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GrandChase Game Review
Posted on Thursday December 13, 2018

GrandChase is a relatively old MMORPG that’s been around since August 2003 by KOG Studios. However as of July 3, 2018 the sequel to the original GrandChase was released called: GrandChase Dimensional Chaser, or more simply referred to by the majority of people, GrandChase. This was launched onto the Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad, with...

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Wisconsin’s New Governor Declares War on Your Gun Rights
Posted on Thursday November 08, 2018

Tony Evers Wins Wisconsin Governor’s RaceWisconsin – -( As you now know, Wisconsin has a new Governor in Tony Evers, and he is even more hostile to gun rights than the outgoing one.Early yesterday morning, Democrat Tony Evers edged out Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governor’s race, while state republicans kept control of the assembly

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