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KurtzPel Game Review

Alternate Title: KurtzPel – BRINGER OF CHAOS
Developer: KOG Games
Publisher: KOG Games
Type: Online ARPG
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
PvP: Arenas
PvE: Instances

KurtzPel Review – Is It Worth Playing?

KurtzPel, the Anime MMO we’ve been waiting for all year. From what I experienced, the game is more comparable to something like S4 League then it is something like Dragon Nest or Soul Worker.
Which is more than fine, we need more original games on the market and this is a fantastic addition to it.
So, I got in-game and was greeted by one of the best animated openings to an Anime game I’ve played yet. The quality was beautiful, like legit, if they made a KurtzPel Anime series I’d watch it. Especially with how dark the atmosphere felt.
Kinda gave me Attack on Titan feels just a little bit..
But it sets up the story quite nicely.
We’re apparently some weird, demonic spawn referred to as a “KurtzPel”. The bad guys want to murder us because.. well, we’re essentially the “chosen one” and will bring about their end.
I mean, makes sense. When you’re the dominant force in the world and your existence as you know it is threatened, naturally you’d do whatever you could to hold onto what you have.
So can they even really be considered bad guys? There’s a tough question for ya!
When beginning your journey throughout KurtzPel you’re given quite a unique way of going about your character creation. You’re prompted to fill in a simple questionnaire that determines your character’s personality and customization options.
You can freely change your personality at any time during the character creation process, and each personality type provides different hairstyles, faces, physiques, and demeanor.
I ended up on Genius, ’cause.. I mean, naturally. Wiggy ended up as Healer, my wife MrsStix ended up as Supporter.. or maybe Wiggy was Supporter and my wife was Healer.. I forget. Finally, Wiggy’s boyfriend got Advisor.
This provided an interesting group dynamic. I was the mastermind behind everything we did, Ev was able to advise me on how poor the decisions I made were, to no avail, Wiggy tried to heal through my poor decisions and my wife MrsStix supported me as best she could.
Character creation in the game though was superb. I wish the game provided the option to more freely customize your characters face but your characters are perhaps the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in an Anime MMO.
Being able to adjust their height, their weight, the actual style of their body, basic facial features like their eye style, brows, pupils and overall skin color made it possible to create something pretty unique. Especially once you reached the hairstyles.
KurtzPel actually provides players the ability to edit the front, back, side and tail-end of your hair, making it possible to heavily customize your hairstyle.
Adding on to that is the fact that you’re capable of coloring each invidual hair slot, providing even more customization.
I’m not really a fan of highlights in hair as I’m fond of things matching, but I did see a lot of people that took the time to take advantage of this.
Finally, and most importantly, you have the bust and hip size. You can make your girl hella thicc or teeny tiny. Unless you’re a guy, in which case.. sucks to be you.
There are 5 total classes in-game as of right now. Each class is referred to as a “Karma”, with the game allowing you to equip 2 simultaneously, providing the ability to swap between them mid-combat.
I opted for the Great Sword Karma, “Sword Talaimh” because I love huge swords. And I’m a melee fighter at heart.
The other 4 Karma’s are the Longbow “Dance of the Wind”, Staff “Diabolic Witch”, Gauntlet “Blazing Fist”, and finally the Dual Swords Karma that is unreleased I believe.
The combat was nice and smooth, You had your basic combos at the top right of the screen, the gameplay flowed nicely and the special effects were probably the best I’d seen in an Anime MMO.
If you want something flashy, then that’s what you get.
The game has two forms of play, PvE and PvP.
PvE has you dive into instances, like Soul Worker or Phantasy Star Online 2 and fight large bosses to progress through the story, learn more about the world you inhabit, and unlock new Karma’s, outfits and more.
Story-related quests are solo but repeatable with a group, and can honestly provide quite a challenge. Especially as a close-range melee fighter. At times I felt like a punching bag for the NPCs I was fighting.
PvP, like PvE, takes place inside small instances and pits groups against one another.
While it’s easy to get overwhelmed due to using inferior Karma’s and lacking the required skill, the PvP is exhilerating and provides an opportunity for players to test their skills against one another.
Honestly, I just wanted to play the Gauntlet Karma but from what I could tell, if you weren’t playing the Witch… then you were pretty much screwed. They absolutely destroyed me and I had regrets playing melee.
Alas, that’s the life of a melee in most games: Get kited to hell.
Every encounter is either prefaced by a cutscene or followed by a cutscene that introduces the game’s primary characters.
Some of them are actually pretty entertaining, while others are just cliche and cheesy. But that doesn’t equate to being a bad thing, it’s just.. not something I found outside of solo games.
Most MMOs or online games, even, don’t really provide much personality to their characters outside of the odd line here or there that makes you chuckle, with the exception of a few good ones like WoW, Final Fantasy XIV or Guild Wars 2 as examples.
So seeing a game like this ported over that actually has personable, relatable characters is promising for the story. And let me tell you, there was a ton of story. I spent a solid 30 or so minutes of my first 2 hours recording just story.
Thankfully I’m a huge lore buff so that was enjoyable for me.
I spoke a little on combat earlier but I wanted to elaborate on it a little more here: It can be very, very difficult.
The story missions, as I mentioned, are solo, meaning you can’t do it at least initially with friends or other players. So progressing through the story means you’re required to do it alone.
The same goes for the unlocking of Karma’s. You must complete the quests to unlock them, along with the characters associated with them by yourself.
However, once you manage to overcome those encounters, you unlock them for play in multiplayer – which is honestly where the fun comes into play.
While yes I had a lot of issue as the Greatsword Karma, actually failing one of my missions, and while that was frustrating ’cause that Ganondorf looking dick beat me senseless, tackling them again with my wife was far more satisfying.
The bosses were actually several times more powerful, had several times more HP and required a little more coordination.
Especially if one of you are getting murdered repeatedly.
Although we only tested a few bosses out, the amount of fun we had greatly increased once we could play together because playing with a friend, a loved one, you know.. is just so much more fun than playing alone.
So, at the end of the day, KurtzPel is a unique semi-MMO? MMO-lite? Mini, Massively, Multiplayer, Online? MMMO?
Iunno. Either way, it’s a very unique game that is probably the most aesthetically beautiful Anime inspired game of its kind.
I had an absolute blast in-game, and I’m glad KOG reached out to provide my wife and I beta keys to try the game out. We would’ve missed out on this otherwise, and you guys wouldn’t have been able to see how fun the game is.
Especially if you’re a fan of hub-based MMOs.

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System RequirementsMinimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit required)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz
Video Card: GeForce GTX 750 ti OR Radeon R7 360
Hard Disk: 15 GB or more

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit required)
CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz or AMD Ryzen5 1500X
Video Card: GeForce GTX 1060 OR Radeon RX 570
Hard Disk: 15 GB or more

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MMORPG News: Moonlight Blade Update, Albion Online, Crowfall Delay, Bless, Lineage II Classic

MMORPG News: Moonlight Blade Update, Albion Online, Crowfall, Bless, Lineage II Classic


Crowfall announced last week that they would be delaying its testing phase. Whether this is good or bad news for you depends on whether you want something poorly optimized merely for the sake of playing it.
ArtCraft, the team behind the game stated that they were delaying Crowfall “in favor of realizing additional gains in performance.”
It’s always good to see developers opting to improve their game before making it more publicly available (*cough* Atlas *cough*.)

Dual Universe

Good news for fans of the upcoming scifi themed space sandbox MMORPG, Dual Universe: Novaquark, the team behind the game have announced that they will be expanding their studio by hiring a team of up to 50 people in Montreal.
The game, along with the team behind it have been consistently growing in Paris up to this point, so it’s nice to see they’ve gotten large enough to warrant a move like this.

Ship of Heroes

This one’s strange. Honestly, I’m excited for Ship of Heroes. Why? Because it looks as though it could potentially be a very, very cool new superhero themed MMORPG.
However, the team behind the game have revealed what they’re hard at work with, and for some reason are under the impression that this needs talked about.
According to them, when you level, your HP and MP will immediately restore, you’ll gain increased stats and access to new abilities.. yup, exactly the same thing that happens in every other MMO.
I don’t know what about this announcement makes them think this makes the game unique but.. more power to them?


Like seemingly every other MMORPG, EverQuest, next month, will be rolling out their new progression servers; servers aimed at providing a “classic experience” to players.
This will provide interested fans the ability to go through the game once again, expansion by expansion, withessing and experiencing everything as they are relevant.
Two servers will be rolled out, the Selo shard that will feature increased XP gains and the Mangler shard that will actually see both reduced XP gain and additional XP lost upon death.
Players will require an active subscription to play on these two shards.
This isn’t the first time Daybreak have rolled out progression servers, though, and the continued dilution of players through additional servers is only hurting your playerbase overall.


This one is a little different as I’d rather mention the company as a whole.
Nexon, the company behind games like MapleStory, Riders of Icarus and Vindictus reported that they had a record-high financial year in 2018, with games like MapleStory and MapleStory M performing exceptionally well in Korea along with Dungeon & Fighter in China.
Now, the reason I have an entire section of this video dedicated to Nexon is because outside of their upcoming Project BBQ title.. and let’s be honest here, we aren’t even certain we’ll receive it in the West, the company doesn’t have anything scheduled on PC for 2019.
This is a little disconcerting as Nexon has always delivered PC MMOs to the West, even if they turned out to be bad. Instead, Nexon will be releasing various Mobile games as that’s what we as PC gamers want.
So rule Nexon out of the developers that will be releasing any PC-related games in 2019, including Moonlight Blade.

MapleStory 2

Speaking of MapleStory, Nexon have announced a new “Project New Leaf” for MapleStory 2. This new initiative will attempt to create an open channel of communication between both the company developers themselves and the playerbase.
Nexon will go about publishing blogs posts, detailing changes that they are planning on making to the game after which players can leave feedback on the proposed changes.
If you’re curious and want to see what this is like in action, then head on over to MapleStory 2’s website and chime in on their very first blog.

Torchlight Frontiers

Good news for fans of Torchlight Frontiers! Perfect World Entertainment revealed that the game’s third closed alpha would be beginning soon and that old participants along with new lucky alpha testers will be able to participate!
The goal? Do everything you can to overwhelm the servers so they can stress-test them.
Unlike previous alphas, they plan on keeping the alpha going without taking it down, allowing you to continue to experience every new update and every new feature that gets rolled out.
So if you’re looking to play Torchlight Frontiers, there is no plan on closing the alpha so jump in and keep playing!
Oh, right, and that NDA that prevented players from discussing or posting videos of the game will also be gone.

Albion Online

Fans of Albion Online may be happy to know that in an effort to combat cheating in its game the team behind the popular MMO are implementing an anti-cheating system.
As I don’t currently play Albion Online I’m unable to really comment on it but suffice it to say that if it’s anything like XIGNCODE, an anti-cheating anti-hacking program used by other MMOs I’m not impressed.
The anti-cheating program will be automatically installed onto your computer as of the latest patch so be aware of whether or not the program remains running after closing out of the game, as many programs like this do.

Champions Online

New content for Champions Online at last! No, not content you can actually play through. Definitely not.
Instead, new content was released in the way of a brand-spanking new paid Archetype. For those of you unaware, Archetypes were added into Champions Online with the conversion to a free-to-play model.
They give players a more simplified power system that acts as a class system employed by most MMOs. There are free Archetypes and Paid Archetypes, and the Midnight Arcehtype is.. you guessed it, a paid Archetype.
So.. more to waste your money on, I guess?

Bless Online

Neowiz, the team behind the “incredibly popular” MMORPG Bless Online is releasing a brand-new update taking players into a brand new raid: The Urdaata War Fortress.
The raid in question is a 10-player max level instance that adds new loot for players to earn. Additionally, the update brings with it new cosmetic items for players to spend real money on.
Whether or not Bless Online has the player numbers to actually fulfill the raid requirements or not remains to be seen, however.

Lineage II Classic

For fans of Lineage II Classic – and there are tens of thousands of you playing concurrently – you’re in for some good news!
The game is rolling out its very first major update on February 27th. The update will feature new hunting grounds, raid bosses, and the third class advancement so get your body ready!

Elder Scrolls Online

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online, then no doubt you’ve been highly anticipating the new Wrathstone DLC.
ZeniMax, the team behind ESO have announced that Wrathstone, which will feature the release of the Dwemer complex Frostvault and Aleyid ruins of Malatar will be rolling out on the PC on February 25th, with console ports having access to the game on March 12th.
The new Wrathstone DLC will also begin the Season of the Dragon that will continue into June with the release of ESO’s new Elsweyr expansion.

DC Universe Online

Yes, Ship of Heroes, Champions Online and now DC Universe Online. I guess you could say March is going to be a.. “super” month. Hmm? Too much? Kay. Unlike Champions Online however, DC Universe Online is receiving its newest episode titled “Justice League Dark.”
Daybreak, the team behind DC Universe Online are calling the episode a “large-scale episode with level-agnostic event versions of content” and a “variety of singleplayer and multiplayer adventures set in several magical and otherworldly locales, including the House of Mystery.”
Justice League Dark will be releasing simultaneously on both PC and console on March 28th.

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10 MMORPGs You Should Totally Play In February, 2019.

10 MMORPGs You Should Totally Play In February, 2019.

I’ve done my fair share of “top 10” videos over the last two years and generally I list a fair amount of the same games.
That’s not because I’m biased or due to me wanting to re-post the same thing over and over, it’s because there isn’t much variety in the way of “top MMOs” anymore.
I aim to change that beginning this month.
Henceforth, every month I’ll be doing a “top 10 MMORPGs you should play in x month” video featuring different MMOs you should take a moment to try.
This will breathe new life into games that are suffering likely due to their age, lack of exposure or.. any of a multitude of other reasons.
If you have a game you’d like to see listed next month, let me know in the comments section and I’ll consider listing it!
Now let’s do this.

Scarlet Blade Vendetta

I gotta start this video with Scarlet Blade Vendetta.
I recently got back into the game with my wife, MrsStix, Wiggy and her boyfriend Ev and we’ve been having a ton of fun in it.
The game was released back in 2012 under the name Queen’s Blade – I believe completely unrelated to the Anime by the same name. It was classified as a scifi adult themed MMORPG – and that was definitely true.
Scarlet Blade has some of the most sexually suggestive NPCs, outfits, and.. well, the game offers players the ability to play completely in the nude. I don’t really know how much more “adult” you can get than that.
Even though the game was shut down a couple years ago due to Aeria Games being terrible publishers, it was revived as a private server under the new name Scarlet Blade Vendetta.
They’ve done a great job of keeping the game alive and kicking over the last couple years and are the only reason the game is even still worth playing.
Scarlet Blade utilizes a unique mixture of action and tab-target combat, leaving players cycling through main targets, but mowing down additional monsters with large untargeted group AoEs.
Oh, and you get to pilot giant hulking mechs as well. That was pretty cool.


I’ve played RaiderZ a few times over the last 2 years, although it was under – once again, private server management. That is because Perfect World Entertainment actually closed the game down, unfortunately.
It was the “Black Desert Online” before BDO came out, but it was released before its time.. and admittedly wasn’t as polished.
Like Scarlet Blade, the game was published in 2012 and, even though it was shut down, a new publisher, Masangsoft have plans on relaunching the game in the near future.
Until then, however, there are two different private servers you can play RaiderZ on: Revolution RaiderZ and RaiderZ Legend. They’re fairly different as Revolution changed quite a bit of the game whereas Legend kept the game pretty faithful to the original.
RaiderZ was a beautiful, fully action-combat MMORPG that utilized an interesting class system, allowing players the ability to pick up various weapons scattered around the world and fight with that distinct style.
This made for very interesting combat as both Wiggy and I would constantly be swapping our playstyles to acclimate to the weapon.

Silkroad Online

This is an old one, releasing all the way back in 2005. Silkroad Online is a fantasy themed MMORPG that takes place along the Silk Road between China and Europe in the 7th century AD.
Even though Silkroad was released way back in 2005, the game had some of the most entertaining tab-target combat available for its time, even going as far as holding up by today’s standards.
There are various ways of leveling: By questing, which actually doesn’t net you jack in terms of XP, trading, hunting other factions, or… what Wiggy and I did, which was just grind monsters significantly higher level than you.
Yup, it’s an older game and older games generally let you grind out instead of questing if you preferred.
I can honestly say that I’ve had some truly crazy experiences in this game while leveling.

Allods Online

Ah, one of the early supposed “WoW killers”.
And if the game weren’t so pay to win at the time it very well may have done well enough to challenge the titan. Nevertheless, Allods Online is a fantasy MMORPG that looks and plays just like World of Warcraft… if it were free to play.
It launched in 2011 and offered players the ability to – in essence – play WoW for free. It had voice acting, a similar graphical style, a similar combat style, eerily reminiscent classes and races. I mean, you name it, Allods probably attempted to copy it.
But that doesn’t make Allods inherently bad. It is actually a pretty high quality free to play title. It also offers players a non pay to win premium server that the majority of the playerbase play on.
Combat is a polished tab-target system and the world you inhabit is large and filled with things to do.
The only issue is the pay to win free to play servers. But it’s a game so..


I feel like this list should be titled “MMORPGs released in 2012 worth playing in 2019” as Wakfu, like the previous games in this list, is a free to play title released originally back in, you guessed it.. 2012.
Wakfu describes itself as “A strategic MMORPG with a real environmental and political system.”
The game is set 1,000 years after its predecessor, Dofus, and like Dofus, uses a turn-based combat system along with other tactical RPG inspired elements.
There’s a lot of player-managed content in the game such as Governmental affairs, organising militias, elections, and even environmental management such as maintaining resource levels via planting seeds, harvesting crops and hunting wildlife.
It’s really one of the most unique MMOs I’ve had the pleasure of playing and for the sake of science, I recommend you try it out!

Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokemon Revolution Online is one of the many unofficial Pokemon MMO’s on the market right now.
In my opinion it’s also probably one of the best, if not the best one available.
It plays just like every official Pokemon game out there and actually provides players access to various official Pokemon maps.
It has a huge selection of Pokemon to choose from and has one of the most accurate graphical styles in a Pokemon MMO. Definitely recommended for fans of the Pokemon genre.

Ran Online

Ran Online is a really old one released way back in 2004. It’s probably one of the most realistic MMORPG’s I’ve ever played. It’s grounded very firmly in reality and plays very differently to what I’m used to.
The game is set in our current time and you play as a school student. You fight other school students and… well, honestly, I spent hours in-game and all I fought were thugs and school students.
The campus that we started on itself was very large, and the combat was actually pretty decent. The game seems to have you grind quite a lot though so if grinding isn’t your thing then maybe this isn’t the game for you!
We tried questing and the XP was just so.. insignificant in comparison. But all in all, it was a different experience to have, especially since the enemies are all Human.

Runes of Magic

I know, I know. “How could you recommend a Gameforge game?” – Well, yes, technically it is a Gameforge game and I loathe Gameforge to the point where I won’t even accept sponsorships from them anymore.
But, Runes of Magic is nonetheless an MMO worth trying out, if only to experience another free to play WoW clone. There are quite a few of them out there. Runes of Magic was released back in 2009 and as such, does look fairly dated.
It utilizes a clunkier version of tab-target combat than other titles like Allods or Aion but overall if you’re not interested in games like those, this may be of interest to you.
It’s a slower game that requires you take your time and learn how things work as opposed to just mindlessly rushing through.
I know, I know. What kind of game has you take your time? This one, apparently.

Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is one of the only remaining 3D martial arts inspired action MMORPG left on the market. The game was released back in 2013 and revolves around Wuxia-inspired lore, taking place in Ming Dynasty China.
I’m a huge fan of wuxia movies, games and the like so I was thrilled when I got to try Age of Wushu out and play through some of it.
The game actually has fully voice acted cutscenes in Chinese, removing the disconnect people often get when hearing poor English localized voice acting like in TERA, Aion or Blade and Soul.
You also have a large variety of schools that give you access to different fighting styles and let me tell you.. there’s a lot to choose between.
The game is large and open, the combat is surprisingly good for tab-target and honestly, if you’re looking forward to Moonlight Blade, then Age of Wushu might be a good alternative to satiate your needs.

Fiesta Online

Like Gameforge, I’m not really into advertising Gamigo games as I, along with many other players, consider Gamigo to be an MMO graveyard.
However, unfortunately they have the rights to Fiesta Online – an Anime MMORPG released way back in 2006 by Outspark… man I miss the days when GPotato and Outspark were around.
Nevertheless, Fiesta is about as basic as an MMO can get, but that isn’t to its detriment.
The game takes you back to when MMOs were basic: You have very minimal quests, you require parties to do dungeons, there isn’t a whole lot of soloing that takes place because the game is so damn difficult.
Graphically, the game still holds up pretty well, not against games like Soul Worker, Peria Chronicles or the upcoming KurtzPel, sure, but against other games like Aura Kingdom, Twin Saga and the like.
Truly, Fiesta, FlyFF and Florensia – three Anime inspired MMOs that begin with F that I shall now henceforth refer to as “The Big 3 F’s” are the last of a dying breed.

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Anthem surely is one of the most amazing and popular PC games that you will ever come across of. A huge number of people are playing this awesome game and are quite impressed by its services as well as the features that it has to offer for the users. But the drawback is that not everyone can easily access the game. The game can be available for you if you agree to pay for it.
This can drain you out of a lot of money for sure. But you need not worry as we have the right kind of solution for this problem of yours. The Anthem Download can easily be available for you to download without you having to spend even a single penny in the return. Expert teams have developed such methods in order to provide ease and convenience to the users and provide them with the game that is similar to the original ones.
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The team puts in a lot of efforts along with making some changes to the original version of the game in order to provide you with such benefits. If you are interested in knowing about some of the other aspects of the game, here in this article we have mentioned some of the points in order to help you out.
Anthem Crack: nothing is changed
It is quite clear that all of the players who are interested in playing the game, wants to get the original features and game play while they play the game. That is why some of the users hesitate to use the crack version. They think that there will be a lot of changes made in the crack version and it will not resemble to the original game in any manner. But that is not the truth.
The reality is that the Anthem crack is meant to offer you the game play similar to that of the original game without making any kind of changes for sure. This version of the game is prepared by the exports who meant to offer the best possible features without spoiling even a single aspects or element of the game.
The Anthem PC Crack is absolutely similar to the original version of the game and is known to offer satisfactory services to all of the people suing the game. No doubt some of the changes are made in the game, this is to make sure that the game is available for you without any applied changes. But you can keep our words that other than this there are no changes in the game. Neither the features nor any other gaming element differs from the original one.
Anthem Torrent: how to download
If you are looking forward to the use of Anthem torrent in order to download the game for free, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps. These are enough to provide you the idea about what needs to be done. It will help you to easily get the game without facing any kind of issues.
* First of all you need to visit the online source of the crack and start downloading the game.
* After you have reached the website all you have to do is to click on the download option that is present over there.
* You need to have some patience as the process of the Anthem Free download might take some time to begin.
* After the proper data is collected by the application the downloading process will begin.
* Before downloading the game you need to make sure that the PC you are suing must have enough space to store the game and will be able to run it hassle free.
* Also, pay attention towards the internet connection that you are using. You need to make sure that the internet is working properly and you are having a high speed uninterrupted internet connection in order to get better results.
* Also, make sure that the internet connection is extremely stable so that there is no error cause while you are downloading the game.
* In case the user who is downloading the game is seeking help from any of the other downloading mediums. They might get the notifications as well.
The magnet link of the torrent that our website provides to the customers happens to help them with the Anthem PC Download. With the help of this very application you will easily get the game in your PC without having to pay any extra charges. When the download is complete on your system, all that you are left with is the installation process. After completing the installation process you can easily get started with the game on your PC and enjoy it without facing any kind of interruptions.

Features of the crack version
The website allows you to get Anthem download and install it on your system without any kind of problem. But before beginning with the process you need to understand the features that are offered by the cracks in order to get a better idea of the whole concept for sure.
* The crack version allows you to play the game without any extra charges and you will get each and every element as provided by the original version of the game.
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Anthem Download Free Tutorial

Exact System Requirements To Play Anthem With Ease
Before making use of the Anthem Download Free links, players must pay attention to following system requirements which will make sure no trouble is faced while playing the game.
1- Click the “Download Anthem Full Version + Crack” button below.
2- Open the File “Anthem Downloader” and install it.
3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.
4- Done.
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Dirt Rally 2.0 Download PC + Crack

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Dirt Rally 2.0 Download – Source To Get It Quickly
Dirt Rally 2.0 is an impressive game available on the internet. For playing it, many individuals are putting efforts and trying to find out the best way. Now the question appears how to find a good way for such a task. It can be possible only by choosing the way of crack sources.
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Dirt Rally 2.0 – An Introduction!
When it comes to the best racing games, then the name of this particular game appears at the top. It is developed and published by the Codemasters. In the game, the players are able to enjoy both multiplayer & single player mode. The option of crack Dirt Rally 2.0 PC Download is available for all these things.
This particular way can help the interested ones in downloading the crack version quickly. The game is going to release soon. With the help of crack sources & services, you are able to get the game easily and enjoy the element.
Installation process for torrent users
If you are downloading the crack version with the help torrent, then you need to focus on the installation process. You need to consider the following process after getting Dirt Rally 2.0 Free download.
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Dirt Rally 2.0 Download Free Tutorial

Exact System Requirements To Play Dirt Rally 2.0 With Ease
Before making use of the Dirt Rally 2.0 Download Free links, players must pay attention to following system requirements which will make sure no trouble is faced while playing the game.
1- Click the “Download Dirt Rally 2.0 Full Version + Crack” button below.
2- Open the File “Dirt Rally 2.0 Downloader” and install it.
3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.
4- Done.
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Tannenberg Download PC + Crack

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Perfect Way To Get Tannenberg Download Crack
Tannenberg is a trending game in the FPS genre for PC. It is designed by adding different types of shooter elements with several other things. During the download of the game, the players may deal with some barriers. Considering the way of crack Tannenberg Download can help you in eliminating these barriers with ease.
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All individuals are trying to get crack version quickly. For such a task, they need to consider the way of perfect sources. When you are going to get Tannenberg Crack version, then you can see two major options.
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Torrent download options
The process of downloading the crack version is highly similar to the direct way. The steps are mainly differentiated from the selection of downloading options. Following are some guidelines.
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Tannenberg Download Free Tutorial

Exact System Requirements To Play Tannenberg With Ease
Before making use of the Tannenberg Download Free links, players must pay attention to following system requirements which will make sure no trouble is faced while playing the game.
1- Click the “Download Tannenberg Full Version + Crack” button below.
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4- Done.
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World of Warcraft Game Review

Alternate Title: WoW
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Model: Pay-to-play
Platform: PC
PvP: Arenas, Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, Open-world PvP, Island Expeditions
PvE: World Quests, Dungeons, Raids, Warfronts

World of Warcraft Review – Is It Worth Playing?

Yup, I’ve finally decided to do a video on World of Warcraft. And this is going to be a long one.
I guess, before beginning this video, allow me to.. elaborate on my credentials. I like to call myself a Warcraft fan. I played through Warcraft III, then again through The Frozen Throne.
I never played Vanilla WoW nor did I have the chance to play through Burning Crusade. Unfortunately my family was far too poor to afford WoW, let alone pay a monthly sub to something like a video game.
By the time Wrath of the Lich King came out I had a job and could therefore finally afford to delve into the magic that I had experienced throughout Warcraft III.
Back when I played, leveling was much more difficult than it is right now in Battle for Azeroth. As a Ret I couldn’t go around in Heirlooms pulling 10-12 monsters for my quest and AoEing them all dead before I took any form of substantial damage.
I recall dying underneath Dalaran to too many monsters when I was fully decked out in Wrathful PvP gear trying to chase someone down.
I remember the tedious journey to level up different weapon skills, class quests, not having my hand held throughout the questing process.
There are so many differences between Wrath of the Lich King and Battle for Azeroth that it almost feels redundant listing them here.
Suffice it to say, it was a very different game back then.
Now, ever since I bought the game I’ve had an active subscription. That’s around 11 years now, since I began back in 2008 I believe.
I have played every expansion, normally for several months per year.
I loved Wrath. It, to this day, is still my favorite WoW experience. Cataclysm changed the Warrior, which I mained, and the story of Deathwing was kind of.. lackluster compared to what I’d experienced in Wrath.
Then Mists of Pandaria hit and I was thrilled. My Warrior was back in tip-top condition, Bloodbath+Bladestorming everything with Second Wind – being an unkillable beyblade of death.
And even though Pandaria seemed very slow, or at least the questing system did, I enjoyed the light-hearted theme of the Pandaren. Granted, it was at times a little over the top but I enjoyed myself.
Then Warlords of Draenor hit and made Discipline Priests the bane of every melee’s existence, lest you play Frost DK, and even then.
The story, also, was complete filler, but the zones were beautiful, especially by WoW standards.
Then Legion released, and improved drastically on the story, the characters, and made the game look better than I ever thought possible.
Plus they allowed us to use Legendary Artifact weapons that, although grindy, were a significant improvement over the Azerite RNG system in place right now.
I have participated in every raid during every expansion, albeit on different characters over different accounts.
I have never cleared a current Mythic raid because I’ve never been dedicated enough for that. The furthest I got was I believe Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar.
But I have cleared everything else on normal as they were current content.
I’ve done my fair share of PvP: Thousands of Battlegrounds, I made it to 1900 rating in 2s, 2100 rating in 3s and I never knew enough people to participate in 5s or Rated Battlegrounds.
While I may not have been that great at PvP, I’d like to say that I was at least alright at it.
So, basically, I’ve always participated in as much of every expansion as I could. I’ve never been competitive enough to push the most difficult content but I’ve always been content having accomplished everything each expansion had to offer.
The same applies to Battle for Azeroth.
I started the expansion 2-3 months ago with my wife, Adrienne. She’s never played WoW before, so this was a completely new experience for her.
Her experience with MMOs came from Star Wars: The Old Republic, TERA, Blade and Soul, Rift and Riders of Icarus. So she was used to.. I guess, at least concerning base WoW and probably up until Mists of Pandaria.. prettier looking games.
I assured her that the game begins to look a lot better and the dungeons begin to require additional skill and mechanics the further we make it through the game.
Naturally, when I started with my wife I opted to re-roll a new character to level with her. I was also joined by my sister, Wiggy, and her boyfriend Ev.
My wife saw the Nightborne and instantly wanted to play the Allied Race. I told her that that was an impossibility due to her not having ever played in the past and Blizz gating the new Allied Races behind reputation gains.
She was gutted, as was I honestly, as the Nightborne are a beautiful race. But then again I have always mained Alliance, so.. not like I would’ve really played it either way.
She and Wiggy both settled on Draenei because they were the most aesthetically pleasing to them and the Gift of Naaru racial made sense as a PvE heal for tank and healer, which both of them went, respectively.
Leveling to 110 wasn’t too difficult.
My wife enjoys dungeons, so we made sure to run through every dungeon at least once on the way to max level.
While leveling we did notice something that had changed, however, and that was that A.) zones now scale to your level, and B.) dungeons now scale to your level as well.
Granted, both zones and dungeons have a level cap on them, allowing you to queue up or gain XP in areas until you reach the cap for the respective expansions content before moving you on to the next expansions dungeons and zones.
This was a surprise for me as I haven’t kept up-to-date with WoW-news and didn’t even know they had this planned.
Honestly I feel like this is both a good and bad move: It’s good for giving players the freedom to level how and where they want, but at the same time most players opt to go the fastest route, ignoring the vast majority of zones that you would otherwise visit.
Then came War Mode.
I love PvP, especially open-world PvP. My wife on the other hand, while leveling and learning her character she prefers to avoid being ganked by level 120 no-lifers that gank lowbies for shits and giggles.
Thus, we rolled onto Stormrage, one of the largest Alliance-dominated PvE servers.
Or, it used to be one of the largest Alliance PvE servers, until I learned that PvP and PvE servers no longer existed, instead, the two have more or less been consolidated into one with the option of turning PvP on or off.
War Mode was appealing because it increased all our XP rewards by 30%, making the leveling experience much less of a chore, especially since we leveled before Blizz rolled out their nerf to XP requirements.
Alas, I’d forgotten that max level players have nothing better to do than to fly over leveling zones and swoop in to 1-shot you then camp you until you give up and log out or forcibly respawn at a Spirit Healer. Which isn’t much better.
I know I can turn War Mode off, and we did occasionally, but I see something fundamentally wrong with the War Mode system, and that is that it forces players, players that play primarily PvE, to turn it on.
Otherwise, you won’t get increased Azerite Power, you won’t be able to do faction killing quests, one of which recently gave Alliance players an item level 400 piece for killing 25 Horde and more.
This means that in essence, if you don’t have War Mode turned on, you’ll be at a disadvantage over players that do have it turned on.
Their necklace will level faster than yours, you’ll miss out on potentially better gear… like, I know Blizz thought that removing PvP servers was a good idea, but I know a lot of people that don’t turn War Mode on, ever, other than to participate in the Against Overwhelming Odds quest and Call to Arms quests each week.
Then they sit there, repeatedly getting killed, participating in content that they never would have had to in the past, merely to attempt to remain competitive.
Talking about remaining competitive, what were Blizz thinking with the Azerite armor system?
The Artifact weapon could be frustrating; not the talents you’d get on your weapon, no. Those were fine. Leveling your artifact weapon was a huge chore.
So what did they do? They introduced the ability to grind out and level your Azerite necklace in the same way as the Artifact weapon, and instead of giving you the talents you’d been working hard towards… you’re given RNG crap that is worse than what you had.
Like, my wife, as an example, had an Azerite head piece that had Enduring Luminescence, Blessed Portents and Resounding Protection. That’s almost as good as you can get as as Discipline Priest from what I can tell.
Then she got a piece 15 item levels higher that gave her Depth of the Shadows, Woundbinder and Vampiric Speed… like are you for real? I had the same exact thing happen on my Fury Warrior, repeatedly getting Gemhide on my gear.
Gemhide. Because I need that bonus avoidance as a Fury Warrior in PvE and PvP when I’m not taking damage.
Speaking of which, PvP gear… I know Legion removed the traditional PvP gearing system that we’d used up until that point.
Entering battlegrounds and earning Honor to purchase Honor gear and entering Arenas to earn Conquest Points for your Conquest gear.
But that system… allowing players to purchase the pieces they wanted, that was part of what made PvP worth continuing.
The system in Battle for Azeroth? You earn 20-30 conquest per Arena and upon reaching your weekly cap, are given the item listed.. which could be much worse, or not even for your spec.
Or at least you were until one of the most recent patches. Now we’re at least given the option to choose between a small selection of same-slot items.
Gone are the days where you could work towards the piece you were missing. Now, we’re all given a pre-determined piece of gear with the chance of obtaining additional pieces from winning matches.
That’s just… no. That’s a terrible system. I don’t want a pre-determined selection of gear pieces that I have no control over. I want to be able to purchase the pieces I want.
I recall when I used to do raids and had a slot with a particularly bad item level gear piece on it.
I could do some Arena and replace it with a conquest piece that is much higher than anything I’d likely get for a while, upping my overall DPS and making me that much more useful to my group.
There are just so many things wrong with the new PvP gearing system right now, but I’ll leave that there as I don’t want it to come off ranty.
PvP on the other hand… well, with War Mode came a plethora of issues.
As an Alliance player on a server with a population larger than most you’d expect there to be a decent representation of your faction out and about in the open world.
However, at least on Stormrage, regardless of where you go, regardless of what “shard” you end up on, regardless of when you play… there are always ridiculously large groups of Horde going around ganking Alliance players.
Now I’m not saying that this is the case for every server, as I’ve read reports of Horde being outnumbered on Horde servers as well, but what this shows is a large imbalance in the PvP population.
An imbalance that Blizz thinks they can fix by introducing something like the Against Overwhelming Odds quest that gave Alliance players an item level 400 piece and not Horde.
An imbalance that Blizz thinks they can fix by giving Alliance players a larger bonus from War Mode.
Seriously, doing Tortollan World Quests is probably one of the worst things in the game. If the Alliance aren’t camping the area with 200 people, the Horde are.
Yes, it makes for some open-world PvP but let’s be real here… 200 people ganking a few people of the opposite faction while they try and do their quest isn’t really what I envision open-world PvP to be.
I remember fighting over spawns of monsters. Repelling Horde that would come to our lowbie zones and terrorize our lowbies trying to level.
PvP now is just zerg after zerg of the dominating side at that moment. Most the Horde I saw by themselves in the open world wouldn’t even look twice at me. Same with the Alliance if they saw a Horde.
Nobody cares about fighting one another, everyone seems to just want to do their shit then get out.
I’m not going to say PvP in WoW is dead, but I will say that it’s in a pretty stale state.
Gearing in Battle for Azeroth is… unique. I can’t say I dislike the new way of gearing myself but I can see how it could be cause for concern for a lot of players.
We have so many ways of gearing now: World Quests, World Bosses, Daily Emissaries, Faction Incursions, Warfronts, Warfront Rares, Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and naturally, questing itself.
I’m currently item level 394 on my main and my wife is item level 399. We have yet to push past Heroic Uldir and we’re currently getting ready to move into Heroic Dazar’alor but the rewards we get from both of them… are still inferior to the gear we have.
This is where I find potential fault: Raiding has traditionally been the way players go about getting the highest tier of gear in the game. In every game. But with the introduction of Mythic+ dungeons, raiding seems all but obselete.
The furthest I’ve made it was through a Mythic+12 Atal’Dazar. I’m not good enough to push any higher than that right now but nevertheless I managed to get various item level 400 pieces and 410 pieces from my weekly chest.
So if I’m capable of running Mythic+10’s that reward me item level 400-425 gear if they titanforge, and Heroic Dazar’alor gives me item level 400 gear… why would I run it? Hell, Mythic Dazar’alor only provides item level 415 gear.
That is the most difficult current-content there is, and I can all but ignore it in favor of Mythic+ dungeons that are much easier.
So while I do enjoy being able to gear myself competitively via dungeons, I do feel at the same time that it kinda removes the importance of Mythic raiding.
I leveled my Havoc Demon Hunter and Survival Hunter up to 120 and by the end of the week, they were both item level 370. By week two, they’re both sitting at item level 385-390.
This is through Mythic+ dungeons, Emissary quests and World Bosses.
Give it another month and they’ll likely both be upwards of item level 400 without ever having stepped into a raid.
Speaking of raids, they are normally heavily driven by story. Battle for Azeroth’s story has a lot of people finding issue with it.
Players are comparing the expansion itself to Warlords of Draenor, Blizz’s largest flop in terms of playerbase numbers and they’re crowning Sylvanas the new Garrosh: A leader that just a few years ago would’ve never enacted what she has this expansion.
Someone that would’ve been disgusted had someone attempt to do what she has currently done.
Now for me personally, I’m loving the focus on Jaina, Sylvanas and Talanji. And Bwomsandi is a truly fascinating character that I can’t wait to see get more time in the light.
However, unfortunately… that’s about it. The story revolves around Sylvanas being a bitch, using the Horde as pawns, the Alliance attacking Talanji and her people, going to war and… well as of right now, just fighting one another.
The story is fairly basic, there isn’t really all that much going on and a lot of people are of the opinion that the writers have no idea what they’re doing, with both the story and the characters.
To me, World of Warcraft was a second life.
I used to log in for hours every day. I felt like if I didn’t, I’d end up missing something big.
I spent countless hours helping other players gear via dungeons, battlegrounds, grinding gold, faction reputation, exploring, fighting Horde out in the open world, attempting and failing to climb the Arena ladder and just… enjoying myself.
However after only a couple months, I’m at a point where I log in to WoW, stand there for a few minutes and wonder what I should do. My wife is still having a blast doing raids but I already finished it.
So now what? Hit item level 400? Hit item level 410? Continue repeating the same World Quests, the same Emissary quests, the same Faction Incursions?
I dunno. World of Warcraft is a good game. Battle for Azeroth was a fun expansion… initially. But as you continue, after a few weeks you just kinda… have nothing left to do.
And with how little effort Blizz has been putting into this expansion, it’s a wonder why I’m still subscribed.
I don’t dislike this expansion, I just don’t have anything to do this expansion. That is gearing 3 separate characters. I can’t imagine how bad the monotony must be for players with only 1.
So in WoW’s current state, would I recommend people play it? I would. If you begin from level 1, you’ll likely get a solid month or two out of the game before running out of things to do.
Whether or not you can find things to retain your attention remains to be seen but nevertheless WoW is a good game. But like Warlords of Draenor, it’s just headed in the wrong direction right now.
It is definitely possible to fix the game like they did with Legion, and with WoW: Classic around the corner, they could potentially have more players than ever before.
I wouldn’t give up on WoW yet, nor would I recommend people not play the game in its current form. Things need fixed, yes. But is the entire game bad? Definitely not.
Should you play WoW? Yes. Should you come back if you played Battle for Azeroth at the beginning of the expansion? Probably not.
I truly hope that someone at Blizz watches this and takes a little away from it. WoW has always been my game, and even though I won’t cancel my sub… I’m not enjoying the game right now.
So until the game is fixed, whether that’s with the next large patch or the next expansion all together… see you all in Final Fantasy XIV.

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System RequirementsMinimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600 / AMD Phenom X3 8750
Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 4850 / Intel HD 3000+
RAM: 2 GB (1 GB for Windows XP users)
Hard Disk Space: 35 GB

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Core i5 2400 / AMD FX 4100+
Video Card: GeForce GTX 470 / Radeon HD 5870
Hard Disk Space: 35 GB

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How I Use NoPing To Avoid Lag And Disconnects

I’ve touched on lag in MMOs in the past.
We’ve all experienced it: Issues that prevent you from playing as competitively as your opponent, not being able to dodge telegraphed AoEs even though you reacted in time on your screen, or just random disconnects.
I fully understand how frustrating that can be as I have been playing MMOs for well over 15 years now and have played from internet as slow as dial-up, which was.. for us old folk, the best we could get back when.
You’ve no doubt attempted various fixes for the issue ranging from tweaking, optimizing, maybe even went as far as purchasing a new modem or going even further and changing Internet Service Provider.. I don’t know.
I contemplated it at times but thankfully couldn’t afford either, so ultimately I ended up just playing with lag.
That isn’t an issue anymore though thanks to VPNs like NoPing.
Now, I’ve touched on VPNs in the past and I’ll say that I haven’t had all that much success with them.
Some of them are overly priced for what they offer. Some of them spread malicious files around after installing them and some of them.. just don’t really do anything.

From personal experience, there are, perhaps, less than a handful worth of Gaming VPNs worth investing money into. I used to play MMOs back from Australia, and most MMO servers were located in North America which left me with an average of 300+ ping. This made playing MMOs in any capacity both a chore and nigh-impossible. Especially if I attempted PvP.
I played Blade & Soul in Australia, where I averaged 200-400 ping and every skill I used, every dodge I attempted was delayed by at least an entire second. Can you imagine how difficult it is dodging a telegraphed boss AoE when they only give you a second warning? Yeah, I couldn’t. Wiggy and I died over and over to 1-shot mechanics in Blade & Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft and pretty much every other game that didn’t have exclusively Oceanic servers.

NoPing, the VPN I was using for this test actually offered various servers scattered around various parts of the world.
They allow you to choose the server you want and then route you through that server, improving your connection to the game you’re attempting to play.
As an example, Wiggy plays WoW from Australia right now. She averages 340 ping in Australia, but after connecting via NoPing to a North American server and then running WoW, she saw an improvement of upwards of 100+ ping.

This doesn’t just work for WoW though. For games like Black Desert Online where action combat and reflexes are of utmost importance, latency matters. So every millisecond delay you get could result in your untimely death, either in PvE or PvP. Thankfully, NoPing (as an example) providers players with North American BDO servers to connect to in an attempt to improve your connection to the game.
Additionally, even if you’re located within North America, you can use a VPN like NoPing to connect to a server closer to the data center of the game you’re playing. So even if you’re located within North America, you can, in essence, use a US VPN to improve your connection. Granted, you likely won’t see the same kind of improvement but nevertheless every little bit helps.

I wholeheartedly recommend using a VPN to play MMOs and even games like Overwatch or Fortnite (MOBAs, BR’s etc.,) purely due to the fact that every little improvement over your ping helps you gain the upper hand over the competition. And, hey, I enjoy playing my games with less lag.
I’ve tried NoPing, and can attest to the improvements I saw over my ping (however small or large) after using it.
If you’d like to try NoPing out, you can by clicking the following link!

Download NoPing Now

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MMORPG News: FFXIV New Viera Race, New MMOs, ESO, SWTOR, FFXI, RIFT & More!

MMORPG News: FFXIV New Viera Race, New MMOs, ESO, SWTOR, FFXI, RIFT & More!

Now, a lot has happened over the course of the last week. I feel like saying this is becoming a little redundant though as there’s always a lot of news it would seem.
Regardless, I hope you’re prepared this week. We got some new goodies and some throwbacks to another generation.
So, sit tight and get ready for this weeks Byte of MMORPG News!

Final Fantasy XI

This marks a first for me: Talking about Final Fantasy XI – the predecessor to Final Fantasy XIV. Yes, the game is still very much alive and is actually getting a huge new update for the Red Mage class!
You can read all about the buffs by visiting the official Final Fantasy XI website but to summarize: There’ll be magic accuracy buffs, changes to enfeebling spells’ duration, changes to Immunobreak.. and more.
If this sounds like gibberish to you then no problem, but if you understand what I’m talking about then it may be exciting news for you since Red Mage’s have been in dire need of some attention.


Earlier this week the team behind Anthem went ahead and revealed some of their launch roadmap, highlighting the content surrounding the upcoming release titled “Part one: Echoes of Reality”.
They went on to reveal various things about the game in an “Ask Me Almost Anything About Anthem” Twitter post, such as the very limited personalization options for your character, with players being able to select from a pre-generated selection of heads, the main customization being for the characters’ Javelin, instead.
Additionally, BioWare also discussed their Cataclysm feature that will be time-limited world events that will have players take on large groups of hostile enemies, provide various mysteries and challenges for players to solve, and have players combat extreme weather conditions.
All in all, the game looks to have promise but time will tell whether or not it’ll be worth investing much time into.

Apex Legends

I know, I know. This isn’t something that I’d normally include in a weekly news video but I feel like I need to include it nevertheless.
Apex Legends is the newest Battle Royale game to hit the shelves and I gotta say.. kudos. The game, in less than 72 hours, has accumulated over 10 million players.
Within 24 hours of its launch it had gained over 2.5 million players and had over 600,000 concurrent players at any given moment during that day. Now, having hit over 10 million players, the game is sitting at over a million concurrent players online.
That is a feat not many games can achieve. So, if you’re looking to get into the next big craze – Apex Legends may very well be it.

New World

Amazon Game Studio’s New World sandbox-MMO has an NDA in place that prevents players from showcasing or discussing much of what they get to experience over the course of their time in-game.
However, some new information has recently come to light that I believe fans will be interested in! Amazon claim that the game isn’t a “survival game” in the traditional sense of the genre, going on to state that it is 100% an MMO with “MMO features”.
Now, fans of the genre know that MMO’s typically have thousands of players playing alongside one another, unless they’re hub-based.
While there are rumors abound stating that the game will be able to hold 10,000 players per server, it has been confirmed to, at least at this time, hold approximately 600 per server.
This is not confirmed to be the final number, but it’s at least something to go off of. If they continue to expand the population limit the game could very well go on to be worthy of holding the title of an MMO.
New World’s actual world is significantly smaller in scale than traditional MMOs but Amazon claim they plan on expanding the world as the game continues to be developed.
Additionally, New World will have a story that players progress through and follow, unlike most survival games.
Players will be able to form guilds in the way of “companies”, holding up to 50 people at a time and the game will be aimed at fans of open-world PvP.
Good news, though, you can’t directly attack your own company members, so they can come help! Or join in if you’re ganking or griefing other players. Either/or.

Dark Age of Camelot

Here’s an old one! Raise your hand if you’ve ever played Dark Age of Camelot. Okay, two of you, gotcha. For fans of the game, or hell, for players that have never tried Dark Age of Camelot, now is a fantastic time to jump in.
The game is hosting a plethora of events beginning this month that you’ll no doubt want to participate in.
Additionally, the team behind Dark Age of Camelot are hard at work introducing a Realm vs Realm population balancing system to hopefully re-balance the sides.

Ultima Online

I feel as though this week’s news video is going to feature a lot of throwbacks to older MMOs.
Nevertheless, for those of you unaware, the team behind Ultima Online announced at the beginning of the year that the game will be experiencing an entire year worth of “high seas content”, featuring updates to fishing, sailing, treasure hunting and pirate-hunting.
Rising Tide, the very first update planned is currently live on the test server this week. So jump in if you haven’t already and get to testing!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I know players have a very.. conflicted history with Star Wars: The Old Republic. It could’ve been so good but ultimately.. ended up going in the complete opposite direction, much to the dismay of fans.
And that’s alright. The game is still alive and kicking, regardless of its population issues.
Its most recent update “Jedi Under Siege” didn’t do much in the way of remedying those issues, but the team behind the game have teased a possible reveal regarding the game’s future plans during the next community event in April.
So if you’re one of the people still playing, don’t lose hope yet. News is right around the corner!

Elder Scrolls Online

In some pretty cool news for a change, ZeniMax is actually handing out 500 crowns to every player that has logged in ranging from January 1st 2017 to February 7th 2019.
This is supposedly to “show appreciation to the ESO community that keeps surprising us.” Crowns will be distributed to players on the PC on the 11th, and console players on the 13th.
It’s always kinda cool when companies give back, especially when it’s premium currency like this, but, knowing the playerbase.. there’ll likely be players that still find some reason to complain about free Crowns.

Romans: Age of Caesar

Here we go, a new take on the MMO-genre: Romans: Age of Caesar, a strategy-themed MMO by Firefly Studios, the people that brought you the MMORTS, Stronghold Kingdoms.
Firefly describe the game as “a co-operative grand strategy MMO”, with the game being a “shared world builder” that has players work alongside one another to attempt to “rebuild the great cities of Rome.”
Players will supposedly be able to occupy the same large continent, building and trading with every other player on the same map.
Each city will be comprised of 16 players, and each city will have to protect themselves from invasions while simultaneously attempting to establish trade partnerships and rebuild!
This sounds like it could potentially be very, very fun! I’m actually looking forward to this one.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XIV will be launching their third expansion titled Shadowbringers on July 2nd.
This is roughly five months away, but Square went ahead and made pre-orders for the expansion readily available for players that want to prepare early.
The pre-order bonus includes a new minion and an earing that provides players with a 30% boost to XP all the way up to level 70. This makes leveling alts a hell of a lot easier.
To top it off, players that pre-order now will also be able to get in-game early on June 28th for a minor head start!
So, if you haven’t already, then go right ahead and pre-order the expansion now! It brings with it the new Fran-inspired Viera race that fans of Final Fantasy XII and Tactics will likely recognize along with additional classes!
I’ll be pre-ordering it as I’m currently playing it!
Additionally, if you’ve never purchased Final Fantasy XIV but are an active Twitch Prime subscriber, then you can grab the base-version of the game for free right now until May 3rd.
This will provide the game completely free of charge with an entire month’s worth of free game time for merely being a Twitch subscriber.


For fans of Rift, yes, there are still fans of Rift, you’ll be happy to know that Gamigo, having purchased Rift from Trion last year have finally rolled out an update for the game.
Granted, the update only included a few tweaks, but was accompanied by a reassuring little note: “In preparation for future content releases, and to encourage more hybridization amongst tanks in raids, we have removed Legendary Hits from bosses in Bastion of Steel, Tartaric Depths, and Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix,”
Whether this is a confirmation that the game will continue to have additional content added as time goes on or if the skeleton crew working to keep the game online will only focus on just that: Keeping the game online remains to be seen.
But, we can still be hopeful… even though Gamigo is known as the MMO Graveyard.

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