the next week.

Blade & Soul

I dunno. Is this news video featuring literally every single moderately populated MMORPG in the market? I feel like it is. But I digress.
NCSoft has announced Blade & Soul’s upcoming major update, Scarlet Tears- and it’s coming out next week! Scarlet Tears adds the new “Scarlet Conservatory” 12-player raid along with the remaining two chapters of the Temple of Succession story.
Accompanying the update is the new Dragon’s Bounty event that will allow players to further upgrade their accessories and add new outfits. You know, the normal way NCSoft cons money outta its playerbase.

EVE Online

In the last 6 months, I believe I may have done.. a single news segment on EVE Online. Well, you’ll be surprised then to hear that May 28th marks the release of EVE’s new “Invasion” expansion.
There was a ton of information released regarding the expansion, so if you’re interested in everything that was added I suggest heading on over to EVE’s official website as trust me, there’s far too much for me to even sum up here without dragging this on for a solid ten more minutes.


For those of you interested in upcoming Mobile MMOs – and I know there are a lot of you, then Talion, which actually looks pretty good for a mobile title – visually, anyway, will be launching later this month on the 28th.
Like every Mobile MMORPG to date, Talion features two very unique factions: One bent on the pursuit of power and the other being sworn to freedom. Yup, you gotta give it to Korean Mobile MMO developers: They know how to innovate.
Especially with the game’s gender locked classes. That’s what we want in our games. And yes, if you weren’t aware.. I was being facetious.

Peria Chronicles

So, Peria Chronicles had a recent multi-day beta test of their game for select people to partake of. Unfortunately I’m not South Korean so I wasn’t invited.
#feelsbadman but nevertheless, people captured some very, very interesting character creation.
Granted I’m not really able to showcase the character creation because it’s upload by another Youtuber and I don’t want to steal their content, I do recommend checking Youtube itself.
The amount of customization is probably more than in any Anime MMO outside of maybe PSO2.
Additional testing phases are planned in the near future so do keep a close eye on the game! Who knows, you might actually get in.

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KurtzPel Fumbles With DLC Karmas – Releases Them As Free-to-Play

KurtzPel Fumbles With DLC Karmas – Releases Them As Free-to-Play

So for those of you unaware, KurtzPel is a recently released ARPG by KOG Games, the people behind Grand Chase, Elsword and HeroWarz.
The game has one of if not the best action combat system in an Anime game to date. It is also one of the most beautiful Anime titles on the market right now, especially one with MMO elements.
I did a video on it a couple months ago that garnered a half million views and plan on doing a new, updated look next week for people interested in playing it but its launch was not without issue.
See, the game utilizes a class system called “Karmas.” Karmas are weapon types that can be equipped that change the style of combat you use.
There’s a Greatsword Karma, a Longbow Karma, a Staff Karma, a Dual Sword Karma and a Gauntlet Karma.
One of the main issues with the game was that two Karmas, the Gauntlet and Staff Karmas that unlock the Blazing Fist and Diabloic Witch respectively were locked behind paid DLC. Paid DLC in a free-to-play game.
I’m sure you can imagine the outrage this spawned, the sheer loathing hatred and disgust this provoked from players.
Naturally, this caused quite the negative review-bombing of the game on Steam – and they had every right to do so. That was a terrible design choice by KOG.
But, KOG heard players’ complaints and made a statement: Both paid Karmas would be free to unlock after their next update later during the week, and they stuck to their promise.
As of May 7th, KOG released both DLC Karmas from their paid status allowing any and all players to unlock them in-game as they were initially supposed to be able to. As I was able to during the beta.
Each Karma is locked behind a mission-chain which requires you complete the missions associated with Jin and Marian.
For players that went ahead and purchased the DLC Karmas, well.. you’re screwed as far as being reimbursed, but, you will be compensated with a unique outfit nonetheless.
Which honestly unless you’re into outfits probably won’t do much to dissuade you from feeling betrayed but hey, at least it’s something.
The costumes will supposedly be available in June, when the game is set to launch in Europe.
I played KurtzPel during its closed beta. It was a lotta fun, was very pleasing to look at, had some amazing customization options and had a very addictive PvP system.
The game has a lot of potential and I’m personally excited to jump back in and record next week’s video.
However I almost chose not to in light of their pay-walling.
I hate when companies put things behind a pay-wall. I didn’t like when I saw what they did with the Karmas and almost turned down doing a video on it purely due to my difference of opinion with how they handled it.
However, after hearing how fast they dealt with the concerns of the playerbase my opinion of the game has improved.
I get that developers, publishers, people in general are capable of making mistakes. Of course they are, nobody is infallible. I don’t expect them to be.
Hearing that they took players’ concerns into consideration and acted on them so expeditiously is a good sign.
So if the paid DLC Karmas were turning you away from playing the game, then know they are now freely accessible to everyone publicly.
You can jump right in-game and get to unlocking all of the Karmas currently available.
I hope you guys are enjoying the game, or at the very least, can begin to now that the Karmas are unlocked.
I’ll have a video on KurtzPel up next week for you all to check out if you’d still rather hear what I have to say after playing it!

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16 Things Every MMORPG Player Can Relate To

16 Things Every MMORPG Player Can Relate To

So I’m a newbie to the genre, having only really been playing MMOs for the last few years- what with being an FPS only kinda gal and all, but I found myself tempted to come over to the dark side and haven’t really gone back ever since. That isn’t to say I don’t still dabble in the FPS genre but I’ve found something here that I haven’t found anywhere else.
Throughout this.. Enlightening experience, I guess, for lack of a better word, I’ve noticed some common themes between MMOs, even the real obscure ones that Stix drags me into, and the players that inhabit these strange yet wondrous worlds. So here are my top sixteen most relatable things I’ve discovered whilst playing!

1. The Drop

So to start things off, I figured we’d jump right into it… like literally… jump right into it, because in every mmo it’s a requirement to see if you take fall damage. You run to a high point, you look down, take a moment to contemplate whether or not this is a good idea, debate what’ll happen if you get hurt and then swarmed by the horde of monsters down there or- even worse, if you’ll die, and then you just…. Take that leap of faith. There’s hardly ever a happy inbetween either, you either fall one foot and die or you fall from a skyscraper and survive with a twisted ankle. It’s a rare case when you actually discover you take the proper amount of fall damage compared to the height you fell from.

2. The Opener

Number two, trying to figure out what opens your inventory. Everyone has experienced this at one point or another. From the very moment you log in you instinctively mash either the B or the I button in hopes that it’s the inventory. I wish everyone would just get on the same page and make it I. Stix says he likes B since in all the older games it used to be keybound to B, but whatever, he’s old school.

3. The Queue

Number three, being a DPS and waiting in group queues. I’m pretty sure there’s some DPS person watching this right now just waiting for a group. Don’t worry, hang in there. Just know you’re not alone. I used to play Warrior in all MMOs and I feel for all of you DPS out there. I remember just laying my head on the keyboard and waiting for nearly twenty plus minutes for a queue to pop. Thankfully, in the last year I’ve decided to start focusing on being a healer for Stix’s tank. I mean, it makes sense for a nurse to go healer, that’s kind of my thing. Queues have been much more kind since but there’s still the occasional wait.

4. The Customizer

Number four is character creation. This single feature defines whether the MMO will be worthwhile or not. Is the character creation good? Bad? How unique is it? And how many seconds did you actually spend making your character because you look like Freddy Krueger and I’m concerned about your life choices now. Personally, I spend at least thirty minutes or more depending on the variety that is offered.. But Stix will argue he has time to shower, head to the store, pack everything away, cook dinner then come back before I make it past the face options.

5. The Distance

Number five. So you see that guy over there with a quest? Yeah, he wants you to take one step to the left to tell that other guy that his brother is missing and you need to go pick flowers for his grave together. I hate when the questing NPCs are literally within arm’s reach of one another and you need to go play monkey in the middle between them. Why is this a thing?

6. The Hoarder

Number six is something Stix and Wiggy struggle with daily but I’m sure all of us can relate to. Inventory space, it’s a problem. There just never seems to be enough room. You start out the game and you’re like “Sweet sauce, I got like three pages or ten bags of space, I’m super solid” and then within a few levels you’re like, “Why can’t I pick this up? Inventory full?! WHAT?! How did this even happen?!” You either end up selling things or drag and dropping it everywhere like the litterer you are.

7. The Tutorials

Number seven. I’d like to believe that most of us signing on to an mmo have some sense of what a keyboard is and how to move in a game. But every game insists upon teaching you how to use WASD to move. I don’t know if they just don’t think we’re capable human beings that have now had computers for years or if there really is that .1% out there that really does need this tutorial. But then again.. I still see people backpedaling in PvP so maybe the tutorial is warranted. Either way, I wish they’d get rid of it already.

8. The Tiddies

Number eight, boobs. I don’t really feel like I need to explain this any further than the word itself. Well, the word and some nice visual imagery for all of you to observe. But I can’t help but notice that these things are thrust in your face in nearly every MMO out there. I also know that it’s required to see if they have physics just by watching Stix play.

9. The Rager

Number nine, when your raid or dungeon has that one guy that rage quits because of something minor. There’s just never the perfect group every time. Like for instance, when someone stands in an AOE and dies and then blames the healer for not healing them. Or blaming the tank for not pulling aggro from the adds within a timeframe they deem to be adequate. And I absolutely love it when people put the blame on the group instead of reflecting on what they did incorrectly that resulted in whatever incident they’re whining about. This is made evident when they rage quit and you succeed.  

10. The Blind

Number ten, speaking of rage quitters and it being their fault sometimes, there’s also the people that just stand in every…god…damn…AOE….every time! You sit there and you watch them just take it like it’s their job to stand in that flashing red or orange telegraphing on the floor. And you wonder if perhaps they’re just blind or if they’re lagging when in reality, they’re just stupid. So this is for you stupid person that stand in the AOEs, this is for you.

11. The Lagger

Number eleven. Lag, it’s a problem for most people with potato computers or those of us that live in third world countries.. Like Australia. Okay, maybe “third world” is a little too much but based off of what Stix says having lived there for 27 years.. It’s not that large a stretch. I used to play MMOs on my laptop and I remember being in a boss battle when suddenly.. My entire game would lock right up. There’s nothing more disappointing than freezing or seeing your fps drop it like it’s hot with every flashy attack, let alone having to deal with lag due to latency issues. Have you ever tried dodging a boss with a half second cast with a 1 second action delay? Yeah, have fun with that.

12. The Grinder

Number twelve. So every mmo has this feature but some more so than others, cough cough, Chinese MMOs. The grind. It’s the bane of our existence but it’s also the only thing you actually do besides dungeoning and pvp in MMOs, and for some reason we’re gluttons for punishment. I’m thinking all MMOers are masochists.

13. The Look

Number thirteen. Leveling gear, sometimes- and this is the minority here, but sometimes you look good and other times you look like you’re running around in a bag or you’ve taken up a side job as a clown. And until you get a costume to cover that disgusting excuse for attire, you’re stuck in it!

14. The Lonely

Number fourteen. So I want to just put this out there, because it’s a thing, MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, right? So why is it in every MMO we go at it solo? Why are instances all solo-friendly these days? None of these games really require any form of party play. There’s absolutely no point to having a group or being around other people until you’re forced to socialize for dungeons or raids and even then I feel like no one wants to talk. I’ve tried saying hello to a few people and maybe one out of twenty people will say hi back. Otherwise you’re hanging out by yourself, like the antisocial person you are. And that’s not a healthy way to play a game built around the communities that play it.

15. El Traductor

Number fifteen. Speaking of being social, let’s touch upon guilds for a second. Why is it that in  every MMO there’s that one Spanish speaking guild on every English speaking server that ends up popping up in the middle of your screen requesting you pledge your unfaltering loyalty to their guild.. In Spanish.. Which we don’t understand. Who knows, they could be asking you to join their guild so they can sacrifice you to their God. Either way.. Where are you people coming from?! No hablo Espanol! You make me feel like my language diversity skills are inadequate to play on this server! Then you make me question if I joined some kind of.. Cult after I accidently accept it.

16. The Outfitter

Number sixteen. Outfits, costumes, transmog. Whatever you want to call it, you know it exists, and you can bet that it’s a focal point of many a players’ endgame. I love dressing my characters up- it’s part of the fun for me. Seeing the kinds of creations other players come up with whether amazing or downright scary is always an interesting experience to have. And you know that part of the grind listed earlier is due to wanting that final piece they’ve been trying so hard to get for the last 3 months.

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So I Just Played A:IR Ascent: Infinite Realm And It’s Different To What I Expected!

A:IR Ascent: Infinite Realm First Impressions

Yes, it finally happened. A:IR, or Ascent: Infinite Realm finally launched into closed beta. Granted, this is the Thai closed beta but it’s more or less the same game we’re going to be getting when it finally launches over here.
I managed to get a key to enter the closed beta and take the game for a test run. My wife MrsStix however wasn’t as lucky.
I saw that a friend of mine, Cryy – which if you don’t watch, you’re missing out by the way as the dude does amazing shit – had gotten into the beta as well.
So, I hit him up and asked if he wouldn’t mind my wife creating a character on his account so we could play through together. Naturally he was cool with it so we managed to capture footage of two different classes.
Now, I want to preface this by stating that to get into this closed beta and future Thai closed betas, you will need a Thai IP so a VPN is a must.
I use NoPing personally and I have a link to that in the description. They offer a free trial of the service so if you want to play A:IR right now, go ahead and sign up with the link in the description.
There are currently 4 races in-game as of right now: The Humans, Elves, Ein and Orcs. Each race with the exception of the little furries have both male and female genders.
I don’t know why they opted to not include female furries but whatever. Missed opportunity.
All the races look beautiful. I gotta say, even the female Orcs look amazing and I’m not traditionally a fan of Orcs after having played Lord of the Rings Online, the Elder Scrolls series and World of Warcraft.
There are 5 classes available at present: The 2-handed hammer-wielding Warlord, Stave wielding Elementalist, Wand wielding Mystic, Dagger-wielding Assassin and Gun-wielding Gunslinger.
I know the Mystic is a healer, or at the very least has heals because.. well, I mean they look like healers for starters. Then my wife played it so I know for a fact they can heal.
I’m not sure if there’s the holy trinity of tank/healer/DPS but I can safely say that… every class, even the Mystic is capable of pulling out some good damage.
I was very surprised by the character creator. I went into the game and figured it’d have a creator akin to Black Desert as that was the impression I was given based off of the information thus far.
However, the creator was like a hybrid between Black Desert and Blade & Soul. You don’t have nearly as much creative control over your character but you’re still capable of making a character that looks and feels.. yours.
You had the option to grab specific pieces of your character such as their cheeks, eyelids or lips and you could move the slider left or right but.. yeah, that was it.
Body sliders were a little limiting as well. I dunno, for a Korean MMORPG – when Korea pushed out games like BDO and Blade & Soul years ago, I guess I just had higher expectations.
Especially since this is from the people that brought us TERA.
Graphically though, holy crap. I was shocked by how good it actually looked on Unreal Engine 3. The backgrounds, the clouds, everything.
A:IR is supposed to take place primarily in the skies so I was.. curious, for lack of a better word, what would happen should I attempt to jump off the.. ship? Land mass? Whatever I spawned on.
Suffice it to say….
Yeah. The game does not stupid-proof anything so if you’re an idiot… see ya.
At first glance I thought the game looked just like ArcheAge. Like seriously, does this not resemble ArcheAge to you guys? If ArcheAge were released in 2019. It’s crazy the visual resemblance it has.
After a solid 15 to 20 minutes you get your first flying mount and that’s where the main focus of the game kicks in: Aerial combat. Aerial exploration. Aerial.. activities.
The flight animations, at least based off of what I saw from my pudgy little dragon were a little stiff and my character remained completely still while casting various skills with the odd arm movement here or there.
So my hope is that they work on aerial combat animations a little more. But I’m well aware that the game is still in beta testing so I know what we see right now isn’t final.
Regardless, the aerial combat was quite a bit of fun. I’ve long since been a fan of mounted combat in games so being able to mount my steed, albeit in the air, and mow down my enemies is a nice change of pace.
Plus it’ll make kiting a lot easier.
One thing I didn’t quite understand though was that skills that required my mage stand still also required my mount to remain still as well.
What this meant was that I couldn’t use my mount to circumvent the limitations on my class with regards to casting. Which is perfectly understandable but also a little disappointing.
I wanted to fly at high speeds on my trusty dragon lighting everything up with giant meteors!
Also, please be very well aware that your mount has stamina. You can only fly for a certain period of time before you have to either A. dismount and continue on foot until the mount regens its stamina or B. use a stamina potion.
I didn’t realize this and my mount’s stamina dropped down to.. like 8 at one point and almost flung me to my death in the middle of nowhere.
Combat, both on land and in the air was unusual. Not bad but not what I had expected from the game.
They had advertised A:IR as a tab-target MMORPG but then showed trailers that made it seem much more action than tab-target. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
After getting a first-hand feel though, I can safely say that like several things thus far, A:IR utilizes an interesting hybrid of both action and tab-target combat.
It’s not traditional tab-target like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV but it’s far from action like Black Desert or TERA.
I can’t really put my finger on it exactly, but I can happily say that the combat is a lot better than Bless Online’s was when it released.
Plus, I’m a fan of tab-target combat as I played games like Perfect World, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV for years at a time.
I can definitely see this being a turn-off for some players though that have gotten used to fast-paced action titles.
This applies to my mage though. It could very well be more action-oriented for melee classes- I can’t say as I didn’t get to play one and as my wife MrsStix went Mystic.. yeah she had the same general playstyle as I did.
For the most part, the game played just like any other MMORPG.
You follow the story, pick up side quests, kill monsters, loot items and progress to the next NPC who asks you to do more or less the same thing.
But then again that’s to be expected as it’s the basis for the genre as a whole.
One thing that took me by surprise was the auto-pathing. You can simply click the “End” key on your keyboard and be auto-pathed to either the quest target or the next NPC in the quest chain, just like in a mobile MMO.
I’m not a fan of auto-pathing, auto-combat or auto-play in any capacity so this is definitely a little.. jarring to see and has me slightly disconcerted.
I understand auto-pathing isn’t that big a deal as it’s not really auto-play like combat or actual completion of quest objectives, but I remember what Revelation Online was like with its auto-pathing.
You’d see hundreds of “players” going around in a linear path alongside one another from quest giver to quest giver, the majority of them tabbed out watching something on Youtube or.. on their phone.
I get that you’re not required by any means to make use of it personally but it just takes a little away from the game.. ’cause you know a lotta people are just going to auto-path everywhere, disregarding everything else along the way.
But I mean if that’s what the developers had intended, then by all means. Let’s make our PC MMORPGs more like Mobile MMORPGs – if we do it a little at a time maybe people won’t notice.
Iunno. Are any of you bothered by the auto-pathing feature? I’ll probably use it just so I can work on the channel while leveling but I’m curious of your thoughts.
There is a very prominent story in the game from what I’ve experienced along the way from level 1.
Granted, I only made it to around.. level 10? I think before stopping there for now because the game is only available to play for 8 hours per day.. and that 8 hours begins at 5am for me.
Every thing we did was tied into the story in some form. Even the side quests. To proceed with the main story we were required to also hit up the nearby side-NPCs and do their tasks before we could continue.
There were tons of cutscenes and a lotta voice acting to go along with it. If the dub is anything like TERA then God help us, I hope they keep the dub in Korean.
The TERA dub makes me want to cut off my ears.
Like Blade & Soul some of the fights, some of the dungeons.. were instanced off. And difficult. I almost died in my first instanced off encounter because the dragons really screwed me over.
My blink skill kept teleporting me into their AoEs and it made it impossible to dodge.
Backtracking slightly, the story also takes place in instances. Not solo-instances, but instances that are still closed off from people that aren’t up to the same point in the story as you.
This means that you can do the story together with other players, but if there isn’t anyone at the same point as you, it’s unlikely for you to come across anyone else.
So, overall, what did I think of Ascent: Infinite Realm?
That’s a good question. Thankfully, after Revelation Online did so poorly and I was largely let down by the grindy nature of Black Desert Online my expectations for MMOs drastically decreased.
I went into Bless with some excitement and was very disappointed, and I went into A:IR thinking it would be an alright MMORPG to spend some time in in-between patches for Final Fantasy XIV.
And.. that was about what I’d experienced. But do note that this is my first impression of the game, and only of the first 10 levels.
As I continue deeper into the game, experience more it has to offer and hit endgame it could change completely.
But from this closed beta, I can safely say that improvements need to be made.
Thus far, A:IR doesn’t particularly stand out in any form. It isn’t a bad MMORPG but right now, it isn’t a good MMORPG either.
It’s pretty basic. Pretty generic. But that doesn’t mean it will remain that way, especially as you make progress through the game.
I know some other MMOTubers have a different opinion of the game to me and this is why you should watch a variety of people – you get different opinions, different views.
We cover different areas and are both impressed and disappointed by a different range of topics.
Am I excited for Ascent: Infinite Realm? Kinda. It has the makings of a fun game to waste time in. Do I believe it’ll compete with Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft? Hardly.
It will likely replace Blade & Soul as the “free to play MMORPG that everyone plays” for a year or two though until something else comes along to take its place.
But I could be wrong. Maybe South Korean MMORPGs can sustain themselves long-term. Maybe they’re capable of breaking the mould and surprising us.
Either way, I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the game. What do you think of each of the topics I covered? And do you think you’ll be playing it once it launches?
If not, what are you looking forward to?

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