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Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA Closed Beta Announced
Posted on Friday March 15, 2019

Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA Closed Beta Announced Playpark, the South East Asian publisher for Bluehole Studio’s upcoming steampunk-themed fantasy MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm announced that they will be holding their closed beta for A:IR on April 25th. While the game will be completely in Thai, interested players can pre-download the client on April 10th in...

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DK Online Game Review
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2019

Alternate Title: Dragon Knights Developer: RPG Factory, SG Internet Publisher: Mansangsoft Type: MMORPG Model: Free-to-play Platform: PC PvP: Castle Sieges PvE: N/A DK Online Review – Is It Worth Playing? DK Online is a PvP oriented MMORPG that was re-released in March 2019. That’s pretty damn recent, and it’s done by Masangsoft as well, the team...

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Three Ways To Prepare For A Golf Tournament
Posted on Thursday December 06, 2018

The preparation that a golf player does before the tournament predicts how successful the player will be. However, many players overlook this consideration and assume that skills are all you need to be successful. With this attitude, you only lower your chances of proceeding to the next level. Here is a guide on ways to

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