Upcoming Action Anime MMORPG Kurtzpel Beginning Closed Beta In North America

Upcoming Action Anime MMORPG Kurtzpel Beginning Closed Beta In North America

Today we finally have some news pertaining to Kurtzpel and their release in North America. KOG Games, the company behind Elsword, Herowarz and Grand Chase announced on October 26th that they would begin opening closed beta registrations for the upcoming action Anime inspired MMO, Kurtzpel.

What is Kurtzpel?

Kurtzpel is a 3D Anime inspired action MMORPG that utilizes real time combat as seen in other games like Soul Worker (best comparison) or Black Desert Online, with a large focus on PvP. While playing more like Soul Worker or Dragon Nest, Kurtzpel will still offer a large variety of story related PvE content and PvP content for bloodthirsty players hell-bent on destroying one another. Kurtzpel offers the best character customization in an Anime MMO to date, has highly detailed graphics and supposedly has “balanced PvP”.

In KurtzPel, classic action game dynamics are eminent when players outfit their characters with 2, separate trade/jobs, noted in the form of weapon paths (called Karma) that can be swapped out and utilized interchangeably during battle.
Players can enjoy various, comprehensive 2v2 PvP Modes; queued up by a smart, automated match-making system. Or, players can embark upon a larger-than-life, raid style, quest-driven battle system against big, bad, boss monsters.

Kurtzpel NA Release Date

KOG Games have given no official ETA on when the game will launch or even be playable, but we were promised “additional information in the coming months”, especially with the confirmed Steam-release.

“We are excited to reveal that we will be bringing KurtzPel to Steam and we want players to communicate directly with us during the closed beta,” said KOG Games CEO, Frank Kim. “We want the game to be exactly what gamers want, so we encourage players to give us as much feedback as possible to help us shape this game into one of the top action games on Steam.”

Kurtzpel NA Closed Beta Registration

For players that are looking to get into the closed beta, Kurtzpel’s Facebook page posted a form you can fill out for the opportunity to get in through Google.

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