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10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In August, 2019.

10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In August, 2019.

It’s almost August, so you know what that means. Today, I’ll be introducing you to 10 free to play MMORPGs I think you should try out in August 2019.
These are MMORPGs you may have tried out in the past at one point or another, they may have been MMOs you overlooked because you were already actively playing something or.. maybe you’ve never heard of some of them.
Then again, I have no doubt you’ve heard of at least a couple of these.
But this list is a continuation of the “free to play MMO” series I’ve been doing each month this year where I introduce you to 10 free to play MMOs not included in any list that year.
So allow me to clarify: These are in no way “THE BEST MMORPG IN 2019.” Merely MMORPGs I believe you should try out. If you don’t like any of them, no problem. Maybe you’ll like next month’s more!
Now let’s get into this.


People always ask me “Why didn’t you include Guild Wars 2, TERA, Blade & Soul or insert any big MMO here” and my reasoning is always simple: There are only a few large MMOs.
There are even less that’re free to play. So I want to space these out as far as I can so I can include them a few months apart each time.
Guild Wars 2, although you technically need to purchase the expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire is by far the most recognizeable free to play MMO on the market today.
It is also by far the most popular and most successful. The reasoning for that could be because it has the look and feel of a AAA game or because honestly.. it is a AAA game.
Combat – even though it was released years ago is still one of the best systems years after its release. It’s still one of the best looking games – with beautiful landscapes and vistas.
It’s highly customizeable and not pay to win in any form. Content releases are a little slow and ArenaNet has recently downsized their team but the game is truly an MMO every fan should play once.


Vindictus, Vindictus, Vindictus. I have a love hate relationship with this game.
The game is so much fun but the population is always so.. I dunno. I feel like if we can get more people playing, Vindictus could be the best hub-based action MMO on the internet.
Even though it was released what, back in 2010? Its combat is still better than most MMOs that utilize action combat. Just look at any gameplay video for the game and you’ll see this first-hand.
It also has some of the best character models and character creation in an MMO – almost a decade after its release. It’s honestly a little crazy that so few MMOs have managed to improve on that.
Graphically, not including the characters, the game shows a little of its age but I feel like most hub-based MMOs have less of a focus on the environment, which is fine.
When I play Vindictus I don’t play it to look at the repetitive backgrounds, I play it to kill things.. in style. Picking up broken pillars, the corpses of my enemies, and just.. murdering everything.
If you’re not a fan of Soul Worker, then Vindictus is your next best thing until PSO2 releases next year.


ArcheRage, not to be confused with ArcheAge. ArcheRage is a private server alternative to the official ArcheAge that has a much less toxic community, more frequent updates and is significantly less pay to win.
Honestly I’d recommend ArcheRage over ArcheAge to anyone and everyone interested in trying the game out. Wiggy’s gonna have a lvl1-max level video for it next month so keep an eye out for that.
ArcheRage though is a completely open-world MMORPG – one that could have been the greatest free to play MMO ever released if it weren’t for Trion’s greed.
It has some of the best tab-target combat, fantastic character creation and a highly customizeable class system allowing you to come up with your very own class-combinations.
Yes, there are cookie-cutter builds like in all MMOs that allow for customization like this but it still allows for experimentation.
If you haven’t played this then you’re missing out. Being able to sail the seas and play as a pirate is one of the greatest things ever.


Okay so maybe I’m not the most qualified person to be talking about Neverwinter because I’ve only ever dedicated a grand total of.. 12? Maybe 15 hours to.
But I was a huge fan of Neverwinter Nights and I’ve noticed a connection between the two games that really intrigued me. Not much of one but enough of one to make me Google around.
Neverwinter is kind of a mixture between a hub-based MMO and an open-world MMO in so that there are certainly quest hubs you remain in to take and complete quests, but you possess the ability to go out and meet other players.
You’re not confined to small, instanced off “dungeons” with repeating content. Sure, they’re available to partake of but not the sole focus of the game.
For a game released almost 7 years ago the combat holds up well and the graphics are definitely pretty good. Nothing compared to the first 3 games, obviously, but still damn good for the kind of game this is.
Combat is also action-based for those of you that don’t want a tab-target MMO.


Echo of Soul is a fairly traditional old-school MMORPG. Each MMO I’ve listed thus far is unique in some form – combat, class-customization, world.
Not Echo of Soul. Instead, we have a very basic, very normal experience – but that’s where the game actually excels: It’s a good basic MMO, something that offers absolutely nothing in terms of innovation.
And no I’m not messing with you: Sometimes you just need something.. normal. Something with average tab-target combat. Something with average character creation. Something with average graphics.
There’s no shame in being average – especially when you’ve managed to be alive as long as Echo of Soul has. Yes, we’re not writing home about the game but that doesn’t mean it’s anything short of worth trying.


Here we go, one of the best Superhero themed MMOs. What do we have left right now? Champions Online, DC Universe Online, and the private servers for City of Heroes?
This month we’re covering Champions Online while I record some footage of City of Heroes. Yes, I have a video on that in the works – keep an eye out for it!
Champions Online is a pretty good looking superhero MMO for the most part. It captures a lot of the silliness of the genre and offers a large selection of superpower skills and abilities.
Flight, superspeed, you know.. what makes a superhero fun. It incorporates those very same abilities into its combat providing a slightly different spin on combat, which is tab-target.
There are a lot of instances to run around in but a lot of the game, and a lot of the people you meet are all out in the large city you inhabit.
So while technically not an open-world MMO and not a large sandbox MMO, it’s also not technically a hub-based MMO either. It’s a weird game but a lotta fun.


Secret World Legends is probably one of the most unique MMO I’ve played. It has a very strong emphasis on story, and has arguably some of the best voice acting in an MMO, period.
When I first got into Secret World Legends I’ll admit, I was taken a little aback by its graphical style: It was the first real-world graphical style I’d ever seen used in an MMO.
I’d never played an MMO set in present-day. So it was definitely an experience.
The game has a pretty extensive class system and allows for a large variety of weapon types to be equipped making for a lot of customization.
Yes, the game uses a weird hybrid of action combat but I’ll admit it’s not bad. It looks a little dated and can get a little clunky at times but overall it isn’t really a drawback.


I bet you’ve never played this one. Partly because it’s a very old game, and partly because the official ArchLord 2 server shut down years ago, leaving only a private server in its wake.
When I first tried ArchLord out I thought it was the best looking MMO I’d ever seen. To this day, I still think it holds up pretty well. Kinda reminds me of a darker Lineage game.
It’s a pretty traditional MMO: Grindy, slow leveling, not much in the way of spoon-feeding, requiring you learn and do everything on your own.
Combat was also tab-target like most MMOs back in the day were but it was no better or worse than anything else you’ve experienced.
Overall I think it’s a fantastic competitor to Lineage and I’m surprised it never took off.


Okay so Ryzom is a little.. well, it’s not the greatest game to look at, certainly. But, hey, I bet this is the first time you’ve heard of it, right?
That’s alright, see, I’ve only played it once, and I only played it for a few hours total. Not because it was terrible, but purely because nobody else was playing it.
Wiggy and I messed around in it for a while and honestly.. it wasn’t bad. Sure, it needed some polish. Combat was slow and the graphics were kinda bad but it had us laughing at every other opportunity.
I’m sure it has equally as much of a chance as other games like Gloria Victus to be good if people would take the time of day.


Finally, Dragon Ball Online.
Perhaps the best, if not one of the only Anime inspired MMOs to have any kind of following and not be a browser MMO.
It, like many others is a fairly traditional MMO with pretty basic tab-target combat.
However, its Anime graphical style is ripped right outta the DBZ Anime. You can have characters that look just like their Anime counterparts, even going so far as playing through the Dragon Ball storyline.
Also, interestingly, Dragon Ball Online utilizes an aging system – something I’ve not found outside of Mabinogi. You start off as a kid, grow up into an adult, and… well, I dunno what comes after that.
But if you love Dragon Ball.. then here you go.

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