MMORPG News: Black Desert RU Shut Down, ArcheAge Shut Down? New MMO “Fractured”

Black Desert RU Shut Down, ArcheAge Shut Down? New MMO “Fractured”

Another week, another round of news. This week comes with several shockers as you can no doubt tell from the title, so go grab a beer and nachos ready because this video’s either going to give you reason to party or cry in a corner!

Black Desert Online

Let’s kickstart this week’s news off with some positive information regarding Black Desert Online.
In our last news video we went ahead and reported on Pearl Abyss losing all of the data to keep the Russian servers alive. Their deal with GameNet fell through and they subsequently lost all player data along with localization files in the process.
Now, as of October 17th, in a turn of events nobody saw coming, Pearl Abyss made a follow-up statement claiming that both Pearl Abyss and the parent company behind GameNet, Verbanaul Holdings Ltd had actually developed a legal solution that would ensure any and all player data including the localization files would have a successful transfer back over to Pearl Abyss.
What this means is that once the transfer process is over, Russian players will be able to log back in and continue playing.
While quite the debacle, it is reassuring to Russian players to know that their characters and money invested into the game did not go down the drain.
Additionally, Black Desert has released the new Archer class trailer ahead of Twitchcon 2018, whetting player appetites with the new male crossbow wielding class.
I gotta say.. it looks pretty fucking cool. Although you can expect another large investment into gearing the character to make them viable. Pearl Abyss, you know how to bleed money outta players, huh?


Dynamight Studios, the devlopers behind the upcoming MMOARPG Fractured revealed last week that they had expanded their crowdfunding efforts in an attempt to accrue larger financial backing for the game.
Dynamight had originally held the Kickstarter earlier this year and raised almost $130,000 USD – exceeding the funding required to begin the creative process.
Dynamight have since chosen to open up a dedicated store on the official website that will allow current, and future supporters to not only contribute, but help fund and shape the future of the game as it continues development.
Support comes in the form of various Pledge Packs, ranging from €20 Euro to €300 Euro. This equates to roughly $23 USD for the smallest pack, and approximately $440 USD for the largest.

Revelation Online

If you thought Revelation Online was all but a memory by this point you were pretty much spot on.
In an effort to bring in new players and increase activity, have announced the introduction of a new game-mode to Revelation Online, following the release of their latest update, New Sulan.
The new game mode in question is called Legends of Nuanor which is being described as a MOBA-themed mini-game that will be the primary focus of the update. If you can’t guess which MOBA it’s based off of.. then shame on you.
According to, it will be “an innovative new PvP mode inspired by the ever-popular MOBA genre that’s going to feel right at home as part of Revelation Online.”
In Legends of Nuanor players will select from a pre-determined roster of NPC heroes with their own unique skills with support offered from waves of minions. The objective? Destroy the enemy team’s Crystal.
Players will work their way across a symmetrical map split between three lanes with the ability to hunt monsters, enemy players, and farm gold and XP.
Don’t ask me why they’re attempting to turn Revelation Online into League of Legends. Just don’t.


For those of you playing on Gameforge’s European servers in an attempt to experience what the new updates for Aion bring with it your wait is finally over.
NCSoft announced on the 24th that the latest major update for the North American version of Aion is receiving the overhaul at last – titled Awakened Legacy.
The update really is far too large to go into accurate detail in one video but let me summarise it real quick:
Awakened Legacy adds a new zome, Lakrum, increases the level cap to level 80, reduces the XP required to level along with vastly overhauling not only the zones in-game but also the quests along the leveling process providing an overhauled leveling experience that really changes the game, simplified character stats, the new dungeons Primerth’s Forge, Qubrinerk’s Cubic Lab, and Infernal Drakenspire Depths have been added along with various changes being made to current dungeons, and.. just so, so much more.
You’re going to have to get in-game to really test this out. Quick note, my wife MrsStix and I did a video on this update earlier this month – you should go check that out if you’re interested!

Black Desert Online Console

I felt like this needed a completely separate segment to discuss, but for those of you that have an Xbox One, Black Desert Online has been slated to release for a while now and they have finally confirmed, via email to players, exactly when that is.
Players on Reddit are reporting that they’ve received notices about the open beta announcement via email stating that the game will launch into beta testing on November 8th.
The open beta will feature the Berzerker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard during the beta and there is no NDA in place.
So mark the date on your calendar! Black Desert is finally hitting consoles!

DC Universe Online

For those of you that still play the superhero themed MMORPG, this news is going to be of interest to you.
In DC Universe Online’s latest Atlantis episode, launching November 8th, players will get to take a trip to the underwater city of Atlantis where you’ll have the opportunity to face off against Ocean Master.. the villian of the upcoming Aquaman film.
Coincidence? I think not.

Trion Shutdown, ArcheAge, Rift, Trove, Defiance: 2050, Atlas Reactor

In sad, or happy, depending which side of the spectrum you’re on, news, Trion announced that due to bankruptcy they would be selling off assets to Gamigo, who will now hold publishing rights to any of the games Trion currently publishes.
That includes ArcheAge, Rift, Trove, Defiance: 2050 and Atlas Reactor.
This is concerning news as Gamigo stated specifically that they had acquired the “major assets of Trion Worlds Inc.”, not that they “purchased Trion Worlds Inc.”
This gives Gamigo control over what they want, and that ultimately means that anything they don’t – whether that be a game that is no longer profitable for them such as ArcheAge, Rift of Defiance, they don’t have to keep up.
While I doubt they have plans to shut those games down yet, Gamigo is known to be the “graveyard” for MMOs – a final resting place to hang the game up before milking it to death.
After looking around, it seems as though there is no large Rift private server around, but for fans of ArcheAge, I’d recommend you try out the ArcheRage private server.
It’s nothing like Trion made ArcheAge in terms of pay to win, has a larger population and is where everyone is flocking to right now.
The official ArcheAge server has gone down repeatedly for “maintenance” since the announcement was made and many players are upset. The new large update for the game has also been postponed – another bad sign.
I’ll include a link to ArcheRage in the description and pinned comment for fans that want to jump ship while you still can.

Bless Online

After heavy criticism, Neowiz, the team behind the huge bomb of an MMORPG Bless Online have finally released the game fully and completely.. free to play.
After having made enough money initially launching as a buy to play title, Neowiz thought it was in the players’ best interests to give a middle finger to supporters that purchased the game initially with their official launch – which Neowiz had promised to release the Mystic with, and like always, failed to deliver.
Instead of providing the Mystic class as proimsed, Neowiz instead opted to offer additional “DLC” packs for players that want to waste their money on the game, providing things like skins.. and yeah. Nothing really worth noting.
Just more of the same cash-grab attempts at making as much money as they can.
I don’t really have much to say about Bless Online other than they launched buy to play, were riddled with bugs, duplication issues, class imbalance and an overall lack of content.
Things should’ve been fixed since these issues were prevalent in every other launch of the game around the globe, but were still somehow overlooked.
They have now launched free to play, and have failed to deliver on promises made pertaining to the Mystic class, FPS issues and a general lack of.. substance.
That explains why on a Thursday they had a peak of almost 5,000 players, and on a Saturday, the game has barely peaked above 4,000. More than 20% of the playerbase that tried Bless’ free to play version out have already bailed.

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