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10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Definitely Try In May, 2019.

10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Definitely Try In May, 2019.

So keeping with the tradition of featuring 10 MMORPGs per month you potentially haven’t played, I’d like to welcome you all to May 2019’s.
Before I get into this, allow me to preface it by stating that these are going to be 10 MMORPGs – MMORPGs that you may have played but also potentially haven’t.
None of these games are “the best MMORPG” – that’s not what this list is for. This list is purely to attempt to bring additional attention, additional focus to games you may have overlooked in the past or games you may not even know exist.
So, please don’t get the wrong idea.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Let’s start this off with probably the most requested game not currently in any of these lists, Phantasy Star Online 2.
It’s an Anime MMORPG – perhaps “the” Anime MMORPG for fans of the Anime genre.
It utilizes fast action combat and combos – sure, a much more basic version than a game like Black Desert or Blade & Soul but still, it’s fun in its own right.
The graphical style is also likely the most Anime-ish you’ll get. Sure, there are more chibi-Anime styled games like Aura Kingdom or Soul Worker, but none that enable you to fully embrace the Otaku lifestyle.
Like Soul Worker, PSO2 is hub-based, taking you through what I can only explain as the largest instanced linear zones you’ll probably come across in a game of this kind.
Unfortunately the game is only in Japanese, but there is a very large English translation patch available that every non Japanese player uses to play.

Code Closers

This is a private server for Closers because honestly, although En Masse do an alright job at publishing the game, it’s on its last legs. And people know it – especially with the recent Kritika shut down.
Closers, or Code Closers, rather, is an Anime MMORPG – although the term is used loosely. Yes it’s technically classified as an MMORPG but it’s hub-based, having you form parties with small groups to tackle instanced-based content.
The game features a side-scrolling brawler style of combat, giving you a small hotbar with which one can affix skills to and combo them together in perhaps some of the flashiest action combat in an Anime MMO.
Graphically, it’s also a very attractive Anime-themed game. It has a strong emphasis on.. plot, like most Korean MMOs do and the outfits help accentuate the characters’.. assets.
As I mentioned, the game is hub-based meaning it takes place primarily in small cities with other players being phased between channels. You select small, instanced dungeons and progress through the story via those dungeons.

Blade & Soul

I’m sure a lot of you have played Blade & Soul. I mean by this point who hasn’t? Well, on the off chance that someone here has actually somehow missed the game, let’s talk about it for a sec.
Blade & Soul is.. well, when I don’t call it an Anime MMORPG people get all defensive and criticize what my criteria for an Anime MMO must be. When I call it an Anime MMORPG, people get all pissy and say I don’t know what I’m talking about.
So Blade & Soul is a kinda Anime-inspired but not completely Anime-ish MMORPG.
It also has what is perhaps the smallest hotbar in an MMO I’ve ever seen, giving players a small selection of skills that you can combo into other skills providing more diversity in combat abilities the further you progress through the game.
Combat is action – not like Black Desert but.. well, its action combat is a little more unique in so that some of the skills requre targets as opposed to BDO that allows you to literally use anything anywhere.
When Blade & Soul released it was almost unparalleled in terms of graphics. Now, with new games popping up on the horizon the game definitely shows its age a little more but with the graphical overhaul on the way, we could see it looking even better!
And if you’re a fan of… thicc women, then Blade & Soul has all focus on one thing: Or, two things. I’m sure you can guess what.


I talk about Mabinogi all the time when I discuss Anime MMORPGs because – and I’m not exaggerating here – when Mabinogi launched, it was one of the most innovative MMOs of its kind.
To this day, mid 2019, it is still one of the most innovative MMOs of its kind. Never has an MMO managed to capture what Mabinogi did and still does.
Not the aging system. Not the rebirth system. Not the exploration or sheer freedom it gives you. Not all in one, no. Sure, some games have captured parts of what makes Mabinogi special, but never have we gotten an MMO as free and complete as this.
It has a very unique Anime-esque theme that hasn’t really been replicated since – with the exception being the upcoming Peria Chronicles.
Combat is very complex, although simultaneously slow and at times, clunky. Especially if you’re not used to this type of game. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad – it just requires time to learn.
Graphically it’s probably the most unique Anime MMO I’ve ever seen and that makes it memorable. It definitely shows its age but until Peria Chronicles, you probably won’t find a more unique game.

NosTale Vendetta

I almost feel like, at this point, the title of the video should be changed to “The 10 best Anime MMORPGs to play in 2019” because this is what, the.. 4th? 5th Anime-themed MMORPG? haha.
NosTale, or rather NosTale Vendetta, the much more densely populated NosTale private server is an Anime MMORPG, one of the last old-school themed Anime MMOs left alive. Yes, they are a dying breed.
NosTale, like Mabinogi, is actually a very uniquue game. It’s uh.. I’m not 100% certain how to go about explaining the type of game it is, but it features a very large world.
A world kind of like Final Fantasy XIV or Blade & Soul – instanced off via portals but not instanced off from other players. Rather, zones themselves are cut off from one another by loading screens required to transition between them.
Combat is old-school point-and-click, having you hover over your target and select them to engage them in combat.
There are a plethora of classes and so many things to level, explore and learn that I feel as though it’s a neverending struggle – but that’s where I feel it excels.
There’s nothing worse than an MMO that feels like it ends.
Graphically, it’s an old-school sprite-ish looking Anime themed MMORPG. It’s cute and actually resembles old JRPGs I used to love.

Requiem: Memento Mori

Requiem: Memento Mori is probably one of the only non-Anime themed MMOs in this list. And it’s quite the MMO at that. Do note that this game is not for the easily disturbed, disgusted or those of you that are squeamish.
There is a lot of death, a lot of gore, dismemberment, guts and more flown anywhere, everywhere and.. down places you would rather them not end up in Requiem.
Requiem is one of the only horror-themed MMORPGs available, taking place in a weird.. dystopian future? I think, I dunno, I forgot the plot as it’s been 2 years since I tried it out.
The game itself is pretty generic. Combat is normal tab-target and graphically it looks similar to most mid-2000s Korean MMOs but its setting is where it shines.
When I kill monsters, I can dismember them, sending their heads flying 20 feet into the air. I can slice their bodies in half and see their guts spill out. The shit in this game is crazy.
You have to try it out if even just to see what you can do to monsters.


Vindictus is pretty much like.. Phantasy Star Online 2.. but with titties. A massive, substantial, considerable-enormous even, focus on.. exploration. I’m messing with you guys. It’s on the titties.
Vindictus is a very realistic hub-based dungeon crawler MMORPG, just like PSO2, Soul Worker, Closers, Kritika and all the others.
It has very, very good action combat. To date, some people consider Vindictus to actually have the best action combat in the genre and I’ll admit, if it were optimized and made open-world, I could see it perhaps being one of the better MMOs out there.
Unfortunately, though, the instanced-world and dungeons prevent it from being as such but what it does it does very well.
It’s been around a long while and is very polished. With the exception of the optimization, man this game drives me crazy with FPS issues.
Graphically, it’s still one of the best looking MMOs in my opinion. The sheer detail in your characters is.. incomparable to almost any other MMO out there.

Pirate King Online

Pirate King Online or Tales of Pirates, whichever you want to refer to it as was my very first MMO.
I still occasionally go back to the game purely to see how it’s doing, and although the official servers were shut down by IGG years ago, there are private servers around carrying the torch.
Pirate King is a very old-school Anime MMO. It’s nothing fancy graphically, you’re what I feel like every browser-MMO character looks like- pixelated, generic and not very customizable.
But nevertheless, I had some of the best experiences of my life in that game. The combat is point-and-click, not tab-target and not action – you click a skill on your hotbar and you hover over the monster or enemy to use it.
I understand that most MMO players these days, or gamers, even, have a strong dislike for combat like this but the fact of the matter is.. there’s still a market for it, and it’s still damn polished.


Okay, so KurtzPel hasn’t actually come out yet, but I did a video on it a month or two ago and it’s hit almost a half million views.
The game is scheduled to release next week and I’m going to be playing it with my wife MrsStix while simultaneously doing a video on it so I thought now was the opportune time to include this in the list.
KurtzPel is a heavily instanced MMO-esque game. I say “MMO-esque” because like hub-based MMOs, KurtzPel takes place in a small quest-hub that you can take missions from and you enter instances to complete them.
However, unlike hub-based MMOs where you progress through linear instanced environments, KurtzPel has you take on battles- single battles as opposed to large groups of enemies with a final boss fight.
The game is also very PvP-heavy, so if that isn’t your thing.. the PvE might not be enough to hold you over. But nevertheless, my wife and I had fun partying and playing together.
We fully expect to play more this time and gather additional footage so if you wanna know more, wait a week or two and we’ll have an updated video up!

Atlantica Online

I feel like Atlantica Online is one of the very few unique, innovative MMORPGs pretty much ever released.
It’s not that the game “looks” unique, it’s that unlike most MMOs that have you play your character, customize your character, gear your character and ultimately progress your character, Atlantica has you do that to a party of them.
In specific, you gain access to a large group – a party of NPCs that you actually control in combat similarly to your own personal character, and you have the ability to craft and gear them how you like.
Tell me, what other games, other than Granado Espada allow for that kind of gameplay? Exactly, they don’t.
If you’re a fan of old-JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Star Ocean or the Tales of games then you’ll be surprised to learn that Atlantica actually utilizes an instanced-combat screen, having you engage in turn-based combat in an alternate screen.
I cannot begin to express how awesome this game is, seriously. You need to play it to fully understand.

And there we have it. 10 MMORPGs you may or may not have heard about.
Are they good MMORPGs? They’re all a lotta fun to mess around in and honestly you never lose anything from trying something new… other than perhaps a little time.
But if you’re watching this video looking for something to play, then clearly you have time to burn. So what harm is there in trying one or even several of these out?
Worst case scenario you end up still looking for an MMO to waste some time in. Best case? You find something fun to actually waste some time in.

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MMORPG News: Peria Chronicles Beta Announced, City Of Heroes Is Back, “Oath”, “Pagan Online” News & More

Peria Chronicles Beta Announced, City Of Heroes Is Back, “Oath”, “Pagan Online” News & More

Twin Saga

I know, I know. So long has passed that you’ve already long since forgotten what Twin Saga even is.
That’s okay, the game never really took off anyway – it was an Aeria title after all. Regardless, Twin Saga has a large new update featuring 2 new zones – The Forbidden Snowfield and Illuminating Shore. But that isn’t what’s most exciting, no.
The addition of the new Samurai class is where the hype is at.
Well, that and the two new dungeons that accompany it. We all love new dungeons, right? If you’re interested in a full rundown of exactly what was introduced in the new update, head on over to the Aeria Games website and take a look!


For those of you that successfully made it into the Alpha 1 testing phase of the upcoming MMO Fractured, you’ll know that it was a relative success. For everyone that didn’t: Well.. it was a relative success.
There were a handful of bugs and the occasional login issue but all in all the first Alpha test went along without any serious problems.
The team behind Fractured have announced that they will begin Alpha 1 test 2 soon and are looking to add in new maps, monsters and gear for players to test.
So, keep an eye out for more info!

Guild Wars 2

Since ArenaNet let 143 employees go a couple months ago they’ve been relatively silent – until the last week of course.
In a recent interview it was revealed that the core Guild Wars 2 team itself was definitely impacted by the layoffs but the impact wasn’t too great. Apparently “Guild Wars 2 is still going strong” according to Linsey Murdock, the Lead Living World Designer.
Also worth noting is that ArenaNet plan on heavily overhauling the elite specs for various classes in next week’s upcoming balance patch.
This is fantastic news for some classes but bodes ill for others. But it’s good to see the game is still doing well!

Atlas Reactor

After Gamigo acquired all of Trion’s games I mentioned that it was strange they were keeping specific games online.
One of those games was actually Atlas Reactor – its population is almost non-existent but they opted to keep the game running anyway. Until now that is.
The servers will be going down on June 28th with Gamigo citing “the game never grew big enough to fund its continued development” as the reason behind the closure.
For those of you unaware, Gamigo had promised to continue supporting every game they purchased from Trion going into the future. Since their acquisition however, they have removed RIFT’s progression server and are now closing down Atlas Reactor. What’s next?


I did a news video on Oath a couple weeks ago but have since had the opportunity to speak to several of the developers behind the game on a voice call.
They provided me with a lot of information – almost an entire hours worth that I plan on condensing into a video on Oath in the near future. Suffice it to say I’m happy with the answers I got but still remain cautious.

Albion Online

For those of you that were unaware, Albion Online went free-to-play earlier this month. Sandbox Interactive, the team behind Albion have since opted to release a large new expansion in light of their recent transition in the form of an Outland map expansion.
Three new regions, East Glouvia, West Glouvia and Siluria will be added north of the current Outlands and are all said to be quite large in scale. The expansion is slated to launch next month.
So for those of you that just started, those of you that have just come back or those of you that want to claim territories within the new regions – get ready!

Bless Unleashed

I mean this didn’t technically need its own segment but I felt the need to point out that Bandai Namco are pushing out new class trailers like crazy.
They’re trying very hard to convince us that the game is different to the Neowiz-run version Bless Online – and it very well might be.
Regardless, yes, the class trailers don’t look bad. I just don’t see the purpose behind them.

City of Heroes

This may potentially be the biggest MMORPG-related news in years. I’m sure many of you know what City of Heroes is. It was an MMORPG published by NCSoft that was shut down many years ago in spite of it largely being a success.
Since then, the community has stuck together and held strong, clinging to the hope that something might eventually be done about the game.
Other superhero themed MMOs launched in an attempt to fill the hole that many players had after the closure of the server but none of them did.
Recently, the source code for City of Heroes was released unto the public – yes, the source code for the entire game, minus the mission files or NPCs.
What this means is that City of Heroes – the superhero MMO we’ve all been craving to have back for years is finally on the brink of being playable once again.
Granted, it will of course be in private-server form but it won’t be run by NCSoft at least. We all know what they do to their games – look at Aion and Blade & Soul.
So, this is exciting news. It might take some time to get a fully playable City of Heroes game online but this is the first step.

Pagan Online

A lot of you guys have been asking me to cover Pagan Online since it just launched into Early Access on Steam. I went ahead and recorded footage of the game and I’ll admit that it was an interesting ride.
I’ll have a video of it up soon with my thoughts and experiences but for those of you that weren’t aware, as I mentioned, the game has launched into Early Access. So if you haven’t already, get in-game!

Lineage II

For those of you still actively playing Lineage II you’ll be excited to know that NCSoft is celebrating the game’s 15 year anniversary – an enormous accomplishment by offering Oriana’s Lucky Draw, XP and gold boosts and other benefits.
Additionally, come April 28th, the community team will be holding a proper in-game event for players to actively participate in. This applies to both players on the normal Lineage II servers and Classic servers.

Villagers & Heroes

I can’t say I’ve ever really played or even bothered to invest time into reading up on the Indie MMO Villagers & Heroes but that aside, the game is nevertheless launching its very next expansion: A Tale of Earth and Sea.
Not only are they introducing a new Shaman class that focuses on Earth and Water magics, but they are adding new skin tones, new faces and a new character body overhaul.
Exciting news for players!

Final Fantasy XIV

Shadowbringers inches ever closer every day and I’m very, very excited for its launch. I recently finished Stormblood, have hit almost item level 400 and am experiencing end-game raids, savage content and farming my Eureka weapon.
My plan is to do a video on Final Fantasy XIV and have it released within the next month, but I digress. Final Fantasy XIV actually has a brand new event that’s going on right now – a collaboration between it and Final Fantasy XV.
Noctis, like Lightning in the past, has gotten lost and it’s up to us to help him get home.
The event itself is a lotta fun and it’s interesting seeing Noctis in Final Fantasy XIV – seeing him smile so much was.. I dunno, confusing for me since he literally never did in Final Fantasy XV.
Regardless, for completing the event we get his sweet, sweet ride, so make sure you jump in-game to complete this! It’s the very first 4-seater mount released.

Peria Chronicles

I know this is potentially the news a vast majority of you clicked through for, so don’t let me keep you guys in suspense.
After a long, painfully long, even, stretch of nothing but silence, Nexon has finally graced us with news on the upcoming Anime MMORPG.
Peria Chronicles has opened registration until May 2nd for players to get into its very first testing phase.
The test itself is slated to begin on May 9th – yes it’s really that close.
Currently, information pertaining to exactly what will be available during the testing phase has yet to be revealed but what we do know is that the game is finally going to be testable! It isn’t dead!

Ship of Heroes

Feeling pressure, the team behind the spiritual successor to City of Heroes, Ship of Heroes’ dev team have confirmed that their game is on-track for a release this year.
They claim that Ship of Heroes is “the next step in superhero gaming” and are making a game for the “whole community.”
Whether or not Ship of Heroes or any of the other superhero themed MMORPGs survive the release of potential City of Heroes private servers remains to be seen but I’m still excited.

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Is Neowiz Shutting Bless Online Down?

Is Bless Online Shutting Down?

Neowiz, the developers and self-publishers of Bless Online in the West have recently announced that they will be dissolving their Bless Online studio, “Neowiz Bless Studio”, the studio that has up to this point been tasked with handling the game over here in the Western market.
According to Neowiz, the reason for the dissolution is merely due to the company wanting to “enhance management efficiency and corporate value.” While Neowiz Bless Studio will be dissolved, the team itself will actually be merged back into the larger Neowiz company.
Many people have been speculating that due to their partnership with Bandai Namco and the subsequent release of their new Bless Unleashed XBox One exclusive title later this year Neowiz are actually attempting to remove as many connections and references to both Neowiz and Bless Online as possible.
Is that because they’re scared it could harm the success of Bless Unleashed once it launches? Who knows. But seeing that Bless Online has a concurrent player peak of 450, having dropped over 90% since it went free-to-play does not bode well for the game at all.
Especially since Neowiz are intent on making sure there is a bare minimum skeleton crew maintaining the game.
Regardless, it is impossible, at least at this juncture to guage exactly what kind of effect this dissolution will have on the game overall, but Neowiz are not a company that should be trusted.

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MMORPG News: Bless Online Shut Down? Lost Ark Update, Soulworker ZERO, TERA: Origin & More!

Bless Online Shut Down? Lost Ark Update, Soulworker ZERO, TERA: Origin & More!

Bless Online

In news that everybody- I mean, clearly, nobody ever saw coming, Neowiz has begun the process of dissolving their Bless studio- the studio in charge of Bless Online.
Neowiz Bless Studio, the strangely named team in charge of Bless Online will be merging back into Neowiz with the official reasoning being that they want to “enhance management efficiency and coroprate value.”
What this actually means is that they are attempting to remove as many references to Bless Online and Neowiz as possible.. I can’t begin to wonder why.
With an average concurrent playerbase of only 500, a lot of people have begun speculating that Bless Online will actually be shutting down in the near future.
This is further backed up by the fact that Bless Online won’t have a dedicated team working on it.. not that the team has done anything other than translate already existing content and bugs associated with the content.
As it’s impossible to guage exactly what kind of impact this will have on the game, we’ll obviously have to wait and see, but for the few of you that are still playing Bless Online and furthermore, Bless Unleashed.. be careful.

TERA: Origin

For fans of the popular.. or once popular Action MMORPG TERA, you’ll be disgusted to- I mean, happy to know that like Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul, TERA is joining the list of Korean MMORPGs being ported to mobile devices!
Netmarble announced earlier this week that a spinoff – said to allow us to “experience the world of TERA from its beginnings” is currently in the works for iOS and Android devices.
While we do have a Mobile gaming channel set up now, and while we will feature gameplay of the game there, I still find the fact that instead of producing a new TERA title for PC or overhauling the current TERA MMO, they opt to port to mobile disheartening.
While little to no information has been given yet, it is confirmed to be a prequel to the current TERA MMO and will feature action combat that will supposedly “propose a new way of playing.”
What this means is unknown, but who knows, if we’re lucky, it might mean that it allows cross platform with PC (lol).

Chronicles of Elyria

In more news that is upsetting the community: Chronicles of Elyria is allowing backers who had selected the highest tiers to choose exactly where they want their land to be on the map.
And while that sounds cool in theory, backing an MMORPG and being given priority over what land you want and where you want it, the reality is that they are in essence, selling virtual land in a game that isn’t even out of Pre-Alpha.
Yup, selling advantages to players that paid the most. I dunno. I’m always iffy on crowdfunded games and especially crowdfunded MMOs, but this feels an awful lot like ArcheAge to me.
I might be wrong though, but the fact that so many players in the community are vocal about this is definitely disconcerting.

Black Desert Online

Now for some interesting news.
Last week I spoke about Kakao banning hundreds if not thousands of innocent players due to some hackers in their new Battle Royale mode, Shadow Arena.
I even did a video on the Shadow Arena and I admit it wasn’t half bad.
However, after a long and arduous battle with the few hackers causing problems Kakao has decided to throw in the towel, permanently shutting down the Shadow Arena all together.
I feel bad for players that were legitimately enjoying the mode as although there were hackers and exploiters, there were also plenty of legit players as well.
But, this just further demonstrates Kakao’s ability to not only manage their game but also handle situations like this.
I fear for the future of Ascent: Infinite Realm after seeing their ineptitude.

Blade & Soul

We got some good and some bad news depending on how you look at this. We’ll start with the good news first, though: Blade & Soul just rolled out new content for players to partake of in the form of their Legends Reborn event.
There will be new dungeons with varying levels of difficulty, balancing of current skills, reduced difficulty for current dungeons and raids, and more.
The most important thing to take note of however is that NCSoft are merging the two remaining North American servers into one single server, Yura, and the three European servers into a single server, Jinsoyun as of April 24th.
This is disappointing as it no doubt marks the beginning of the end of the game – that populations have declined to such a degree that there is only a single server left up for both regions.
However, for people that felt the game was dead, you’ll now likely have double the current server population to play with which should breathe new life into the game for you.
Finally, and I almost forgot this important bit of news, NCSoft recently released a trailer showcasing the new Blade & Soul overhaul from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4.
Currently, there is no ETA on when the overhaul will be released as they have no idea exactly how long this could take, going as far as stating that it could take years to implement in-game.
Whether or not we in the West ever get to see this remains to be seen though, especially with the state of the game as it currently is.

Soulworker ZERO

I know, I know. The vast majority of you aren’t fans of mobile MMOs and that’s why I attempt to keep these to a minimum but I feel obligated to mention mobile spinoffs of current MMORPGs purely for people interested in them.
With that being said, the closed beta for the upcoming mobile port of Soul Worker Online, titled Soulworker ZERO will be beginning soon.
While little information regarding Soulworker ZERO is currently known, we were told that the game utilizes the same story – meaning it’s likely a direct port of the PC title as opposed to a prequel or sequel.

Monster Hunter Online

For fans of Chinese Monster Hunter Online players, or Monster Hunter Online players in general, Tencent announced that they will be shutting down the game at the end of 2019.
Granted, the game was only released in China, but there has been an ongoing fan-translation of the game for as long as I can remember that allowed players to play the game in a mostly translated state from whichever country they originate.
The reasoning behind the closure of the game is due to both Tencent and Capcom refusing to renew their contract with one another – possibly due to a lack of profits, or China’s very restrictive game-regulation practices.
Regardless, you have until December 31st to hunt as much as you possibly can, and then you’ll likely have to make the jump on over to Monster Hunter World or Dauntless to satiate those urges.

Albion Online

As of April 10th, the PvP sandbox MMO Albion Online officialy went free-to-play.
With their transition to a free-to-play model, various updates were rolled out such as new portals, combat rebalancing and more – which honestly, if these are of concern to you, you should probably just check out their website.
Judging from the reception on Steam, 75% of the reviews left in the last 72 hours were negative which bodes poorly overall, but then again the team behind Albion noted that their login servers were under “heavy load.”
This shows us that there were significantly more players playing than they had expected and were likely used to.
This is backed up by merely taking a look at the Steam charts, which show Albion’s average concurrent playerbase in March at 300, and the last few days at over 7 and a half thousand.
What do you think since you’ve likely played it?


In exciting TERA news, En Masse managed to absolutely destroy the game’s economy – resulting in a day of lost progress for everyone playing the game due to rollbacks.
With the release of Skywatch: New Heights, En Masse increased the level cap to 70, introduced a new Skill Advancement system and Gear Fusion system while removing daily lockouts on dungeons and introducing some new and overhauled favorites.
I won’t go into what exactly destroyed the economy but at the very least it’s safe.. for now. Sorry to everyone that lost progress, though! That’s pretty shitty.

Lost Ark

Smilegate, the developer behind the popular Lost Ark MMO announced the Lance Master, the game’s very first addition in the form of a class to the game since it launched. For players interested, the Lance Master rolls out into the game on the 24th of April.
Of more peculiar note is the fact that Smilegate have been recruiting for a “new project,” seeking experience in Unreal Engine 4. Lost Ark is developed and published using the Unreal Engine 3, for reference.
There are rumors abound and even some websites going as far as speculating that Lost Ark could actually be getting a mobile port due to its monstrous success and South Korea’s obsession with mobile ports of their games.
Alternatively, Smilegate could merely be upgrading the game engine for Lost Ark similarly to how NCSoft is overhauling the engine for Blade & Soul.
Unfortunately there is still no word on a North American or European release but do stay tuned as we’ll update everyone as soon as information is revealed!


For those of you that still play Vindictus, you’ll be happy to learn that April 30th marks the release of Eira, the game’s newest character.
Nexon have begun a pre-registration event for players interested that will offer unique items for participating. The girl, like seemingly all of Vindictus’ female characters, is absolutely gorgeous.
So if you wanna jump in and play your favorite game of jiggles, then they have a Warm-Up Attendance Event going on right now offering tons of goodies!

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MMORPG News: Dragon Nest Shut Down, New MMOs “Oath”, “Fractured”, “Bless Unleashed”

Dragon Nest Shut Down, New MMOs “Oath”, “Fractured”, “Bless Unleashed”


For us North American players or even European players that don’t keep up to date with Aion news, Gameforge has recently pushed out Update 6.5: Relic of Destruction that brings a plethora of fun goodies with it.
Not only have several servers been merged together to increase player participation- which I know, is actually a sign of decreased player population, but there has been new instanced content in the form of a raid and dungeon, PvP map and more added.
If you’re interested in specifics, then look no further than Aion’s official website as trust me, you’ll find more info there than you’ll find here from me.
Do note though that I, along with my wife MrsStix, my kid sister Wiggy, Wiggy’s boyfriend Ev and our local Aion specialist Kaprii will be playing through Aion over the next week to do an updated video on the game.
So if you’re wondering how it is in 2019 – look no further!


Fractured, the indie developed sandbox MMO that we’ve covered several times in the past is actually moving into phase one of its Alpha testing this month.
According to their website, Alpha 1 – Test 1 will be beginning this coming Wednesday on April 10. The alpha test will last an entire week.
I’ll admit, it’s exciting seeing a game that has only been in development for a little over half a year already in its first alpha stage but do note that as such, there is likely to be a significant amount of bugs plaguing the game.
Unfortunately, to participate in the upcoming alpha test you’ll need to have purchased the Knight pack which went for around $170.
So.. yeah. I won’t get in ’cause honestly I can’t trust developers to go through with their promises to release the game they tell us they will but I’ll be watching and reading what others say!

Albion Online

In preparation of Albion Online’s transition to a free-to-play MMORPG, the developers have been pushing out repeated updates changing core parts of the game and making balance adjustments.
If you’re interested in all of the changes you can expect over the following weeks then you can head on over to the official Albion Online website where they go over everything they’re doing in detail.
For new players, I hope you’re ready to jump into the world for the very first time! For everyone else, I hope you’re ready for an influx of new players! Be nice and get along, now, children!


It’s been a little while since I talked about TERA, and while I don’t have an update necessarily pertaining to the PC version, I would like to point out that consoles have recently gotten the Reoladed update.
TERA: Reloaded overhauls a ton of systems, adds things like Guardian Legion scenarios, adds the Elin Gunner for.. well let’s admit it, pretty much everyone since 90% of the population plays Elin for some weird reason.
And more! Again, you can jump on over to the official website to read more!

Ashes of Creation

After what seemed like an eternity, and let’s be honest here.. not being able to bring your forums back up after several months of it being offline is never a good sign.
But I digress, the team behind Ashes of Creation recently revealed what had happened to their forums and why it had taken them so long to get back online.
Apparently their old registration and account system was tied to WordPress, a content management system often used to power websites and blogs.
The forums were also linked to WordPress, but Intrepid Studios want to be able to scale this in the future with other services they plan on providing, so wanted to link everything together.. better. In a more stable and optimized way.
However, instead of addressing this they instead opted to not only keep the forums down for what, 4? 5? months but also chose to go without providing a single word to the public about it.
Iunno. It’s weird, but whatever.
Now, we finally have some news pertaining to the actual MMO itself as opposed to the Apocalypse Battle Royale!
No, no news regarding the games progress, but rather the fact that they’re releasing some new cosmetic items for pre-ordering the game!
Yup, for the low low price of $375 you can get yourself a boat, little hut, outfit and mount! Pretty sick, right? That’s only, what? 2 years worth of subscription to Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft.

Blade & Soul

Have you ever wanted to fight a Ninja Turtle? Unfortunately for you.. yeah, that ain’t gonna happen, but, in Blade & Soul’s newest Legends Reborn event you’ll be able to fight a giant turtle!
The event will take you into two dungeons to fight the Sacred Longgui and Lord of the Inferno. Completing the instances will, naturally, earn you redeemable goodies so if you wanted a reason to jump back in.. quick!


Dinosaur themed MMORPGs are far and few between. Sure, MMOs have dinosaur monsters in-game but aren’t dinosaur themed.
Durango – and yes, Durango is a mobile MMO is opening pre-registration applications for players interested in trying the game out.
You get goodies for registering now, but I understand if people are instantly turned off at the sight of another “Mobile MMO”.
For those of you interested, head on over to our MMOByte Mobile channel as we’ll have footage of it up in the future!
Durango features farming, dinosaur taming, gathering. So think.. I guess, ARK? But on mobile.


I honestly.. I.. sigh, like. Really. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.
Do you enjoy running dailies over and over and over and over and over and- yeah. Nobody enjoys repetitiously running dailies in games.
But that’s not what Gamigo, the team behind RIFT seem to believe. Why do I say that? Because they’re introducing a Battle Pass for the game that’s going to cost you $10 per month.
What will it offer? Dailies. So you’re in essence, paying Gamigo to allow you to do daily quests. Yup – that’s where we’re at in the MMO industry right now.
We’re paying developers and publishers to do some of the most loathed, boring content imaginable. Fuck Gamigo.


I’m not a fan of Kickstarter backed games. I’m not. They often don’t end up delivering what they promise and people constantly and repeatedly complain about them yet continue to fund them.
But Oath doesn’t look bad.
It’s a new free-to-play action MMORPG developed by a studio with 5 members. There are 7 classes, a large emphasis on both PvE and PvP and.. y’know, the usual MMO-y stuff.
They claim the game will have no pay-to-win whatsoever but at the same time go on to mention a cash-shop. Cash shops in free-to-play MMOs.. yeahhh.
While it doesn’t look bad and definitely has potential… Iunno. I’ll wait and see.

Black Desert Online

Okay, so I’m not going to dwell on this one for too long but apparently.. Kakao has been making headlines recently with hundreds, if not thousands of players being randomly banned.
Players that did nothing wrong.
They’re slowly unbanning players in small batches but to date, players are still continuing to get banned.
I feel bad for BDO players but at the same time.. it’s Kakao quality. What more should we honestly even expect?

Final Fantasy XIV

For fans of cute costumes or players wanting to just.. go egg hunting, Final Fantasy XIV has their Hatching-tide event making a return from April 9th through April 22nd.
Also making news is the fact that two new races are coming to the game: The female-only Viera, and male-only Ronso, er, Hrothgar.
This has caused a lot of.. outrage from players, and rightly so, as this will mark the first gender-locked race or class introduced into the game.
I’m personally fine with female only Viera but I know a lotta people upset with it, even though the race will be predominantly female only in terms of usage either way.

Uncharted Waters Online

Yup, the 2004 sandbox MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online is still sailing along, with their most recent update, Lost Memories bringing with it some cool new stuff.
Differing stories depending on what your Home Nation is, a new island to explore, and new treasures to hunt down.
I’ve never tried the game out personally but considering it was released back in 2004 and is still somehow online.. it very well might be worth taking a look at.

Bless Unleashed

I don’t really know what to say about Bless Unleashed.
I cautiously opted to purchase a Founder’s Pack for Bless so I could get a head start on everyone else and like the vast majority of players, was severely let down.
I was kind of disgusted by how bad the game ended up being. So seeing a new incarnation of Bless is still unnerving for me.
I am well aware that Bless Unleashed is being done by Bandai Namco as opposed to Neowiz but the stench of Neowiz is still very prevalent.
According to Bandai Namco, the game is being “built from the ground up” and is completely different to Bless Online. However, it shares the same classes, mechanics, world and more.
So it’s more like a spin-off than anything.
I’ve heard some people saying it looks “really good” and I’ll be honest here, from a non-bias perspective, the game definitely looks pretty good.
But Neowiz made Bless look good as well and we all got burned real hard.
Thankfully, Bless Unleashed is free to play so I highly doubt any of us are capable of being scammed a second time. Taken advantage of, sure, but not scammed of our money.
Like.. some people forked over so much for those founder’s packs, holy shit.

Dragon Nest

May we have a moment of silence for Dragon Nest’s EU incarnation.
Okay. We good? We good. Unfortunately for EU players, Dragon Nest will be shutting down its EU servers effective May 15th due to an end to their contract with the developers.
While it’s always sad to see the sun setting on a game- a game you love, no doubt.. the North American version is still online and will likely remain as such for a while to come.
So if you want to.. you can always migrate over.

Burning Soul Worker

For fans of Burning Soul Worker – the private server for Soul Worker Online you’ll be happy to know that the game has taken another step ahead of Gameforge’s version.
Catching up to the official Korean version, Burning Soul Worker has increased the level cap to 65, added in a new level 60-65 leveling zone, a new raid the Skyclock Palace, some new dungeons, new quests, outfits and most importantly.. a new character.
Chii Aruel is fully playable and she’s super adorable. Like all Soul Worker characters are.
If you wanna join the game and play as the new Chii character then head on over to the Burning Soul Worker website and download the game!

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